Lacausa Clothing Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Do you want to explore the allure and essence of styles and upgrade the wardrobe? Read our Lacausa clothing review and gauge whether the brand was worth the investment based on the testimonies. Read from exp[erts for aspiration on the fast forward fashion and elevate the unique collection.

If you plan to elevate your wardrobe with the unique fashion of the fast-forward collection, then there are a few must-have pieces as a part of your aspirations. From its catchy history through the extensive best sellers, it is worth finding out if Lacausa clothing is worth the investment. A dress ensures your outfit is put together.

It is not too late to prepare for summer and spring by grabbing a few rotation pieces without breaking the bank. Hence, in this article, we will explore Lacausa Clothing, from its history to the best-selling clothing, testimonies, contacts, FAQ, where to purchase, and promotion services. Here is the company overview.

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Lacausa Clothing Review

Lacausa Clothing is the name that rings in your mind regarding the clothing industry. Lacausa Clothing is a fast-forward brand that focuses on designing and selling ethically made, high-quality, and comfortable apparel to customers. If you want to remain a stylish and trendy woman, then Lacausa Clothing is here for you. The name was coined from the initials of the headquarters: LA, CA, USA.

This equates to the Lacausa, which deeply implies the cause the company has considered its driving pillar through the advertisement. Lacausa Clothing has been featured in profound publications like The New York Times, WWD, Vogue, etc. It is getting more attention from the market and has gathered thousands of followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Thus, if you want to read about Lacausa Clothing, this is the right place. Ideally, Lacausa Clothing was established in 2013 by Rebecca Grenell. She was inspired to launch this brand by watching and learning from her entrepreneurial parents. Her parents owned one of the popular clothing firms known as Joshua Tree. Still, the grandmother played a vital role in shaping her dream by focusing on the Brooklyn dressmaking business.

The fashion is running through the blood of Rebecca. Therefore, through the design process, these guys blend the impressive West Coast styles alongside the excellent twist to obtain a silhouette featuring Boho inspiration. This is the epitome of the effortless Cali girl style.

Through the development, the company collaborated with XCVI, a clothing company in Los Angeles, and they shared the same factory facilities and passion for the industry. They both ensure ethical practices are reflected in the clothing. The history is long. But to save time, we will jump into the bestsellers. However, here is a highlight and summary of the pros and cons of Lacausa Clothing.

Lacausa Clothing Pros:

Lacausa Clothing Cons:

Why We Like Lacausa Clothing

In this section, we will go into the deeper valuation of the brand and analyze its clothing collection to highlight a few of the best sellers and give reasons why the company is a beast. If you go through their l; latest collection from the journal, you will love the extensive styles and designs of dresses, jumpsuits, tops, maternity, recycled bottoms, activewear, and lounge categories under one roof.

Though designed to serve women, the collection is inspired and engages in community development donation programs. The company is committed to remaining honest based on the clause and value. This is even reflected in their ethical manufacturing. Since they are giving back to the community, most of the proceeds are donated to the organizations and participating charities they partner with on a seasonal basis.

There are just many reasons why you need to trust Lacausa clothing. As part of the review, we would like to explore each category's best sellers further for a better understanding.

The Best-Selling Lacausa Dresses

Lacausa offers dresses that don't come with any challenges. A woman throws them on anytime and gets everything going for any occasion. This is how they are made to fit true to size, with the option to get oversized. Thus, in this section, we will highlight a few of the best sellers for you to give them a try or understand where to start when ordering and what to expect.

The first on our list of best-selling Lacausa dresses is the Alma Slip Dress. Though only two shades are available, Santa Fe and Chocolate, the dress is a hype lightweight and Has- a V-neckline. Besides, it features adjustable straps, and you will find the seam details for the bust. This is one of the best-selling dresses in the wardrobe staple. It uses a blend of nylon and rayon and is recommended only for hand washing. Let it flat while drying. It is an amazing slip dress to have, and besides a one-time order, you can also grab one with an Afterpay installment.

Second up is the Tate Dress. Currently, the available sizes range from XS to XL, and there are two colors to select from. This is the perfect dress for your daily errand. It is one of the staple items in your wardrobe as it features the voluminous tiers and adjustable tie located at the keyhole neckline; it also has puffed sleeves. The dress is an excellent throw-on and one of the customer's favorite crinkled cotton. It is also a dyed garment, highlighting its profound soft nature on the touch. Since it is made using 100% cotton, washing it using cold water and laying it flat or tumble dry low is advisable. Refer to a website for sizing tips and fitting advice.

The next up on the best-selling dress is the Freya Slip; either grab the Cherry Red or Tar limited core color. This is a classic bias-cut midi slip containing adjustable straps. This technique cuts the dress fabric at a 45-degree angle to highlight its soft drape on the body while fitting the user comfortably. It also flatters the natural body curves to highlight the shape. The dress is designed using a blend of Rayon and Viscose. It is, in fact, machine washable, though gently use cold water, then tumble it dry low. Head to the website for fitting size, but you can own one through Afterpay.

One of the dresses we would like to mention from the website featured on the Last Chance is the Ribbed Cardi dress, there are different colors to select from, though supply is limited to XL size alone. Besides the V-neck, like other dresses, it is made using 95% Siro Micro Modal and 5% spandex. The company recommends gentle washing using cold water separately. To dry it, tumble low. It's just a click away to be the new boss in town.

The Best-Selling Lacausa Tops

Besides dresses, the company also focuses on designing and selling sustainable tops of T-shirts worth keeping. Thus, without further explaining, let us look at some of the best sellers on their website.

First and foremost, we have Maya Tank as a bestseller for several reasons. You can go for the whitewash or tar with sizes ranging from the XS to the XL. The favorite washed-down vintage undershirt inspires the top. Hence, it is one of the essentials for wardrobe classics because it is made using 100% cotton and machine washable. Get one at an affordable price or via the Afterpay installments.

The second best selling top is Frank Tee. It is the customer's favorite, and limited shades are available. The brand's uniform collection inspires it, so it is the ultimate t-shirt. It is lightweight with a breathable vintage jersey design with 100% cotton. It comes with a flattering, relaxed silhouette alongside the crew neck and short sleeves. It is a better cotton initiative certified and machine washable as well.

Next is the Zoe Tank, which has multiple shades in the collection. It is the latest addition to the Uniform-inspired t-shirt collection. It is made using the profound cotton rib featuring a high, narrow neckline, hence a fitted body. Still, it is inspired by the timeless vintage undershirt design. Machine washable because it is designed with 100% cotton materials.

There are many other top-selling bestsellers to consider. The likes of the  Long Sleeve Crew Neck, which is well known organic and recycled material. It is a super soft heather blend featuring oversized fitting. It has a long sleeve, raw edge button, and front pockets. The other bestselling is the Lia Tank, well-known for its asymmetrical ribbed tank. Made with company-engineered ribs, it is stretchable and hugs tight in every corner. Cozie fit, and it is also super soft. Made with a blend of spandex and cotton but still machine washable.

The Best-Selling Lacausa Bodysuits

The other category we would like to mention is the Bodysuit. This is an impressive body suit to have in the collection. They Are ideal for hot summer outings and many more. We will go straight into some of the bestsellers.

The best seller on the website is the Indio Bodysuit. It seems to be an everyday essential. It is simply a fitted tank bodysuit featuring a high flattering neckline alongside the impressive plunging low back. The thong bottom ensures the best fitting under your perfect trousers. The company uses recycled flex fabric to offer enough support and guarantees customers a buttery, soft feeling. It is machine washable and made with a blend of spandex and 92% cotton.

The other available Bodysuit to try is the Lyra Bodysuit. The available shades are Tar and Moss. They are made with 92% cotton and spandex blended, and this explains why the BodysuitBodysuit is machine washable but needs to tumble dry low. You can get one fusing 4 interest installments or one-time, affordable payments.

The company is dedicated to ensuring low fashion waste or design because it guarantees ethical manufacturing. While most of the clothing is made in LA, the partners' companies are trustworthy. They even engage in charities and give back to the community through organizations. The company targets the women's market and boasts an extensive clothing line. The clothing is inclusive and fits any body size or type.

Customer Review

To complete our Lacausa Clothing review, we had to dive deep into the customer ratings to justify the company's claims.

Thus, we sourced multiple external sites. First Trustpilot gave this company a reputation of 2.7 stars based on 16 reviews. However, a poor 19% of the customers gave it five stars, while 56% were unsatisfied. Still, the team responded well with a solution. Sitejabber features five reviews that give the company updated 4.2 stars, indicating customer satisfaction. For instance, one customer complimented:-

"One of the top clothes boutiques that all individuals should check out. Not only is their apparel attractive and comfy, but they are also an ethical organization that produces biodegradable clothes.”

Cosmopolitan  also presents an in-depth blog that compliments the brand for offering eco-friendly and stylish clothing as most celebs love their best basics with many hidden gems to select a dn learn form. Yelp is another reliable site with organic feedback. There are five stars from one feedback. Heading to the Jeans and a Tea Cup website, we find an editor exploring the ethical fashion brand which is in the spotlight from history through experience of styles, outfits, and verdicts.

However, Amazon focuses on the Alma Slip Dress as a highlighted dress on the stores up for grab. Then Knoj  shows us a rating of 3.9 stars after accessing 55 ratings. This is an average feedback that gives us hope. There is a lot of positive feedback on Pinterest, Talent in Borders, and many other external sites. The testimonies online give us mixed feedback, but most importantly, most customers are satisfied, and ratings fall above average.

Where to Buy Lacausa Clothing

While Lacausa delivers its clothing to multiple countries, you might still be interested in understanding where to get this Lacausa Clothing. Well, it is a good move for the potential customer. Thus, you can navigate the apparel on their official store, On top of that, the company has an impressive store locator feature to access all the stockists offering this clothing. 

Does Lacausa sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Lacausa stores on Amazon.

Is Lacausa Clothing Worth It?

You might ask whether Lacausa Clothing is worth your penny. That is fine, and based on our experience, Lacausa provides high-quality clothing, and their manufacturing or design has ethical values in mind. This is one of the companies focused on removing or eliminating the waste of fashion. In our experience, the company has every reason for investment.

From the research, Lacausa features a replay circular marketplace where customers can not only purchase but also sell used Lacausa clothing as well as have access to archived apparel. It is a unique brand that p[puts its emphasis on the recycled portion based on the firm's values. Many customers admire such dedication from fashion companies.

And Lacausa wins it all. We know that pricing is high, but the quality, company dedication, and durability of these clothing are worth it all. Many unique aspects set Lacausa apart: its commitment to sustainability, high-quality materials, and clothing that aligns with many trendy fashions. For long-term fashion style and goals, try out Lacausa Clothing.

Lacausa Clothing Discounts

If you are searching for promotions and lucrative deals, Lacausa Clothing presents you with many offers. The company first promises to offer free shipping, which applies to all orders. On the website, they have wholesale shopping; there are options to join the affiliate program, and you can capitalize on the gift cards to make your presents worthwhile.

From the sales section, extend an apparel selection of going for discounted es. to stay updated with the latest deals, sign up for a newsletter, be the first to know special offers, and access the sales with many more other promotions in the future.

Lacausa Clothing Contact

If you still have a pending question that we have not addressed fair enough, then you are free to contact the company. Our research has indicated a few major methods to connect the support team. You can fill in the contact form and submit it to the website for clarification. The second method is to email the team and send your concerns to

On top of that, as the primary method, you can call the team at 1-213-516-5120; however, this is only reachable from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm PST. Customers can collaborate with the team through their social media accounts as an additional method. These include Facebook, X(Twitter), Instagram, etc.


Q. Where are the manufacturing plants of Lacausa clothing situated?

From the above article, we learned that the brand has facilities based in downtown Los Angeles. Still, they claim that some small pieces are sourced from overseas.

Q. What is the fitting size of Lacausa clothing?

Many customers have praised the apparel for fitting true to size. The clothing is designed to fit true to size and fit all, with options to get oversized and flowy.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Lacausa clothing company?

Lacausa offers shipping not only in the US but also internationally. They have free ground shipping for orders surpassing the threshold for US shipping. Unfortunately,  the company doesn't ship packages over weekends or holidays. Still, you can modify the checkout when you have a special request order. Regarding international shipping, customers can get additional taxes like customs, duties, and taxes at the checkout.

Q. What is the return policy of Lacausa clothing company?

If the customer is unsatisfied with the package, Lacausa gives you a 30-day window to initiate the return to get a refund or exchange. However, the item must be in its original condition, including the tags, to be accepted. Worn and washed clothes are not eligible. Return is free for US orders,  and you can initiate the process from the website.

However, sale items are final. Regarding international returns, the package must remain in its original condition and meet all minimal requirements to be eligible for a full refund. Therefore, email Paola to start initiating the return through You will have up to 30 days to return a package to the store. You must cater for the return shipping labels and send the item to the address LACAUSA RETURN, 1735 South Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA.


Lacausa Clothing is a profound brand weaving history seamlessly through its high quality and contemporary. It is a sustainable brand that also engages in ethical sourcing, and this philosophy has drawn many customers and compliments online. The above article reviews the company's history, bestsellers, discounts, and more. It is worth investment if you value high-quality, durable, timeless, and stylish clothing.

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