FitTrack Review: Does It Really Work for Your Health?

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With everything going smart today people can now learn much more about their health at the click of a button. With FitTrack, you not only know about your weight but a whole lot more.

You will know what percentage of body fat you have, lean muscle mass, water weight, and much more. One such smart scale is FitTrack Dara Smart Scale. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will learn more about your body metrics to manage your health better. FitTrack Dara will help you learn a myriad of things through its intuitive app that communicates with the smart scale. Read on to earn more about FitTrack Dara and learn what you can do with it to reach your health goals.

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About FitTrack

FitTrack is a combination of a smart scale, a smartwatch, and an app that provides information about the status of your health. With FitTrack, you can measure more than 15 body metrics as well as get a detailed history of how you are progressing. Among the metrics, you can measure include body fat, basic metrics, and muscle metrics. Others include your metabolic age, BMI, BMR, and body weight.

FitTrack helps you to understand what works and what doesn’t. It allows you to stay focused on your health goals, motivating you as you make progress. To use it you only need to register an account with the FitTrack app and then connect it to your smart scale via Bluetooth. If you already have an account, log in with your password and connect the app with your smart scale.

You can track your progress monthly, weekly, or daily. The app provides easy-to-read charts that are simple to understand and fits all body types. It also has an athlete mode if you’re a very active person. It is accurate with a very small margin of error, and it can be shared by up to eight members.

FitTrack Pros

FitTrack Cons

Why We Like FitTrack

It has 17 Different Body Measurements

All information recorded on the FitTrack smart scale is sent to the application, which works on both Android and iOS devices. Connecting the scale to the app is seamless, and the data provided is mostly accurate. Among the scales, you can get your body mass index, bone mass, body water, fat, and muscle. FitTrack also allows you and your family to keep a tab on your health with the provision of up to 8 user profiles.

The app has an infant mode which you can use to track your baby's progress. It is also FDA-approved and can be purchased from several places, including FitTrack and Amazon, both in the US and the UK. It is also competitively priced as there are smart scales that cost more. The design of the scale is made to fit any background and can be used for almost any body size.

It Accurately Registers Data from Different Family Members

You and your family members can either use FitTrack from a single app or sync your phones and then create your profiles. Results are displayed fairly fast to each profile, depending on the user. The Dara scale can support a weight of up to 181.4 kgs or 400 pounds. The app lets you take better care of your family’s wellness regimen and know what each member requires to be healthy.

Customer Review

When you visit the FitTrack website, you can see several compliments the smart scale and app have. Without a doubt, there’s a wealth of information provided due to the several indications the app furnishes. It is easy to use and is nicely designed to fit most people's use. However, it also makes sense to see what other online review sites have to say. According to Trust Pilot, FitTrack receives a mixture of outcomes.

Almost half of the reviews claim that it is excellent while the other half complain about it. Most of the complaints are related to late delivery, which can take months to get done at times. To cushion yourself from this problem, you’d rather buy the scale from online stores like Amazon to be on the safer side.

"I ordered my scale on June 2nd and got it 5 days later. I never had any shipping issues, and the app works great. I’d recommend the scale to anyone wanting to lose weight."

Where to Buy FitTrack

You can always buy the FitTrack Dara Scale on the FitTrack website and enjoy discounts whenever there’s a promotion. Here’s a link to the web page.

You can also buy the FitTrack Smart BMI Scale through other online stores such as:

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Is FitTrack Worth It?

If it helps you know more than just your body weight, then it's worth it. FitTrack Dara provides a wealth of data on the progress of your health goals. You can also use it to monitor your family members since you can register up to 8 user profiles. You'll always receive reliable data about your BMI and weight, among other body metrics. It is a great tool to keep yourself motivated as you work towards your health and fitness goals.

The information provided by the app is mostly accurate and easy to read and understand. The app keeps a history of your progress to help you know if you’re getting closer to your goals or not. You only need to keep your smartphone within the smart scale’s Bluetooth range. You can also claim a refund if you’re not happy with it in 30 days or ask for a replacement if yours is faulty.

FitTrack Discount

Currently, you can buy the BMI Smart Scale at $ 89.95, which is a 51% discount from the original price. You can also apply to be an affiliate or a brand ambassador for FitTrack. Apply to be part of FitTrack’s network of couches to earn from every sale you’ve referred. FitTrack also organizes annual retreats for its best coaches to train them, learn and relax. An affiliate marketer earns a 4% tiered commission as well as exclusive offers.

FitTrack Contact

To get more information on the FitTrack BMI scale app, you can always reach customer service through the following contacts.


Q. How do I connect the smart scale to the FitTrack app?

Get the latest app version of the FitTrack MyHealth app, and register an account through the app. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth function on and make sure that it is discoverable. Open the app and select the smart scale device you are using i.e, Beebo or Dara. Connect the devices via Bluetooth to start using them. If you already have an account, log in with your details and connect both devices

Q. How many app modes does FitTrack have?

If you are a more active person, the app has the active mode for you. The health mode uses standard measurements to analyze your body. It is good for a person with weight or health-related goals as it gives him/her a picture of the state of their health. It also has the pregnancy app but only measures the body weight.

Q. Can I change or cancel my order?

According to FitTrack, you get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can claim a refund within thirty days after purchase. You must process the refund with them first before returning it.

Q. What is FitTrack’s shipping policy?

FitTrack provides free shipping all over the world except in the Middle East, Caribean, and African countries. Standard free shipping applies to all BMI smart scales bought including free returns for every order.


If you like to be aware of your health and fitness progress, FitTrack BMI Smart Scale will come in handy. You get 17 body metrics that help you to know if you are moving in the right direction. It also has sharp accuracy, a nice design, and an intuitive app. You can even track your kids' health progress with the same application.

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