Cuts Clothing Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

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Before now, men are usually undisturbed about what they wear. However, with the recent changes in different areas of life as a result of globalization. The fashion world has also followed the trend. As a result of this, everyone now cares about their appearance. Finding quality T-shirts and other types of clothes for men can be very confusing because as simple as it may look, you will have to look for certain features like quality, material, colors, texture, and many other things.

If you have been having a difficult time shopping for quality shirts for yourself as a man or you are trying to buy for someone else, then your answer is in this review. Cuts Clothing might be the right option for you. It is an online commerce brand that offers premium T-shirts and other clothes for men. If you are confused because you don’t know about this brand, read this review so that you can get all the necessary information you need about Cuts Clothing for men. This will help you know if the brand is worth it or not.

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Cuts Clothing for Men Review

Cuts Clothing is an eCommerce brand that specializes in the sales of premium T-shirts for men. This is a premium, high-stretch fabric containing a tri-blend of materials consisting of cotton, polyester, and rayon. They tag their shirts “for the modern man”. This is because the modern man is focused and interested in fashion and trends while selecting his shirts rather than the usual quality and durable features of the former generation of men. They have nice designs for office, date nights, and travel.

The brand is owned and founded by Steven Borelli in Los Angeles. This brand aims to produce shirts that can be worn on a night out and also for professional purposes. They produce premium shirts with color retention and wrinkle-free technology. Even if you go through the washing machine many times, you'll still feel like you're wearing it for the first time. They are designed so that people of any body shape will feel comfortable wearing them.

This review aims to reveal what customers are saying about this product, the pros, and cons of this brand, the discounts, and promotions you can enjoy using this brand, frequently asked questions, how to contact Cuts Clothing, and so on.

Cuts Clothing Pros

  • Cuts shirts are made of high quality engineered fabrics
  • Versatile and classic designs
  • They also collaborate with creative designers to bring top styles
  • Free shipping on Canada and US orders
  • They allow you to pay installments or buy outright
  • They ship internationally aside from Canada and the US

Cuts Clothing Cons

  • There is a limited selection of dresses; mostly V-neck, sell screw, and Henley
  • It is more expensive than the others.

Why We Like Cuts Shirts

The V-Neck Shirts

The V-Neck curve-hem is an elevated style that is extended down to the waist in a falling manner. This type of shirt is very versatile. If you are looking at maintaining a casual look or vibe with a blazer or jeans, you might want to be looking at this shirt. It usually comes in 6 shades, black, heather, white, navy, green, reddish maroon, and Grey. You can get it for $48.

You can also get the V-Neck split-hem which is more fitted in the chest area. This one comes in lesser colors; white, black, and Slate Grey. It costs around $44 currently.

The Crew Curve-Hem Shirts

They have the Komo crew elongated and the L/S crew curve-hem. The Komo is a cut sleeve, with a great breast pocket. It is longer at the bottom, it has a more casual vibe. It comes with a feature to accentuate your waist. However, if you like more colors, this might not be the right one for you. It comes in only black but can match any color of pants and shoes. But every man needs a black shirt, right? It cost $66.

The L/S crew curve-hem is curvy but not tight at the wrists and it is long sleeve. Some people say it feels uncomfortable since it is free on the wrists. It cost $58. They have more color options: pale purple, black, reddish-brown, navy, cream, and honeycomb.

The Henley Shirts

They have the Henley split and Henley elongated. If you are not used to fashion, Henley styles always come with three tops and bottoms. Often vertical. The Henley split is okay or suited for casual like a night out or chilling with friends. It cost around $68. The colors available are; neutrals, cashew, light brown, iron, black, and light forest.

The Henley Elongated has longer hems and buttons. It is just a basic shirt and might look boring because it is simple. It is only in one black color. It cost $58.

Customer Reviews

After analyzing this brand, I took the time to critically examine the things customers are saying about this brand. It is a known fact that they have been keeping up in the fashion world. The men’s fashion is a bit simpler but also technical. They are premium shirts. I was able to see the feedback of customers together with my encounter with the brand.

I used the Trustpilot website to make these findings. There is a 2.0 rating for this brand on TrustPilot. However, the poor rating was mostly influenced by one factor which is customer service. Customers complained about how they were badly treated or attended to by the customer support or how they encountered little or no response. Aside from this, it has been a good review. Quality, durability, and the three functions were all acknowledged by customers.

I bought a nice shirt from Cuts Clothing, it was made of durable material. The color retention feature is unique and I don’t have to iron it every time. It is wrinkle-free. However, it took a long time before it was shipped, and no explanation from customer support.

Where to Buy Cuts Clothing

You can buy Cuts Clothing wears from the store online Cuts Clothing

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Is Cuts Clothing Worth It?

Well, it is not a hard thing for me to give my approval for this brand. However, before I do that I will have to explain why I am doing this. Based on this review and the research I carried out, I can only talk about two negative aspects of this brand. Customers gave a bad review on this aspect. Then, you might want to pay attention to the prices of the products because they are pricier than the average ones.

Looking at the quality and the premium material and some other features, there are more benefits. Durability, color retention, and wrinkle features are superb. Just imagine you are in a hurry, just put it on and you are good to go to that special place. Cuts t-shirts are perfect t-shirts, right?

The company also offers free shipping within the US and Canada orders. Then they also ship internationally. There are discounts and promos when you shop with them. As I said, it will be an easy decision for me to recommend this brand. The company is worth your trial.

Cuts Clothing Discounts

You can enjoy the following while shopping on Cuts Clothing

Cuts Clothing Contact

For more information not in this review or beyond it, you can contact the brand through the following;


Who Is Cuts Clothing For?

Cuts Clothing is best for men who like minimalist styles with athletic hints.

When will Cuts restock?

When you sign up or subscribe to their newsletter, you will be able to see and know information about restocking. Cuts have tried to divide our restock into two categories, staple and seasonal. Staple is year-round while the other is only seasonal.

How should I take care of my Cuts Clothing?

To know more, you can kindly cross-check the content and care label found inside the product. You can always wash it in cold water and allow it to dry by laying it flat. However, Cuts advise you to wash like colors to avoid color stains.

How do I make a return?

Please note that Cuts return policy lasts for 20 days after a purchase has been made if you want to make a full refund. This includes free shipping for the US and Canada. You can initiate returns in person.

What is Cuts shipping policy?

Cuts offer free shipping for US and Canadian customers. Takes a maximum of 2 days for Canada and US processing and shipping if you apply during business days. However, if you make an order after 1 pm on a Friday, it will be shipped on Monday.

What are the benefits of a VIP membership?

Plus early access to drops, exclusive offers, members-only products, and year-round free shipping.


Wearing nice clothes gives confidence and boosts your appearance. Cuts Clothing produces shirts you can trust whenever you wear it. If you are looking at going on a night out, for office purposes, or even travel, they are there to meet your needs. This review will help you make your decision.

Helpful References

  • Made from 100 percent cotton grown in North Carolina, the shirts are cut, sewn, and knitted in LA.

  • And as a bonus to Cuts customers, they offered 20% of the entire order when you purchased during the specified time window.  

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