Erno Laszlo Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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Do you want to discover transformative and luxurious skincare brands with guaranteed efficiency? Here is a detailed Erno Laszlo review featuring radiant beauty products to add to your ritual self-care routine. Read the article and discover the secret of timeless natural beauty.

Beauty, skincare, and cosmetics are all part of our daily routine. The demand for cosmetic products is so high and many companies are coming to the limelight with competitive pricing as well as unique focuses. While it is not common to see the celeb endorsement of particular brands, it has become normal and until you try out products, it is hard to make a move.

Since we are dedicated to helping our readers with honest brand reviews, we are happy today to present you one for the special company Erno Laszlo. The brand has made multiple claims on the website that having hands-on experience is vital.

Thus, we have researched and had hands-on experience through our experts and are pleased to give you a detailed Erno Laszlo review, from the history to the bestsellers, testimonies, contacts, FAQs section, contact methods, and even lucrative deals. Read our article and make the right decision based on the feedback.

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Erno Laszlo Review

Erno Laszlo is not just a cosmetic but also an iconic skincare brand that was founded in 1927 where it was first established in Budapest, Hundgary. The company has a long history when it comes to creating breakthrough skincare products coupled with cutting-edge research. It was founded by the namesake, who is a dermatologist by profession. The brand is traced from the first foundation of the Erno Laszlo institute that is in Budapest.

Then, he became famous because of the first cream, Princess Stephanie, which was effective in curing royal acute acne. Throughout history, Erno Laszlo has been endorsed by multiple famous people like Maryline Monroe, Great Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, etc. It has also been featured in many profound publications like Refinery29, Forbes, Southern Living, etc. Ideally, Erno Laszlo relocated to the  US in 1939 immediately after serving famous and rich clients all over Europe.

This 3was before the outbreak of WWII. The brand base of operation was, after that, the Erno Laszlo NYC Institute, which, in the shortest time, was already the sought-after cosmetologist among famous women in the region. The company maintained its history as well as legacy over time. Today, they are still dedicated to revisiting, innovating, and constantly evolving the products to meet the needs of the customer.

Hence, these products are not only practical but also safe to use. They are struggling to ensure they offer cleaner skincare formulations as well as dedicated to sustainable packaging. Dr. Laszlo is the skincare pioneer and this helped him garner a reputation around the world. After his passing in 1973, the Erno Laszlo products and rituals are still making history.

Even after launching the New York-based office, the company is still aiming to restore the confidence among women to unlock the best appearance and faces. The history of the Erno Laszlo brand is so long, and its legacy is still alive.. therefore, we will sum up the company overview with a few for the top-line pros and cons comparison. Before going deeper into the bestseller, have a highlight here.

Erno Laszlo Pros:

Erno Laszlo Cons:

Why We Like Erno Laszlo

We aim to bring you all the best, and everything about Erno Laszlo so gauge and make decisions. This brand features an extensive collection of skin care products. In fact, besides their easy website to navigate, customers can get almost everything from the cleansers to the masks, serums, moisturizers, and toners. etc., you can shop based on your preferences, such as by the concern including sensitive skin products to anti-aging, brightening, and multitasking.

Erno Laszlo company offers customers access to many lucrative deals, and you can save more with free shipping, samples, and frequent sales. Ideally, this brand is dedicated to serving customers by blending ritual-focused as well as science-backend expertise to make skin care products. The bespoke solution is rooted in the research with proven safe and clean ingredients.

They as well go ahead to address the critical aspects of mental well-being and skin health.. The formulation has undergone exceptional advancement in addressing not only skincare needs but also lifestyle challenges. If you want to start taking care of yourself, then Erno Laszlo products are worth giving a try to help you glow, exfoliate your skin, rejuvenate as well as hydrate in your routine to highlight your natural beauty. Because we are dedicated to helping our customers make decisions, we will go through some of the best sellers. Beforehand, let us explore Erno Laszlo's soap.

Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar  

This is one of the best-selling Erno Laszlo soaps on the website and ranks above all the products. It is very affordable as well. You can grab through Klarna with 4 interest-free installments. It is always 100g in size. This detoxifying cleansing bar is capable of not only purification but also absorbing excess surface oil as well as unclogs pores. The bar soap never strips your skin.

It is made by blending the sea mud with the charcoal, where charcoal is responsible for absorbing toxins while replenishing the nutrients to balance your skin. Dead sea mud is responsible for gently exfoliating and cleansing. Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar leaves your skin smooth, clear, refreshed, and soft. The proven results are impressive, with above 90% success rate.

Phelityl Cleansing Bar  

This is another best-selling bar soap from this brand. It has excellent customer ratings and is well known for having the power to cleanse your skin gently without drying. The soap features essential fatty acids as ingredients which facilitates maintaining the body's moisture.. It also helps in restoring the skin's beauty balance.

Additionally, it is made with safflower seed oil that contains EFAs that are popular for infusing skin with basic moisture. Its hydrating power, as well as highlighted by the presence of the macadamia Esters hence, works well in radiating and enhancing the silky smooth feeling. There are many other ingredients which you can access from the website.

Hydraphel Skin Supplement 

Hydraphel Skin Supplement has a 4.8-star rating based on 190 stars, and this sounds impressive. Other than Klarna, the toner is affordable. It is a silky, popular hydrating toner that is versatile for all skin types and conditions. It is effective in reviving dull skin as well as managing dry complexion to kickstart restoration.

The company highly recommends that you use this hydrating skin supplement after a double cleansing ritual to get the best results. Only go for the product that suits your skin condition. From The clinical study, the research indicates a 100% success rate for different concerns.

Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask 

We rank this among the best sellers because it is one of the all-in-one hydrogel patches that instantly nourishes, brightens, and hydrates the eye area. The silky eye masks are effective with only one use as they de-puff as well as improve fine line appearances.

They also manage skin conditions like bags, dark circles, and wrinkles. You get new skin looking as well as rejuvenated with a more luminous effect. Within two weeks, the clinical study proved the efficacy of the product based on the self-assessment. Previously, it was called Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask.

Timeless Skin Serum 

This is a daily serum and one of the breakthroughs you need because it aims to work as an antioxidant as well as moisture to bolster the natural barrier of skin and hydrate. Proactively, it is meant to help manage the premature aging signs. This is one of the primary benefits. The other uses include moisture barrier support, line-smoothing hydration, and many more. Based on the consumer perception study, this 48ml is effective and successful in soothing, smoothing, refreshing, and hydrating skin.

Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30

It is the best seller and one of the best everyday must-have proactive creams. It is perfect when it comes to shielding skin against UV rays. It is made by blending the marine botanicals with the mineral-drenched seawater. It improves not only skin elasticity but also firmness. It does not contain any harmful ingredients hence safe for any skin condition. You can order through Klarna as an alternative payment plan.

There are many other best-selling products on the Erno Laszlo website. Because of time, we will only highlight a few. You can consider the customer favorite Shake-It Tinted Skin Treatment, Light Controlling Toner, Detox Double Cleanse Travel Set, Phelityl Night Cream, Active Phelityl Intensive Cream, Phelityl Cleansing Duo, and lastly, there is the famous Hydra-Therapy Memory Gel Sleep Mask.

Therefore, Erno Laszlo company has everything you need and targets any person searching for well-researched, clean, and sustainable skin care products with guaranteed efficiency. There are many products aimed at serving unique skin conditions. However, not all products are 100% natural or vegan. The history, reputation, and testimonies or collection are clear evidence that the company is a legitimate and staple brand for skincare enthusiasts, celebs, and professionals.

Customer Review

We wanted to go beyond Erno Laszlo's review and consider testimonies online. There is a lot of feedback praising the legendary brand. We explored not only the official website but also external sites.

Trustpilot has a rating of 3.7 stars based on one review. On the MakeupAlley, there is an overall rating of 4.0 stars with 723 reviews and recorded a 75% repurchase rate. Considering Amazon, there is a 4.6-star rating on the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. From the statistics, there are 80% five stars with only 4% dissatisfied customers.

Heading on the New York Post, the author is impressed by the results based on the hands-on experience. They mention the soothing as well as healing power of the products. Naya Tilly presents a detailed review from the introduction through some of the popular products and highlights the procedure on how to use it. From the verdict, the author expresses everything by saying:

"Yes, yes, plus yes." This combination is fantastic, and the best part is that there are many alternatives for various conditions of skin. I wouldn't have considered using oil and soap together, but here I am in 2018. Oil dissolves even the most resistant makeup (even waterproof mascara), while soap removes every trace of debris, exposing luminous, baby-soft skin. "As a result, my face feels magnificent."

Though over time, the Erno Laszlo products have charged the formulation, they remain dedicated to the mission with cruelty-free, natural, safe, and effective skincare products. Most loyal customers are satisfied with quality at a premium price.

Where to Buy Erno Laszlo

If you want to grab the Erno Laszlo product, then we will direct you to the relevant places to get it. First, their official website features extensive collections and lucrative deals. Navigate to the website and place an order. In case the brand doesn't ship to your locality, still, they have partnered with multiple retailers online who supply the products. some of the online retail;ers are as outlined:-

Is Erno Laszlo Worth It?

You can answer the question of whether Erno Laszlo is worth investment from a different perspective. But looking at the number of positive reviews, compliments, and reputation, the brand is worth attention. Their skincare line is impressive, and the products are not only effective but also a perfect alternative to other brands.

Many customers have strong trust because the company has been in the industry for a long time, serving them with safe and effective products with guaranteed seamless shopping. While some complaints raise issues of the charges in the product formulation, that is a natural thing over the years because of the development for the last 90 years plus in the industry.

The company is also committed to making its products clean and cares about its customers. They also remain loyal to the environment, hence sustainable practices. Erno Laszlo is a classic company and for many reasons, it is worth investment. They remain true to their mission and creation of the founder to highlight the confidence of a woman. It is hard to ignore their iconic clientele, and in fact, reputation precedes them.

Erno Laszlo Discounts

Through our Erno Laszlo review, we also wanted to know if the brand has some lucrative deals and discounts to save bucks. On their website, there are multiple promotions. First, they offer free shipping on top of the samples when you place an order that totals $100 and above. They also have a limited time offer in which the customer qualifies to get the full circle eye mask with the 4-pack vitality treatment mask.

You can unlock this offer with the promo code SPRINGMASK. There is also a loyalty program with which customers can join The Institute. Creating an account alone gives you 50 points, and you are guaranteed points every time you shop online. Later, redeem them for the discounted offers. On top of that, they have the ambassadorial program, free skin type detailed guides as well as wholesale options. Sign up for the email listing and get more chances to enjoy the sales and latest updates.

Erno Laszlo Contact

Our article might not have addressed all the issues you were looking for. Therefore,  because of the limited time, you are likely to have a pending question. The only approach to give you is redirecting you to the Erno Laszlo support team. The research has revealed a few methods to contact the company. On their website, they have listed the phone number that is 1-888-352-7956, which is operating from Monday through Friday, starting at 9am to 5:30 pm Eastern time.

Equally, they have a live chat feature on the website that makes it easy to contact the team and get assistance. In addition, you can write the Erno Laszlo team an email and address it to Lastly, Erno Laszlo's marketing team is active on social media platforms. You can thus engage them on the Facebook page, Instagram, X(Twitter), Pinterest, YouTube, etc.


Q. Who is the owner of the Erno Laszlo company?

The Erno Laszlo brand is currently headquartered in New York. It is headed by the CEO who is also chairman known as Charles Denton.

Q. How can customers utilize Erno Laszlo products?

In the above article,w e have seen that Erno Laszlo has special instructions for each product. When you follow keenly, you will have perfect results. As well, these products are more effective, especially when combined with each other in the beauty routine. Thus, when purchasing, go the extra mile to get complementary products as well.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Erno Laszlo brand?

In the research and from the website, we have seen that this company currently does not provide international shipping services. But based on the location, you can connect with the brand ambassador, who will get in touch through Well, you can use the phone number 646-370-1536. Regardless, the company ships to all the US locations.

They take about 3 days to process your order and you can select two available shipping methods. Ground shipping is free for a particular threshold, and if below, then you must incur the shipping charge of $5. Packages take 2 working days to arrive. They also have the FedEx Overnight delivery that only costs $25, and delivery is done within one working day.

Q. What is the return policy of the Erno Laszlo company?

We have seen that Erno Laszlo company accepts returns only when you initiate the return process within 30 days from the date of purchase. Therefore, in case you feel that these skincare products are not up to your expectations, feel free to return them as long as you have purchased them from their official website.

Therefore, initiating a return is easy. Just fill out the return form or slip, produced by repackaging the products, and then ship them back to the store. The return shipping address is outlined as MSL, c/o Erno Laszlo-Web Returns, 161 Docks Corner Road, Dayton, NJ 08810. note that for your package to be accepted for return, it must be in its original condition and packaging.


Erno Laszlo is a famous company when it comes to beauty products, dedication to sustainable sourcing and packaging, and guaranteed high-quality skincare selection. The collection is extensive and the company focuses on achieving the needs of customers. In the above article, we have reviewed the history of the best-selling products, highlighted the testimonies, active lucrative deals, and how to contact them in case of pending questions. Erno Laszlo is worth the investment.

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