PMD Beauty Review: Can It Really Enhance Your Skin Appearance?

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Are PMD beauty products more effective than the In-Office Microdermabrasion treatment? If you are curious to learn about the differences and get to know the PMD beauty brand, keep reading our review to the end. We have done in-depth research for you.

Changes come, and it affects all spheres of life. The beauty industry has many advancements, from the in-office treatment to the innovation of beauty devices. Therefore, skin care products are comprehensive today on the market. However, different products have unique exfoliation speed, efficacy, and custom capability. Based on your beauty experience, you are here for the alternative brand to boost your skin tone, hydration, and many other goals.

PMD is among the most reliable companies, and these guys are top-notch. Though they claim to offer effective clinical-grade beauty devices for skin treatment, we need to justify from the customers and testimonies.

Hence, this PMD Beauty review will cover the company's foundation, product collection and best sellers, lucrative deals, contact details, and where to purchase. We will give an honest conclusion based on testimonies and experience. Read the article as a step further into the company overview.

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PMD Beauty Review

PMD Beauty company stands as the manufacturer of effective and innovative beauty or skincare tools. Currently, the company offers impressive skincare, from the Personal Microderm to the Clean Pro. The experts utilize science-backed technology while making and promoting these beauty items to target customers through glowing skin and building confidence besides a healthy outward appearance.

PMD Beauty claims to have a number when it comes to other followers. Hence, the audience on their Instagram and Facebook pages speaks volumes, and they have ensured they help brands maintain their reputations. These guys have been featured in famous publications like Elite Daily and Glamour.

The Personal Microderm has helped retain the company's image, and many sites claim this is among the must-have devices in your skincare routine. It effectively handles the large pores, wrinkles, acne, etc. Thus, if you want to step up your skincare routine with efficient products or items, think of PMD Beauty.

As long as your skin is sensitive, it would be best to be discreet about beauty products. Most skin conditions tend to lower public confidence, but with these tools, you can often restore your natural appearance and skin radiation. The history indicates that PMD Beauty was founded by Sam Alexander in 2003. The founder has a mission to provide an effective skincare device that would forever change the face of the skincare industry.

In the long run, the tools managed to change the face of not just women but also men around the world. This has facilitated skin restoration, glow, and confidence. As of the available information, PMD Beauty is based in Utah and aims to serve men and women and boost their positive feelings about themselves.

For this reason, the brand has partnered with the  Gyrl Wonder, Days for Girls, Healing Waters International, etc., which is not surprising to many customers. So far, the above is an impressive overview and history of the PMD Beauty brand. It is now time to go to the next section. However, we want to round up this section by comparing the pros and cons of PMD Beauty company.

PMD Beauty Pros:

PMD Beauty Cons:

Why We Like PMD Beauty

PMD Beauty is a famous brand for its unique tools as well as its extensive collection of skin care products. As seen, many customers have complimented the company for the ability to help you upgrade the skin's flawless appearance. Their beauty tools are effective and utilize advanced and patented technology while working to ensure they offer their best and most efficient results on time.

The company has proven ideal for fighting breakouts,  reducing wrinkles and redness, and ensuring you gain cleaner skin with an even tone. In the collection, PMD Beauty features tools such as personal Microderm and Clean. You can also enjoy their unique cleansers, lifted, sleek black tools for men, as well as slip plumbing tools. This leads us to the next section, which will cover the best-selling products from this company.

The Best-Selling PMD Beauty Tools

In this section, we will highlight some of the best-selling tools, which range from the cleansing pros to the blackhead specialists, as well as access to full body experts. We will start with the clean category that utilizes the sonicGlow technology while boosting the skin's natural radiance. The clean tool features the charging cord, giving you one warranty on all models and the travel case as an add-on.

Thus, the first tool here is PMD Beauty Clean. Face wash is not enough when you use your hands. You need the beauty clean device to remove all the firsts and makeup, which can vibrate at about 7000 vpm. Hence, it is effective in cleansing as well as stimulating the skin. They also guarantee the ability to tone saggy areas and lift.

The tool is waterproof and is available in 4 modes: the two are aimed at cleansing, while the other 2 are meant to act as anti-aging. They are designed with antibacterial silicone and do not need a replacement head on top of the clean tool. The tool can last for many years, and you can select from 12 shades on the website.

The second clean tool is PMD Beauty Clean Pro. This takes the cleansing journey to the top level. Although vibration is the same, it features extra power due to ActiveWarmth heat therapy. The device is gently warmed, ideal for activating the skin serum; hence, it can penetrate deeper. They are also available as anti-aging as well as a cleansing tool to clean all the makeup and dirt before moving on with toning.

The third best-selling clean tool is PMD Beauty Clean Pro RQ. This clean tool utilizes the Rose Quartz stone through the cleaning, and they are specifically used to help facilitate circulation in your face. When the circulation increases, your face gets more oxygen, as does the skin. When you get more oxygen, you tend to look finer and brighter. Rose Quartz also fights inflammation and tension due to its mineral-rich power. They also combine the ActiveWarmth heat therapy with the Sonic Glow technology to sculpt, brighten, and cleanse.

Regarding skincare products, the company also has an extensive collection of cleansers. Among them is the Smoothing Antioxidant Cleanser. This is among the customer's favorite cleansers. They are made to be used alongside the above Clean tools as they easily squeeze the cleanser into the tool before starting the device.

Customers can then use the tool to massage their face while they see the gentle foam. Never interfere with your natural skin barrier, but it facilitates when it comes to going deeper into the pores and cleansing. They are designed like cleansers blended with serum. It also features the hydrapeptides that manage the moisture level.

We also love the power of the PMD Beauty Clean Body. This tool comes with 4 attachments, which gives your skin added love. This attachment carries intense exfoliation, cleanses, gentle exfoliation, and massage. These attachments are ideal for cleansing, lifting, and firming the troubled part of the skin and toning. When you get these 4, we guarantee you the skin transformation.

Next up is the PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Pro. When there is a build-up of the dirty population and makeup, the result is enlarged pores alongside the blackheads. This is where the tool comes in to offer help. The device utilizes the spinning disc technology, and coupled with the perfectly calibrated vacuum suction; they can fight l those deposits, dirt, and dead cells or skin by sucking.

The second last tool is PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro. This tool not only gives you personalization options but is also effective in taking your perfection to the next level. Get the custom treatment based on the needs of your skin. This is because the device uses the Tru TYer technology, disc speeds alongside the variety of vacuum to address all the skin type concerns.

The last tool is the PMD Beauty Kiss System. It is also the best-selling device, giving customers a more natural approach while removing lip lines and fighting wrinkles. It also facilitates the production of collagen to fullness. It has 2 modes; you can pick from blush, cream, or pink shades.

Customer Review

It is hard to locate the reliable and best skincare brand today quickly; you need help where necessary. Therefore, we must delve into the customer feedback and many testimonies. So, our article took a unique approach to assess and analyze if the brand is a real hit or hype.

The official site presents or displays many lucrative testimonies. From the 1722 reviews, the company scores roughly 4.4 stars, which is excellent. Some of the feedback left on the website and still catches our attention is as indicated below:-

"I am really pleased with PMD's services and memberships as well. The price tag is reasonable, and the product ingredients are fantastic...."

To the external sites, we will start with Amazon, which indicates a 4.2 stars rating obtained from 2813 global ratings. This is all about the PMD Beauty Microderm Classic, and 60% of the customers are extremely satisfied with the purchase. Up next on the list of external sites is What The Clique from the blog. The author bases the experience and review of the PMD Personal Microderm PRO. She highlights the benefits and history, takes us through how to use it, and then gives the verdict on the real and honest experience with the tool.

When you check out Glamour, the blog's editor states that these PMD Microderm devices have been able to change the skin's texture. She covers everything from the usage routine to the anticipated results. In the end, the editor expresses their love for this tool. Proceeding to the RAE For Real, the blog shares everything the customer needs to know as the PMD Clean Face Brush is concerned. The result is always healthy and glowing or clear skin. You can easily incorporate the tool into your beauty routine.

There are still many other platforms featuring honest feedback. Among these is Beauty with Brain, which evaluates the Microdermabrasion and seeks to determine if it is worth investment. Byrdie, gives the brand and specifically Personal Microderm Elite Pro a 4.2 stars rating for its ability to help attain the smoothest skin. Best Buy  also has a 4.6-star rating from 35 reviews on the site, which is still excellent and encouraging to try.

You can summarize with Natalie Yerger website for detailed and clear images. Otherwise, the products and beauty tools from PMD have shown effectiveness and efficiency, and the company is dedicated to serving the customer.

Where to Buy PMD Beauty

We will direct you if you are searching for PMD Beauty products and skincare tools. Depending on your needs, there are many stores online to get these unique tools. However, for the perfect, practical, and genuine PMD Beauty tools and skin care products, we recommend first searching through their official store at and placing an order.

They have plenty of perfecting tools and offer countless lucrative deals, as we will see. Otherwise, these tools are still available in online retail stores as well. Our research highlighted a few of the selected online retailers. Among these includes:-

Is PMD Beauty Worth It?

Many people online ask whether the PMD Beauty tools and skincare products are worth the investment. Indeed, from the findings, these devices are effective and recorded positive results, and we agree that though they are expensive, they are worth the value. The company gives you access to high-tech skincare tools, which vary in mode, design, pricing, and shades. If you do not wish to shell out your budget, these guys are worth checking out.

When operating on a fixed budget but still needing to purchase the high-end model, you can use their alternative payment option through installment, Afterpay. They also have numerous approaches intended to help customers save on their budget. Looking at the efficiency, multiple customers have praised the company, and the tools can manage numerous skin conditions with their true work.

The advanced tools guarantee features like heat therapy, a 1-year tool warranty,  access to 4 unique models, waterproof capability, and use of the sonicGlow technology. With the above claim and justification from honest customers, we would stand with the fact that the brand is worth your penny.

Get the men's specific tool or general skincare products from an extensive collection. You can also contact the skin experts and get guidance before purchasing. The tools and products are also accessible through the online retailers.

PMD Beauty Discounts

Customers enjoy accessing lucrative deals as they help in saving the budget. So is the PMD Beauty regarding their website's discounts and other offers. As a routine, our review also wanted to evaluate if the company is offering promotions to dedicated customers. From the findings, it is evident that PMD Beauty offers free standard shipping for US-based orders. When you are a new customer, you can subscribe and save upto 30% off on the following order.

They also allow you to buy now and pay later through installments using Afterpay services. Otherwise, the company also has a money-back guarantee when you are not satisfied with the products or skincare tools. They still have the gift cards,  offer the ambassadorial program from their website, and give you access to chat with the skin expert anytime for guidance and direction.

There are many other lucrative deals on the website. To sum up, some tools come with a year warranty, but generally, the company gives back to society through the initiatives and organizations. You can follow up on them or subscribe to the mail listing for updates about future deals.

PMD Beauty Contact

So far, we have shared a summary of the PMD Beauty and the collection. Because of this, it is always likely that your readers have pending questions seeking clarification about the PMD Beauty brand. We went beyond and researched multiple methods by which customers can contact the company for guidance or when they have issues. The finding indicates that there are plenty of approaches. Among the methods is filling out the contact form on the website and submitting it to the team for review and the relevant response in the shortest time.

You can also compose an email and send it to the team through When you have urgent concerns, you are free to call these guys using the listed number (888) 445-4532. On top of that, we have also seen that these experts are active on their social media platforms. Hence, consider following their InstagramPinterest, and Facebook page accounts. They will give you updates and sort out any concerns.


Q. Where is the manufacturing facility of PMD Beauty products located?

Looking at the information available online and what we have just shared in the above article, we can conclude that the PMD Beauty products and tools are made in China and distributed to outlet stores.

Q. What is the shipping policy of PMD Beauty company?

The company PMD Beauty offers international shipping services. Customers can opt for many shipping services based on the preferences and urgency of the order. For instance, if you go for the USA Standard, it is exclusively free, and the company takes about 3 to 8 working days to deliver. USA faster shipping costs you $7 as a shipping fee, which takes 2 to 3 working days to arrive. Canada UPS Economy costs you $25, not covering the added duties or taxes.

Delivery takes 5 to 7 working days. The India Fedex international option costs $100, covering all the customs charges. Lastly, other international UPS Worldwide economies will cost you $55 to ship to your destination. Like other companies, before the PMD Beauty Company ships your order, they send a customer confirmation alert with the tracking information. You can use the link to check the status of the order upto the destination while in transit.

Q. What is the return policy of PMD Beauty company?

PMD Beauty brand offers customers the option to return their products or tools when they have issues or seem unsatisfying. Therefore, the company aims to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the products. You have 30 days from the purchase date to return the store's products and request a full refund. Initiating the return process is as simple as possible.

You can get in contact with the support team over the phone or send them an email. But when returning the products or package, you must note a few things. First, the company will refund you for the products and never cover the return shipping charges or customs taxes. This means the customer must incur the return shipping charges at this point.


PMD Beauty is a skincare brand that offers skincare products and beauty tools. In the above article, we have seen that though the devices might be rough, the products come in a convenient package,  ideal for the face and body, and effective in softening and smoothing the skin.

Try their cordless beauty tool and blend it with relevant skincare products to glow, radiate, and restore natural skin condition. Regardless of the skin concern, PMD Beauty has the ideal treatment. From the company overview through testimonies and best-selling products, PMD Beauty is a hype.

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