Ember Mug Review: Keep Your Coffee Warm Anytime You Need to Sip It!

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Are you searching for the best temperature regulating Mug to keep your coffee warm anytime you need to sip it? There are different companies, and Ember claims to have the best option as the Mug is concerned. Let us review and find out if it offers what they promise customers.

Waking up early or during the cold season and starting over the chores in the house is challenging. Many people need to have an easy time, especially while preparing their breakfast or even just having a sip of their favorite coffee. Starting over is hectic, and even with a microwave, sometimes, it gets cold, or you can get injured.

Therefore, most people online are looking for a solution to such a situation. Hence because of the demands, many companies have opted to come up with the solution through temperature regulating mugs worldwide. These mugs have proved to give a solution answer to these challenges. However, since many companies specialize in manufacturing and distribution, it might be hard to decide which one is perfect.

Thus, in our article today, we will give you some of the reputable companies. We will share a detailed review of the Ember Mug and check if it is worth it. To understand this article and make it more straightforward, we have broken it into sections. Before Jeremy Zucker starts sipping coffee to avoid losing his mind, let us go straight to the Ember company and check out this temperature-controlled Mug's history, if it is reliable.

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Ember Mug Review

Ember is an old but reputable company that Clay Alender founded in 2010. First, Alexander was a long-time coffee enthusiast that came up with the revolutionary Mug for the market. The Mug had an Ammunition Design Group targeted to help resolve the global challenges. The coffee enthusiast noted and was frustrated by the hot beverage, which in no time turned cold even before he had time to enjoy it. But in 2010, Alex came up with a technological solution now serving people worldwide, and they can now consume hot beverages.

Ember Mug, a product of this company, has a precision sensor that mainly controls the right temperature for the beverage by heating it through the dual-band microprocessor-controlled heading feature. The good news is that now users can utilize advanced technology and maintain the temperature of the Ember Mug even using a smartphone. Hence, Ember became one of the first to innovate temperature-controlled mugs worldwide.

It has enabled many people to enjoy the pleasure and consistently value the hot coffee drinking experience. Among the competitors, Ember company has also featured in reputable magazines like Gear OPetrol and even Forbes. The company has thousands of followers on social media accounts, including Instagram. In 2017,  the Mug won multiple awards, including the iDSA Industrial Design Award and the 2017 Time Best Invention Award.

Therefore, the Ember Mug is not only meant to offer a solution for coffee lovers but also to preserve the tea and hot chocolate temperature for a long time daily. So, regardless of where you are, the brand can keep the hot beverage at your preferred temperature. And in terms of the feature, the Ember Mug comes with durable stainless steel coated with FDA food-grade ceramic. Initially, the Mug is preset to a temperature of 135 degrees Foreigheight though you can control it using the Travel Mug 2 touch button smartphone.

This Mug is very simple to use; control and manage the temperature from any place of your comfort as long as it is on the charging stand. In this Ember Mug review, we will take you into detailed reports and customer ratings before deciding which Ember Mug is best for the value of your money. We now intend to take you through the pros and cons section.

Ember Mug Pros:

Ember Mug Cons:

Why We Like Ember Mug

Ember Mug is the best option to maintain a stable preferred hot v]beverage temp[eartrue. Therefore, as the first company to invent the temperature-controlled Mug, many things amazed us about this brand. First, the Mug comes with a sleek look of the design. That is not all; the company also produces an Ember Mug with numerous colors to select from.

The charging base has a double coaster in the standby position to even sync with Bluetooth or smartphone connectivity. This means you can control the temperature of the Ember Mug using your smartphone, or if you have the Travel Mug 2 option, you can manage the temperature through the p[ortable button. When you click on the button at the bottom of the Mug, it turns blue, indicating that it has been connected, which does not take much time.

The power of the Mug seems to originate from the saucer, or the coaster beneath it comes with the charging cord for easy connectivity while charging the Mug. Though the Mug comes with a preset temperature, it allows customers to customize the preferred heat, making it the perfect choice for any drink. Also, we would like to mention that the Mug is portable enough to move with.

Therefore regardless of where you are or where you are traveling, you can always have your hot beverage at hand. Even if you are going to sit in the car for a long time, they have the Travel Mug 2 for you, and you do not have to complain about the lengthy subway anymore. The Ember Mug is a game changer in the lives of many users worldwide.

This not only has plenty of benefits, and the company offers international shipping. Therefore, if you are willing to spend on it, go for it and click that buy button today. Never hesitate anymore to get this durable temperature-controlled Ember Mug. Plenty of features make us rank it; among them is the excellent customer reviews you will witness in the next section.

Customer Review

In line with the brand and product reviews, customer rating matters in helping you make the right decision. This is why we took the time to review what customers have to say about the Ember Mug. The brand has gathered some excellent reviews online, even if you Google it. Therefore, we will start with their website. Looking at it, every product has recorded great reviews from multiple customers who bought the mugs.

For instance, when you visit their website and locate the Ember Mug 2, you will realize that the Mug scored 4.6 stars after 2357 reviews. This alone indicates that the customers are amazed by the Mug. And many have praised the product because of the shart LED, the inbuilt battery, auto sleep features and temperature ranges, and the availability of customer support services. One of the customers on their website complements the products stating that:

"My Mug has been with me for 2.5 years. It was a Holiday gift from my husband. I asked for it because I'd been admiring it for a few years but never bought it, so I figured I'd have him gift it to me. I've never been more in love with coffee!

Because we don't have a microwave (by choice), I had to heat my coffee in a sauce pot every time it got cold—a real pain in the buttocks! In addition, my coffee experience improved when I switched to a Nespresso machine and used this Mug. Coffee shops are no longer appealing to me! My Mug broke the other day, despite the fact that the price had risen by $30!!!!!!!??? Will indeed buy again."

The statement alone sums up everything and expresses other customers. The second place where you can encounter the Ember Mug reviews is Amazon. On this site, we came across the Ember Temperature controlled Mug, where it scoops 3.8 after 1454 global reviews, and 55% gave it five stars. The positive reviews on the website indicate that the Ember Mug is a perfect choice.

Customers are happy with the designs, the sleek look, and the portability of the products from this company. However, few people complained about the brand, which does not even seem to affect the company's reputation on the market. Among those that gave it 1 star complained of the decreasing battery life, which is evident even with your smartphone and not worth looking at as the selling point.

Equally, other sites have fantastic reviews as far as the Ember Mug is concerned. These sites are not limited to Gear Patrol, Best Buy, Home Grounds, Science Focus, and Bustle. You will have wider customer reviews on the above external websites with only a click. Simply click and checkout. Otherwise, the company has everything customers have been looking for, and most are satisfied with the services.

Hence, it now remains upon you to make the right choice. But wait, where do we get these products, and do they offer discounts, and if so, how do you contact them? If you need answers to these questions, keep reading and find out more.

Where to Buy Ember Mug

If you have decided to get the Ember Mug brand, then no problem. Congratulations. The next thing is where to buy the product. First, we recommend you head to their website to secure an excellent deal on the original product. However, that does not limit you to that website alone. You, as we all, get the Ember Mug from online retailers such as:-

Is Ember Mug Worth It?

Some people may still be doubting the reviews, but we are here to let you know that we are impressed with this product based on the customers rating online. When online clients are satisfied and have time to rate, we have no power to deny giving them the credit the company deserves. Therefore, the online rating on the Ember Mug averages 4 stars which is excellent and indicates that customers are satisfied worldwide.

The best selling point of this product is its durability, the fabulous designs to which they have been awarded, and the shipping policy where the company can ship around the world. Therefore, we have found the Ember Mug essential as it has now solved challenges that many people have been experiencing while sipping a cold beverage instead of hot while on the journey.

Though some people have complained about the connectivity of the Mug with the applications, they do not affect the brand's online reputation. Otherwise, the  Ember Mug comes with one year warranty when. You can return it when you start experiencing some technical problems to get a replacement. There are also multiple options varying depending on the designs and numerous colors.

It is simple to use, and customers can even personalize the temperature for the preferred drink. Therefore, from the review, we believe that Ember Mug is worth your money. Get a product and save your time, effort, and many other daily challenges when traveling or at home.

Ember Mug Discounts

Just like other Mug competitors, Ember Mug also offers lucrative discounts. For instance, when you sign up on their website, they promise you 10% off on the first order that you purchase costing $130 and above. and if you get the newsletter through the alert, you will be notified of the incoming sales discounts, coupons, and other affiliate programs.

Otherwise, there is free shipping for orders made by US customers. And during this labor day, you can save up to $30 on purchasing the Ember Mug metallic collection with the coupon Code METALLIC30. and if you go on the Nordstrom website, you will realize that they offer that discounted price of up to 15% off the orders on the Carter Eebverywhere Travel Mug

Ember Mug Contact

If our article has not addressed your area of interest, you can contact the Ember Mug company. The customer support team is available to help you, and the company offers multiple means of communication. First, you can reach out to them via the social media pages like Facebook messenger and Instagram. Then other alternative means are to the email address at contact@ember.com, texting the support team through the number 1 (805)500-2165 anytime.


Q. Where are Ember Mugs made?

From the online data,  the Ember Mug products are made from their manufacturing facility, which is situated in Zhuhai in china.

Q. What are Ember Mugs made of?

Based on the above article, Ember Mug brands are made using durable stainless steel that is coated using FDA food-grade ceramic.

Q. Is there a difference between the Ember Mug and Ember Mug 2?

There are slight differences between Ember Mug 1 and Ember Mug 2 where Ember Mug 2 comes with a long-lasting inbuilt battery, better waterproof, auto-sleep features, and a small charging coaster that mug 1 does not have. Again, Ember Mug 2 is expensive compared with Ember Mug 1.

Q. Can I wash my Ember Mug?

Though you can wash the Ember Mug using your hand, it is recommended that you use warm water, a soft sponge, and soapy water. Then dry the Mug once you wash it before connecting it with eh charger. Thus, avoid starting the Ember Mug dishwasher load at all costs.

Q. How hot is an Ember Mug?

The article clearly states that an Ember Mug comes with a preset temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit, considered the perfect temperature. However, you can control and customize the temperate range from 120 to 145 degrees F.

Q. Can an Ember Mug heat a cold coffee?

Unfortunately, the Ember Mug does not recognize any form of liquid below 100 degrees F.

Q. Can I have my Ember Mug on the charger?

True, you can leave the Ember Mug on the charger. This is because once your mug battery is ultimately charged, it automatically shuts off the charging function, reducing the possibility of your battery getting damaged.

Q. Can I use my Ember Mug even without an application?

Sure, you can utilize the Ember Mug even without using an application. While mug 2 is always maintained at a temperature of 135 degrees F, you can change this temperature using the touch button outside the Ember Mug 2.


In our article, we have reviewed the Ember Mug as the first temperature-controlled Mug serving people worldwide. If you have been struggling with drinking cold beverages while on your journey or at work, even back at home because you are busy, then here comes the long-awaited solution that is more than a thermos flask. Ember Mug is durable and comes with sleek designs and numerous colors to select from. Make your journey conformable with your car from today henceforth. Ember Mug is worth your money.

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