Does Walmart Price Match Staples? (The Results Were Unexpected)

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To date, Walmart has been loyal to its customers by offering affordable prices, which has helped the company maintain and acquire new customers. But does Walmart price match Staples? To ensure competitiveness, Walmart helps customers save money on products by price-matching other retailers. Read on for more details.

Are you in need of office supplies? Staples Inc is the best option and offers the lowest prices. What if you are a Walmart loyalist? Do you need to purchase somewhere else to save money? The answer is No.

Walmart does Price Match Staples for identical products in terms of size, brand, model, quality, and color. However, as per the Walmart Price Match Policy, only and can Price Match items with the assistance of customer support.

Before contacting customer service, ensure that the products are similar in all aspects except pricing, or else Walmart will decline your price match request. Suppose you wonder whether Walmart's brick-and-mortar outlet's Price Match other companies; read on.

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Does Walmart Price Match Staples?

Do you love shopping at Walmart stores, where you can examine products physically? In-store shopping allows you to interact with the product even before purchase. But what if Staples's Price is much lower than Walmart's? What do you do to save money? Unfortunately, Walmart does not Price Match its in-store products to that of competitors, whether in brick-and-mortar stores or online. As per Walmart's pricing policy, Walmart stores can only Price Match

How Can a Customer Price Match Staples Prices at Walmart?

To price match products between Walmart and Staples, you must be shopping through (online).

Visit both websites and search for the item you need. Compare if the products are similar except for the Price advertised. At this point, you can contact Walmart's customer care and request a Price Match. Ensure that you have all the product details and share them with Walmart's support. The customer care representative will then verify the details. If it meets Walmart's price matching policy, you will be eligible for a Price Match.

Can Walmart Deny a Customer a Price Match Request?

YES, Walmart Associates will decide whether to price match or not. Remember, as mentioned earlier, the product has to be identical in all aspects. For example, if the product's color, size, or brand does not match, the product will not be eligible for a price match. Therefore, for Walmart to honor your request, research the product.

Note that Walmart can only Price Match one item per day for a customer. Therefore, your request will be denied if you request more than one product.

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Shipping Fees?

Yes, this is clear with a lot of online stores. Matching shipping fees helps online shops retain customers since buyers will shop elsewhere if the company's shipping fees are expensive.

According to Walmart's shipping policy, customers can request a price match with shipping fees. However, the total delivery cost can only be influenced by other items in the customer's order that are not price-matched. Can discounted items be Price matched at Walmart? Keep reading.

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Ads?

No, Walmart's policy states that cannot Price Match items with added gifts or discounts on other sites, such as If you purchase something from and receive a promotional deal but subsequently purchase the same product from, the promotional offer will not be valid according to the policy; therefore, no Price Matching can be done.

In addition, Walmart will not approve price match requests from customers during seasonal sales such as Clearance sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week. The price matching policy cannot work in a scenario where may be clearing its overstocked goods.

Can Staples Price Match Walmart?

On the other hand, can also price match products at Amazon Prime and The difference comes in whereby accept price match only on items' prices, while accepts both item price and shipping fees.

Another disadvantage is that doesn't price match Walmart during seasonal sale events, coupon deals, gift cards, or when an item promotion price needs to be fixed.

Other Companies that Match Prices with Walmart?

Price matching has become the norm for companies to maintain and attract new customers. In case you can't access Walmart or another competitor offering the same product, the fact remains that you got to acquire the product. Here is a list of other retailers that price match with Walmart:

Does Staples Price Match Amazon Prime?

Do you know that has a new Price Match policy? The policy went into effect on November 3, 2022, only a few days before the holiday season. Now, Staples can match any item price sold and shipped by or any other online business in the same category.

This makes it easy for customers to shop without worry, knowing they purchase goods at the lowest cost.

How Does Price Match Policy Work?

All Staples customers are free to utilize the price match offer. You can contact a customer service representative and request a price match in order to utilize this feature.

Customers can receive a refund from if they provide proof of a lower price within 14 days of an item purchase.

In addition, Staples does not offer price matching during special events such as clearance sales and Black Friday. Keep in mind that Staples Marketplace cannot match the prices of Amazon, Walmart, or any other store.


Yes, will price match with Remember that the product you want the Price Match is identical in size, color, model, type, and quality. All you need to do is contact customer care before placing your order. Remember that, Amazon Prime, and will not Price Match items bought during sales events like seasonal sales day, Black Friday, and products with coupon and discount codes.

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