Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices?

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In case you were offered a lower price for the same product you want to purchase, would you still buy from your local merchant? Walmart cares more about its consumers. It's not only business but also focuses on customer satisfaction and helps them save more on the product. Read on to discover whether Walmart Price Match their online prices.

Most consumers nowadays are looking for better deals as inflation continues to affect the cost of products. Walmart is glad to match the prices of all qualifying items as long as the product meets its Price Match Policy.

Suppose you come across an identical product listed for sale at a lower price on or any other online competitor. You can legally ask Walmart to price-match the item, especially if you purchase online. Remember that Walmart only price matches

To know what matters when asking for a price match at Walmart? Read on.

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Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices?

Provided that the online item is identical in brand, size, model, quantity, and color, Walmart does offer price matching for their online prices. However, Walmart's price matching policy only applies to items from that have a base price or a dollar/percentage discount and does not include online clearance items or items from third-party sellers.

What are the Requirements for a Price Match at Walmart?

It doesn't take much; find another online retailer selling the same stuff at a lesser amount. However, remember that there's no assurance that the price match will be honored. Before asking for a price match, ensure that the product is similar to what you intend to purchase at the store, such as the same color, model, and other elements. Ensure that you can prove the price offered by the competitor for the Walmart associate or manager to verify the price difference.

Below are some useful facts you must know before requesting a Price Match.

How Does Walmart Online Price Match Work?

You can save money by contacting Walmart before placing an order if you find a better price at a competitor's website, such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc. The process is easy and can be initiated by contacting's Customer support or calling directly at 1 (800) 966-6546.

After doing so, Walmart’s associates establish if the product is stocked by both Walmart online service and the competitor's website, the retailer's current pricing, and the similarity of the product. Keep in mind that will make the final decision on whether to price match or not. Therefore, don't be certain that you will find a price match.

Does Price Match Other Retailers? only price matches online competitors. Here is the list:

Can You Price Match An Already Purchased Item at Walmart?

If the price of an item you purchased at your local Walmart has dropped, you can get a refund by requesting a price match.

It's best to double-check a few days after purchase if you suspect that the price may drop, as you only have 7 days to request a price match.

Does Walmart Price Match Their In-store and Online Prices? and Walmart stores with physical locations have distinct price-matching procedures. Walmart outlets can only price match online prices.

If you locate an identical product at a lower price at a rival like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc., while shopping at a Walmart store, the store will only accept to lower the price.

Note that customers are only eligible for one price match a day.

Does Walmart Price Match Their Store Prices?

Since Walmart stores are not directly competing. Its Price Matching Policy does not allow price matching among its outlets. Since every outlet is responsible for its stock management, pricing may vary depending on inventory.

A manager may reduce an item's price for various reasons, including to get rid of excess stock, compete with similar local businesses, or reward loyal customers during an in-store promotion.

Keep reading if you're curious about other Walmart that Price Match competitors.

Does Walmart Canada Price Match Amazon?

Canadians have had the option to price match at Walmart Canada for quite some time. However, Walmart Canada no longer price matches as of October 15, 2020. The corporation has clarified that it will not change the current policy despite its ongoing dedication to maintaining competitive pricing. Walmart Canada discontinued its price-matching service because of long queues in the checkout process and low demand for products. However, it only matches prices with

Here are some statistics that can be helpful for Walmart Canada customers who are still interested in saving money.

How to Save Cash While Shopping at Walmart Canada?

While Walmart Canada has discontinued its Price Match Policy, the company remains dedicated to providing its customers with the lowest possible pricing on everyday products. Here are some tips to help you save more on Amazon Canada: 

These circulars advertise discounts on selected goods such as groceries and electronics, household items, etc., that how to find suitable "Rollbacks" at Walmart Canada. Thousands of Rollback goods are regularly highlighted on the first few pages of the weekly flier and the website.

Does Walmart Canada Match Prices?

Yes, Walmart Canada does the price match If you find a lower price of the same product you want to purchase at, feel free to contact the store's representative and request a price match. Even if no more supplies are left, customers will still be refunded. However, it is essential to remember that Walmart Canada does not offer price matching on items currently on clearance sale.

In Conclusion

You may always ask for a price match if you find an identical item advertised at a lower price on another e-commerce site while buying on However, Walmart Canada only matches prices with, similar to Walmart stores.

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