Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy? (A Full Guide)

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Nothing makes me happier than a better deal. Sourcing entails evaluating dealer prices before making a final decision. If you're looking for electronics, you're probably wondering if Walmart Price Match Best Buy. Read on and learn what we discovered.

Walmart is a multinational firm recognized for providing exceptional retail services, discounts, and even free shipping, to name a few things. For example, can Walmart's electronic prices compete with the American electronics behemoth Best Buy? And what if you have easier access to Walmart than Best Buy?

Does this imply that you will not save money? Worry not, as Walmart has a Price Match Policy! With the policy in place, you can be confident that Walmart's Price Match Best Buy. Continue reading to learn how to make the most of Walmart's Price Match Policy.

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What Is Walmart's Price Match Policy?

Walmart's policy of matching competitors' prices attempts to win over customers and strengthen their loyalty to the company by allowing them to save money. According to Walmart's price match policy, the company will meet or beat the price of competitors' identical products sold by and retailers, especially when competitors offer lower prices. However, keep in mind that Walmart's online price-matching policy differs from that of Walmart's in-store outlets. Below are some useful facts on how Walmart's Price Policy works.

How Does Walmart's Price Match Policy Work?

In case you're unfamiliar, price matching is only applicable when a customer finds an identical item at a lower price from a different retailer and then requests that Walmart match the competitor’s price. Some requirements must be met to qualify for the price match guarantee:

It's advisable to get in touch with Walmart's customer service to verify that the item you want to Price Match meets all the requirements mentioned earlier.

If it does, then you've found an incredible bargain! With Walmart gift cards in hand, this is the optimal strategy.

Does Walmart Price Match In-Store Purchases?

Walmart's price match policy has several limitations for in-store transactions, including the following:

There are no price matching policies in place between Walmart shops and any other online merchants, including and The in-store price match policy is only available to customers. However, price matching is unavailable in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

Which Companies Does Walmart Price Match?

If you intend to purchase on Walmart's website and find the same item for less elsewhere online, Walmart will match the price. Keep in mind that the product is identical to the one sold by in every respect (brand, model number, color, etc.) except for the lower price offered by the competitor. Until such time Walmart will agree to match the price; however, they shall not. Below is the merchant's rundown:

Are there items that Walmart's pricing policy will not support? Yes, let's find out more below.

Things that Walmart Won't Price Match

Here are some criteria that will deny you the chance to bargain:

For more data, refer to Walmart's price match policy page.

Does Walmart Always Price Match Best Buy?

Discussing price matching for the same brand, size, color, model, and quantity. Now that Walmart does the price match Best Buy, does it still work with coupons and promos? In case you have discount coupons from Best Buy, apply them there. Walmart won't price-match if you use a coupon. If you want Walmart to match Best Buy's price, discounted prices won't work.

Are you a Best Buy loyalist, then you must be wondering if Best Buy matches other companies' prices; let's find out:

Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon's?

Yes, Best Buy's prices match other competitors. In addition to money-saving measures, Best Buy will match its own online and in-store pricing if they differ and reimburse the difference throughout the return and exchange period. Therefore, True to its reputation, Best Buy will match prices offered by any local rival and those offered by,,,, and

However, there are certain products that Best Buy will not price Match, such as:

Does Walmart Price Match All Online Sales?

Walmart is known to price Match online purchases to improve customer satisfaction. However, not all purchases are eligible for price matching. Here are a few things that would deny you bargaining power:

Bottom Line

Yes, Walmart does Price Match Best Buy. Walmart's policy of matching competitors' prices attempts to win over customers and strengthen their loyalty by allowing them to save money. Remember that the product is identical in every way to one sold by (brand, model number, color, etc.). If the product does not satisfy the required criteria, we regret that Walmart will not match the price

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