Does Walmart Price Match GameStop? (Online, In-store and More)

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Looking for an affordable, high-quality gaming console or device? As a global retail powerhouse, Walmart is well-known for matching competitors' prices on identical products. Does Walmart Price Match GameStop's? Hmm, let's find out.

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Does Walmart Price Match GameStop?

Are you a gaming fanatic? You have the chance to buy cutting-edge items without worrying about their price. Even if GameStop now matches competitors' prices on select items, Walmart is still in a better position. Therefore, Walmart does not Price Match GameStop. On the other hand, if the demand is high, will match the prices of competitors like and on gaming consoles and other related devices.

To learn useful facts on Walmart's Price Match Policy, read on.

Why Doesn't Walmart Price Match GameStop?

Walmart and GameStop are not equal competitors; their customer base is different. Be assured that Walmart is the bigger deal. Therefore, it often has better deals than GameStop. So, if a customer shops at GameStop instead, Walmart will suffer no loss.

Now that Walmart does not Price Match GameStop, let's learn more about their Price Matching regulations. Price Match Regulations price match policy allows for lowering of the price of anything a customer locates online but would prefer to acquire it from them. Here are online merchants that Price Match with Walmart:

However, price matching does not include items purchased during closeouts, flash sales, Black Friday and Cyber Week specials, liquidations, and even refurbished merchandise. Discounted items or bought via coupons will not be price matched either.

How to Ask Walmart for A Price Match?

The price matching feature at Walmart allows you to shop online and save money. For a Price Match Between Walmart and a competitor, a client must do this:

Call the Walmart Customer Care line to make a price match request. However, you can also call to update a store code, change a billing address, adjust a bill, or change the information associated with your payment method.

Note that there is no assurance that the price will be lowered, especially if the item is not identical in every way, such as measurements, hue, design, etc.; therefore, it's advisable to counter-check the item's details first.

Items on sale and coupons without set prices are not eligible for price matching.

If your request is accepted, the company will cover the discrepancy.

Does Walmart Price Match Alternative Gaming Retailers?

When purchasing your next favorite electronic product, Walmart provides the best prices, the widest selection, and quality products. Therefore, people can save money on games from Walmart and by utilizing the same promo code.

For instance, in Texas, Georgia, and Florida, you can buy five items per person each day, but orders must be placed before eleven o'clock in the morning Eastern Time. In New Mexico, each individual may make up to three price-matched transactions daily.

Customers can find GameStop-like products in the Walmart Marketplace online, but, does not guarantee the lowest price on GameStop products.

Furthermore, each other state has its own rules that must be obeyed.

Does Walmart Stores Price Match GameStop?

First, it is important to know that the policies for matching prices at and Walmart shops are different.'s online prices are only matched by Walmart. Therefore, Walmart stores do not Price match GameStop.

Does GameStop Price Match Walmart?

No, GameStop stocks a greater variety of consoles and gaming devices, including used ones that Walmart does not. Therefore, a price match can never be applicable.

GameStop also offers promotions, packages, and other discounts that may be redeemed in-store or online. Such coupons are not acceptable at Walmart, making it a great deal for interested customers to shop at GameStop.

Does GameStop Price Match Amazon?

GameStop does not match Amazon's prices due to the secondhand market's tendency to inflate Amazon's prices. However, GameStop's price matching is still relatively new, and future modifications may include Amazon.

What Is Gamestop's Policy on Matching Prices?

Even though it is unofficial and does not apply universally to GameStop's online store, GameStop has a best practices list for its price matching system and policy. Here are some things you should note:

Does GameStop Price Match?

Yes, GameStop recently started matching prices, but it's not official yet. Due to the lack of formalization of the practice, it is up to individual stores to decide whether or not to participate in price matching.

GameStop's price-matching policy requires certain conditions to be met, such as the product being in stock at both GameStop and the competitor's shop and being identical in every way.

As digital and physical game editions are regarded as two distinct goods, GameStop will not match prices between digital and physical copies.

GameStop only matches the price if it is the same as the one promoted, so make sure you have a copy of the advert or download it on your device.

Additionally, GameStop will only match prices with larger, well-known merchants like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target.

Does GameStop Price Match Online?

Regrettably, GameStop does not currently price match with online retailers. Although it is not yet available, GameStop has given hints that it plans to implement a strategy to match internet prices. After the policy is formalized, the practice is expected to begin in physical stores before expanding online.

Bottom Line

Walmart does not Price Match GameStop. In high demand, will match the prices of competitors like and on game consoles and related devices. However, GameStop is implementing a Price Match policy to price match with bigger merchants such as and Walmart.

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