Does Target Price Match Best Buy? (Here Is the Detailed Guide)

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Target has a price match policy that allows customers to receive the same price as their competitors. But does this include Best Buy? Here is a detailed guide to find out!

Yes, Target will price match Best Buy prices upon request. In its efforts to retain more clients, Target will price match other retailers provided you can prove Target's prices are higher than the competitors. According to Target's Price matching policy, the company matches electronic goods that Best Buy sells upon request. You must prove Best Buy's prices are lower than Target's.

Here is a detailed post on what you need to know about Target price matching.

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Target Price Match Policy on Best Buy

Does Best Buy Price Match Target?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not price match Target's prices in-store or online. Best Buy believes that Target is not a rival in electronics sale.

It, however, matches the prices at the following online merchants:

Best Buy Price Matching Policy

How Do I Price Match On

Suppose you have identified the item you would like to buy at Best Buy at a lower price. You should call guest services at 1-800-591-3869 and inform them about the product you want and its price at Best Buy.

You should also present evidence of the low price, such as a digital ad.

The attendant will then confirm if the items are identical, the price difference and if the item meets other qualifications for a price match.

If the item meets all the conditions, they will adjust the price to the lower price, and you will pay the lower price when checking out.

What Other Stores Does Target Price Match?

Apart from Best Buy, Target price matches several other stores that sell the most recent technologies to maintain competitive prices for gadgets, such as, Walmart, and Here is a list of other retailers that target has listed in their price matching policy:

Customers are assured of getting the best value for their money when they purchase electronics at Target using the price match option with other retail rivals.

How to Price Match in a Target Store

If you have the proper documentation, that is, your receipt, the digital or the printed ad, you can go to any Best Buy checkout and request a price.

The attendant will then confirm the prices and if the item meets all other requirements for a price match.

If your item qualifies, they will refund the price difference, or if you are currently shopping, they will reduce their price to the Best Buy price.


Target price matches items from Best Buy, but Best Buy does not price match Target because it does not consider it a local competitor. However, Best Buy price matches retailers such as,, Amazon, and others.

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