Does Walmart Do Money Orders? (How to, Limits, Fees, and More)

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Does Walmart Do Money Orders? They're a practical way to send funds across distances. While not every store provides them, many Walmart locations in the U.S. do. Discover more about using Walmart for money orders in this post.

Walmart is among the few brick-and-mortar retail stores accepting money order transactions at any of their stores within the United States. You can send and receive money orders at any of Walmart’s stores during work hours.

Walmart processes money orders at its stores through its partnership with MoneyGram and Western Union. The retail store relies on the financial network from MoneyGram or Western Union to facilitate its money order transactions within the United States and internationally.

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Process for Purchasing a Walmart Money Order

Purchasing a Walmart is as simple as walking up to the nearest customer service desk at Walmart and requesting a money order. Ensure you carry the following prerequisites before approaching the nearest Walmart customer service desk.

  1. You must provide the amount of the money order and the applicable service fee.
  2. Select your preferred payment method between cash, debit, or PayPal.
  3. You must also provide your legal name and the name of the recipient.
  4. You may also require your government photo ID if you intend to purchase a large money order.

The Walmart staff member at the customer service desk will immediately issue you a money order after providing the above requirements.

What is the Cost of Purchasing a Money Order?

The cost of purchasing a money order at Walmart is usually $1 or less, depending on the location of the Walmart store. The $1 money order purchasing fee is relatively affordable compared to direct bank deposits, thus making it a convenient method for sending/receiving money.

What Is the Walmart Money Order Limit?

The Walmart money order limit is $1,000 per transaction. If you need money orders for more than $1,000, you'll have to buy multiple money orders of $1,000 each. However, Walmart has a daily money order limit of $3,000 per customer. The fees for money orders at Walmart vary depending on the order amount, with a maximum fee of $1 per transaction Keep in mind that these limits and fees may change, so it's always a good idea to check with your local Walmart store for the most up-to-date information.

Process for Cashing Money Orders

Cashing a money order at a Walmart is simple because it involves a few steps. You can follow the steps below to cash your money order at Walmart.

Step 1: Start by visiting the MoneyCenter at your nearest Walmart store.

Step 2: Carry your money order with you, and ensure it is from Walmart because the retail store only accepts money orders from one of its branches.

Step 3: Carry a valid government photo ID and present it with the money order to the staff at the customer service desk.

Step 4: The next step is paying the service fee of $1 and waiting for the cashier to cash your money order.

However, it is essential to note that you may require to provide additional information at your local Walmart store, such as your address or phone number, to complete your transaction.

Does Walmart Have a Limit for Cashing a Money Order?

Yes. Walmart does have a cashing limit for every money order transaction. The cashing limit for money orders at Walmart stores is $1000, with a service charge of $1 for each cashing transaction.

Walmart Work Hours

Walmart staff work in different shifts depending on their workstation to ensure customers get service for the better part of the day. Most Walmart stores provide services to customers between 7 am to 11 pm when the cashiers' shifts run interchangeably. Ensure you check the work hours at your local Walmart store because some stores sometimes offer 27/7 customer service.

Does Walmart Offer Refunds on Money Orders?

Yes. You can get a refund on a money order purchase if you present it to a cashier at a Walmart store. The trick to getting a refund for a money order is ensuring you have a receipt for the money order and presenting a valid money order (free of damage or mutilation). The Walmart cashier ought to provide a full refund for purchasing the money order once you show the money order and purchase receipt.

Can You Send Walmart Money Orders Outside the United States? 

Walmart relies on other financial organizations like MoneyGram and Western Union to facilitate its money order transactions. This interdependent structure enables customers to send money orders outside the United States if the recipient can access MoneyGram or Western Union services in their respective country of residence.

Can You Cash a Damaged Money Order?

There is only one option available if you have a damaged money order. Your only option is to contact MoneyGram customer service and seek assistance. MoneyGram can offer assistance if the money order is not severely damaged. You can also contact MoneyGram’s customer service via the company’s official website if the money order gets lost and requires assistance.

How to Keep Track of Money Orders

You can keep track of your money orders by visiting the official MoneyGram website. Proceed to locate the Track a Transaction option and click on it to know the progress of any money order transaction. However, you require the “Authorization or Reference Number” and “Name” details before tracking the progress of your money order transaction.

Advantages of Using Money Orders

Money orders offer a convenient way to transfer money cause of the reasons listed below.


Walmart money order is a safe and reliable method for transferring money to anyone within or outside the United States. The delivery time for the money order will vary depending on the distance between the sender and the recipient. The time can range between 1-2 business days to clear a Walmart money order within the United States.

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