Does Walmart Cash Two Party Checks? (All You Need to Know)

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Learn how Walmart cashes two-party checks with ease. Learn the process, fees, and limitations involved in cashing checks with multiple payees. Read on to find out more about this convenient financial service.

When it comes to the convenience of financial services, Walmart stands out with its extensive range of offerings through in-store Money Centers across the United States. From bill payments to check cashing, they've got you covered. But what about the intriguing question: "Does Walmart cash two-party checks?" Delving into this query, I've done the research for you.

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Does Walmart Cash Two-Party Checks?

Yes, Walmart provides the option to cash two-party checks across all its stores via their Money Centers. All that's needed is to bring the two-party check along with the secondary recipient's information and an official photo ID like a passport. It's important to note that Walmart places a $200 limit on two-party checks and charges a maximum fee of $6.

Walmart Two-Party Check Cashing Policy

Walmart's policy covers various types of two-party checks, such as payroll, government, tax refunds, cashier’s, insurance settlements, and 401(k) retirement disbursements.

When you're cashing a two-party check at Walmart (or other check-cashing places), remember to check how the names are written. This means noticing if it says 'and' or 'or' between the payee names. For example, it could be "Mr. and Mrs. Brighton" or "Mr. or Mrs. Brighton."

If the names are joined by 'and,' both individuals must be there to endorse and cash the check. But if it's 'or,' only one person from the list needs to be present.

Limits for Two-Party Checks

Concerning cashing checks at Walmart, there are certain limits and fees to be aware of. When it comes to traditional checks, Walmart has set a limit of $5,000 per check ($7,500 during tax season).

Moreover, customers are allowed to conduct up to three check cashing transactions in a single day. On the other hand, for two-party checks, the limit is capped at $200.

If you're considering cashing a two-party check at Walmart, keep in mind that there is a fee involved. The cost for cashing such a check can go up to $6 per check.

Is There a Fee for Cashing a Two-Party Check at Walmart?

Absolutely, you can get your Two-Party Check cashed at Walmart for just $6, allowing you to cash checks of up to $200 each time.

When it comes to cashing Two-Party checks, Walmart stands out as an economical option. In comparison, various other stores and supermarkets might charge as much as $10 for the same service.

Can You Cash Personal Checks at Walmart?

Absolutely. Just head over to the convenient Walmart Money Services counter or their friendly customer service desk and swiftly have your personal check cashed.

No need to sign up or book an appointment when cashing your checks at Walmart. Furthermore, possessing a Walmart credit card is not a requirement to make this possible.

How Walmart's Payment Works

Getting paid by Walmart is flexible. You can either get cash for the two-party check or have a Walmart staff member load the balance onto a Walmart MoneyCard.

If you go for the MoneyCard, each reload through Check cashing will have a $3 fee. You can grab a MoneyCard for just $1 at any Walmart checkout lane.

Which Checks Can You Cash at Walmart?

At Walmart, you can conveniently cash a wide range of checks, such as:

Easy Steps to Cash a Two-Party Check at Walmart

Want to cash a two-party check at your nearby Walmart? Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Locate a Walmart store close to you and head to the Money Center section.

Step 2: Inform the staff that you want to cash a two-party check.

Step 3: Provide your ID and endorse the check by signing at the back.

Step 4: The associate will verify and exchange the check for cash.

Understanding Payee Names:

Note: Walmart usually charges a fee of approximately $6.00 to cash a two-party check, e.g., turning a $100.00 check into $94.00 cash. Also, bring a valid photo ID, like a driver’s license, for verification.

Reasons Why Walmart Would Not Cash a Check

While Walmart offers a cost-effective alternative to banks for check cashing, there are instances where they might decline this service.

Here are a few explanations for Walmart's potential refusal to cash a check.

Remember, only the issuing banks or institutions can authenticate a check's legitimacy. Even attempting to cash a counterfeit cashier's check at Walmart will result in the bank rejecting it.

In such instances, Walmart may pursue legal action for fraud, aiming to recoup the check amount and any associated fees.

What's the Cash Limit at Walmart for Different Types of Checks?

Walmart sets cashing limits for checks to ensure smooth transactions. For personal two-party checks, the maximum cashable amount is $200. However, when it comes to other types of checks, the cap changes throughout the year. From May to December, you can cash checks up to $5,000. But from January to April, that limit jumps to $7,500.

Bottom Line

Walmart offers a convenient option for cashing two-party checks, allowing transactions up to $200. With clear guidelines on payee endorsements, the process is straightforward. Although there is a fee of $6, Walmart's service remains more economical compared to other alternatives.

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