Does Walmart Sell Stamps in 2023?

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If you wanted to buy some stamps at your local post office but it was closed or there was a long queue, you may be wondering if Walmart being one of the largest retailers in the world sell stamps. We were wondering the same and this is what we discovered.

Walmart is the largest retailer of groceries in the USA. It is also available in up to 11,300 locations, all spread over 27 countries. It would be, therefore, very helpful if Walmart would sell stamps. This would make the stamps more readily available and would save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted waiting in long queues in the postal office.

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Does Walmart Sell Stamps in 2023?

The answer is definitely yes. Not only does Walmart sell stamps, but they also offer a wide variety for all citizens, software, and hardware. Due to the large variety of stamps, you might be confused about what is the correct stamp for you. Luckily you can easily get help once you visit a Walmart store. As of 2023, Walmart sells  Forever and First Class US postage stamps in all their locations. You are free to choose between buying a whole book or a single stamp.

The stamps are also sold individually or in packs of 20 or 100. The price ranges from $0.55 for a single stamp and  $91 for a stack of stamps. One should weigh the parcel or envelope before buying the stamps because it will be easier to know the number of stamps that will be needed. If you want to save some money in the long run, you should consider buying an entire book rather than buying individual stamps, as it will be cheaper.

What Stamp Designs Are Available At Walmart?

 Walmart sells a wide variety, and if you are looking for a particular stamp, you will most probably find it. The availability of the stamps, however, does vary from season to season. The stamps that have basic designs, such as those that bear the US flag, are widely available all year round. Other stamps that have seasonal designs, however, are available based on the time of the year and the location of the Walmart store. Generally, you will get all kinds of stamps of varying shapes, sizes, and prices.

Can I Buy Stamps At Walmart Using Gift Cards?

 When buying stamps in-store at Walmart, you can use pretty much use any form of payment. So yes, you can use a gift card to buy stamps at Walmart. When shopping online it is also allowed to use gift cards but some methods such as EBT cash cards are not allowed.

Where In Walmart Can I Buy Stamps?

You might get lost when looking for stamps at Walmart. The stamps are available in different places in the store. Here are some areas that you should check first if you are looking for stamps. If there are not available in one location they are most probably available in another  

 If you are in a Walmart Supercenter, you will most probably find a MonerCenter station within. MoneyCenter stations mainly deal with money and deliveries. One can therefore cash checks and take money orders. Walmart also places stamps in these stations. The stamps are put in this area to make it easier for the customers to put money in a package and send the money out via mail. In these stations, both books of stamps and individual stamps are available.  

If you were doing your grocery shopping but forgot to buy stamps, you can buy stamps at the registers. It is more convenient for the customers as the customers can easily forget that they needed to buy stamps. If that happened, the stamps are conveniently placed at the checkout lane. At times you may need to ask the cashier as the stamps might be placed behind the registers to avoid theft.  

 In every Walmart, there is a customer service desk. The customer service desk is mainly used for complaints and returns. It turns out that many people end up in the customer service center to ask where the stamps are. Walmart, therefore, places stamps in the customer service centers to save time for the customers. If there are no stamps available in the customer service center, you will be directed to where they are.  

The supply part of the store also has stamps available. This is actually where Walmart sells its packaging materials. You should therefore head there if you had no luck getting stamps in all the above locations. In this area, you may find books of stamps available in different sizes.

Can I Mail Letters and Packages At Walmart After Buying Stamps?

 Yes, after buying stamps at Walmart, you can send your parcel or letter from Walmart. This service is, however, only available in select Walmart stores. The service is operated via FedEx. If you do not want to mail your letter and packages via FedEx you can pick up essentials such as bubble wrap, labels, envelopes, and boxes and mail your item through an alternative such as USPS.

Why You Should Buy Stamps At Walmart Money Center

 The MoneyCenter stations at Walmart are a great option for you to buy your stamps compared to buying the stamps at your local postal office for various reasons. Some of the benefits of buying your stamps at the MoneyCenter stations are  

How Many Stamps Can I Buy At A Time At Walmart?

 At the MoneyCenter and the Customer Service desk, you can buy individual stamps or booklets that each contain up to 20 stamps. If you wish to buy more stamps, you can purchase multiple booklets. You can also visit their website, where you have the option to order booklets, rolls, and stamps which can contain up to 100 stamps or even more.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Walmart?

 Currently, the cost of first-class and forever stamps ranges at $0.55 each. The price is the same regardless of the design that you choose. If the stamp that you buy is from a rare collection, then the price will be higher. If you are buying stamps at a discounted store, then the price of the stamp may be lower. If you have any queries on the price of the stamp you can just ask a store assistant.

At What Hours Can I Buy Stamps At Walmart?

Since Walmart is available in very many locations, the hours of operation may be different for some stores. All stores have a standardized system of working. Some of the stores are open for 24 hours. At these stores, you can get the stamps at any time at the customer service desk. However, if you want to buy the stamps from the MoneyCenter, you might want to get there in time because the MoneyCenter is only open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays.

Can I Buy Stamps At Walmart Online?

 Yes, Walmart does sell stamps online through their website The process is very easy. The first thing you need to do is to inform Walmart of the store that you shop at. By doing so the website will use the correct inventory and will inform you if the product you are looking for is out of stock. The next thing you have to do is search for the stamp that you are looking for, add it to your cart, and then check out using your preferred method of payment. The stamps will be shipped right to your doorstep.

Does Walmart Sell Collectible Stamps?

 Yes, Walmart also sells collectible stamps. The collectible stamps tend to be few, and they are released over time. They are also printed in limited supply to ensure that only a few people will get them. If you are a stamp collector, you might want to pass by Walmart and buy some of the collectible stamps that Walmart has to offer.

Difference Between Walmart Stamp Books and Walmart Stamp Rolls

 The main difference between Walmart stamp books and Walmart stamp rolls is in the number of stamps that they both hold and the price that they retail for. A forever stamp book contains 20 stamps and retails for $15.60. On the other hand, a forever stamp roll contains 100 stamps and retails for $69.92. If you wanted to get 100 stamps by buying multiple stamp books, it would be more expensive compared to buying a single stamp roll.

Are Walmart Stamp Books cheaper than Walmart Stamp Rolls?

Yes, Walmart stamp rolls are cheaper than Walmart stamp books. The main reason that the stamp books are pricier is that they have a higher manufacturing cost that the stamp rolls. Additionally, stamp rolls are easier to manufacture and they require fewer materials. Thus, they are cheaper.

Do Walmart Stamps Have An Expiry Date?

No, as indicated by the name of the stamps, the forever stamps can be used indefinitely. You can buy many stamps and stock them up without having to worry if they will expire. First Class US stamps do not have an expiry date too.

What Payment Option Does Walmart Support for Stamp Purchases?

 Shopping in-store gives you a wide variety of payment options. The payment options allowed for in-store purchases include cash, debit, credit, and gift cards. When shopping online, you have additional payment options such as Chase Pay, PayPal, and Amex Express Checkout.


Not only does Walmart sell stamps, but they also offer a wide variety of stamps to meet the needs of different customers. The stamps are available in many locations in the store, and thus it is more convenient for the customers. If you wanted to save some money, you could consider buying Walmart stamp rolls than Walmart stamp books as they are cheaper. You can also buy the stamps in large quantities without worrying about the expiry of the stamps because they do not expire, and you can use them indefinitely.  

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