Walmart Senior Discount - No? There Are Other Alternatives!

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Walmart has made a name for itself by offering many goods and services at meagre rates. Although you can find many opportunities to save money at Walmart, does it also have senior discounts? Read on to find out.

Sadly, Walmart does not provide a senior discount that is separate from or in addition to any other discounts. However, this doesn't imply that Walmart isn't a good option for retirees looking for a deal.

Companies like iHop, Michaels and Kohl's are alternatives if you seek those who provide senior discounts. Keep reading to discover more about Walmart senior discounts, when seniors get a discount at Walmart, Do You Get a Discount for Being an AARP Member at Walmart and more.

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When Do Seniors Get A Discount At Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart offers no senior discounts but extended hours for seniors. On Tuesdays at 1:00 pm, Walmart opens its doors exclusively to seniors. The seniors' shopping hour begins at 6:00 am and concludes at 7:00 am Tuesday.

During this period, the store is open only to senior citizens at least 60 years old who choose to shop there. All you need is proof of age and identification to take advantage of the discounted senior rate.

Does Walmart Provide Discounts to Active Military?

Although Walmart does not provide any discounts to veterans, it offers Careers with the Mission program that gives veterans special consideration for employment. As part of this initiative, Walmart seeks to fill various roles with military spouses and veterans. In a nutshell, if you're a veteran of the United States armed forces, the initiative can help you find a job, get back into civilian life, and get the training you need to succeed in that new civilian role.

Can I Get A Senior Discount If I Shop At Walmart In Canada?

Like its American counterpart, Walmart Canada does not provide senior discounts at any of its stores or on its website. However, several Canadian alternatives to Walmart offer senior discounts, including the hardware stores Home Hardware and Michael's, the supermarkets' and Tim Hortons.

Do You Get a Discount for Being an AARP Member at Walmart?

Walmart does not provide any AARP food or other product discount program, just as they do not offer a senior discount. For example, if you want to find places that provide AARP discounts, you may shop at places like Kohl's, TJ Max, Goodwill, Walgreens and more.

Where and How May Senior Citizens Get Discounts?

Customers may get discounts at many stores by simply asking for them or applying for senior discount cards. After that, the customer must present valid identification showing their age to receive the discounts or discount card if they are eligible. The age at which a customer is eligible for a discount card varies depending on the kind of company and the specific area. The average age range of the participants is between fifty and sixty-five.

How Can Seniors Save Money When Shopping From Walmart?

Several other opportunities are available to save money with Walmart if a senior discount is not offered. Rollbacks and Clearance are just a few of Walmart's many ways to help you save money. Walmart provides special pricing in both stores and online. Furthermore, items on sale are marked down on the shelves, and the current price drop at Walmart is seen on the website.

You may use these coupons at any Walmart location. An expired or otherwise no longer valid coupon is listed under the "Coupons" tab in the "Store Details" section. Walmart's policy is that they won't honour any expired coupons.

Moreover, if you find a lower price elsewhere and bring it to Walmart's notice, they may match it. Other perks for cardholders: If you have a Walmart credit card, you may earn a 5% rebate on all purchases (as previously reported). Walmart's website has all the information about its military discount program.

In Which Shops May Shoppers Over 55 Get Senior Discounts?

Discounts for customers over the age of 55 are typical at many American retailers. Some examples of merchants are movie theatres, restaurants, and supermarkets. Examples of such businesses are Sprint and T-Mobile, two major mobile phone providers that provide senior discounts to customers 55 and above.

The Michaels department store chain provides a 10% discount every day to customers who are 55 or older, and IHOP has a senior menu for those of us who are a little bit farther along in years. On the first Tuesday of each month, Fred Meyer has special deals for customers who are 55 and over.

Is There A Senior Citizen Discount at Home Depot?

As of 2022, Home Depot will no longer offer a senior discount. However, if you served in the United States armed forces, you are eligible for a special discount at Home Depot. Signing up as a Home Depot Pro Xtra or Pro subscriber will also provide you with additional savings opportunities. Veterans of the United States armed forces may get 10% off their total purchase daily at Home Depot.

Is There A Minimum Age for A Senior Discount with McDonald's?

McDonald's will no longer provide a senior discount to customers as of 2022. Senior discounts for light beverages at particular McDonald's outlets are available to customers 55 and above; however, this varies by area. McDonald's offers extra savings and special offers through their mobile app, regardless of age.

How Can You Earn a Senior Discount with Your Prime Membership?

There is now a senior discount on Amazon Prime for customers who are 65 or older and have a valid EBT card. If you have Medicaid facilities, you may also utilize this program. To take advantage of this deal, you must sign up for Amazon Prime using the Prime Members EBT Registration option and pay $5.99 monthly for your Prime membership.


Currently, Walmart does not provide a special senior discount or senior discount day. However, Walmart provides a unique shopping time during which its elderly consumers can shop without the usual crowds. Applying for senior discounts at businesses that provide them is simple; in most cases, all that's required is evidence of age.

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