Does Walmart Cash Payroll Checks? (Yea, But Note These Things)

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Walmart is a one-stop solution that offers unbeatable deals on a wide range of products and simplifies your financial transactions. Some financial transactions you can do at Walmart include sending money orders and cashing checks. But does Walmart cash payroll checks?

Yes, Walmart will cash your payroll check but at a fee! Learn how much it will cost to cash your payroll check at Walmart and how to cash the check while shopping at Walmart.

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Walmart Cash Payroll Checks Policy

With over 4,500 outlets across the US, Walmart allows cashing of payroll checks at $4 for any check with a maximum of $1000. For checks worth $1,001-$5,000, Walmart will cash them at a fee of $8.

Additionally, cashing checks at Walmart is instant! You will receive your hard-earned money on the spot, eliminating the frustration of waiting for funds to clear or dealing with processing delays. Provide your payroll check and a valid ID to access your money when needed!

Besides payroll checks, Walmart can also cash other types of checks, including;

This time-saving service offered by the retail giant isn't just about convenience; it's a game-changer for financial management.

Note: For easy verification and to avoid cashing fake checks, Walmart does not cash handwritten checks. Sadly, Walmart will still not cash your handwritten check, even if it is authentic!

How to Cash Your Payroll Check at Walmart?

Cashing your payroll check at Walmart is seamless, provided you have the right documents. What you need to cash your paycheck at Walmart:

Once you have the necessary documents;


  1. Ensure your employer’s name, address, and contact phone number are printed on the upper left corner of the check.
  2. All the signatories must have appended their signatures on the check.

Otherwise, your payroll check will be declined.

Walmart Payroll Checks Verification

Walmart employs a thorough verification process for payroll checks before cashing them, ensuring security and authenticity. When you present a payroll check at a Walmart store for cashing, the following steps are taken:

The company uses third-party verification systems (TeleCheck and Certegy) to validate your account and the drawer.

Walmart Check-Cashing Limits

Walmart has straightforward terms and conditions for cashing checks. They include;

Why did Walmart decline my payroll check?

Walmart might decline to cash your payroll check for various reasons, including:

Benefits of Cashing Payroll Checks at Walmart

Cashing your payroll at Walmart comes with several benefits, which include;

1. Convenience: There are over 4,500 Walmart stores spread across the US. You are more likely to encounter a Walmart store near you than you would encounter a bank, making it seamless to access your funds.

Also, you don’t have to register or have a bank account to cash your payroll check! Present the check and your valid ID to receive your payments.

2. Extended hours: Unlike banks that close doors at 5 pm, Walmart MoneyCenters operate beyond normal banking hours. You can walk into any Walmart store near you to cash in your paycheck even after work or school hours, including weekends and holidays.

3. Efficiency: Cashing your payroll checks at Walmart is fast! Once the cashier validates your paycheck against your ID details, you will receive your funds almost immediately. No clearing period is required. It’s the best paycheck cashing option if you urgently need money after receiving your payroll check.

Tips for Using Walmart’s Payroll Checks cashing Services

Valuable tips for using Walmart's payroll check cashing services include;

  1. Be familiar with the working hours of your nearest Walmart store. You want to avoid walking into a store with your payroll check only to be told the MoneyCenter counter has been closed.
  2. Before you cash your payroll check, familiarize yourself with the service charge! Understand Walmart's fee structure for check cashing. Knowing the fees helps you make informed decisions about cashing your check.
  3. Always carry your valid identification documents when visiting any Walmart stores for cashing your payroll check.
  4. Never accept a handwritten payroll check when cashing it at Walmart. The retailer does not cash handwritten checks regardless of their validity. However, hand-signed payroll checks are accepted.


Walk into any Walmart store and cash your payroll checks at the customer service desk or MoneyCenter counter. You will need to identify yourself using a valid identification document. Remember, you can only cash a payroll check if you are the rightful owner!

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