Walmart Cash Back Limit in 2022: How Much Can You Get?

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Walmart offers customers the chance to receive cash back on purchases made in-store. Online shoppers are not eligible, though. But how much can you get in cash back from Walmart? In this post, you will learn about Walmart Cash back limit in 2022 and the eligibility criteria. Keep reading to find out…..

Walmart is a very popular US retail store dealing in a wide range of products and services. There's almost always a promotion running at the online retail giant for whatever you need, including getting cash back on purchases and much more. So, what does it take to get cash back at Walmart? Well, all you need to do is make an in-store purchase.

Usually, the cashback limit comes in increments of $20, up to a maximum of $120, depending on your payment method. For instance, if you pay with personal checks, you can have a cash back limit of $20 which you can only get from a regular cash register.

On the other hand, if you pay with your debit card, you have access to a maximum cash back amount of $100. You can get this from either the self-checkout registers or regular registers.

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Does Walmart Do Cash Back on Purchases in 2022?

Yes, Walmart does provide cash back on purchases. At Walmart, you can get up to $100 in cash back on each transaction. If you have a debit card linked to an eligible checking account, you can use it to withdraw money at any of Walmart's registers. The same is true for personal checks.

While you can withdraw your cash back from both regular cash registers and self-checkouts if you make your in-store payments via debit card, shoppers who pay via personal checks only have the option of getting their cashbacks from the regular cash registers.

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart?

Wondering how much cash back you can get at Walmart? Well, the simple answer is a maximum of $100. All that depends on a number of factors, including the amount spent on purchases and the payment method used.

It is also dependent on the store location, though not quite the case often. Also worth mentioning is that the cash back often comes in multiples of $20. Meaning if you are to get $100, you will be given $20 five times.

Does Walmart Charge a Fee for Cash Back?

Walmart does not charge a fee for cash back. This means your withdrawals come at no expense to you. However, there’s a limit pegged to the withdrawals in the form of how much you can withdraw within a certain duration. The limit also depends on the payment method you used for your in-store purchases. For instance, while some stores have a maximum daily limit of $50, others allow you up to $300 in withdrawals.

At What Time Can You Get a Cash Back at Walmart?

While you can generally get cash back at any time during business hours, there are some exceptions. First, you can only get up to $100 in cash back from a single transaction. If you want more money, then consider doing multiple transactions.

You also can't buy alcohol or tobacco products and request a credit for the purchase amount as cash back. Bottom line, you can get cash back at Walmart at any time during the store’s hours of operation.

How Do You Get Cash Back at Walmart?

Getting cash back is simple! When you make a purchase, ask the cashier how much they would like to give you as an additional reward. It's important to note that not all stores will offer this option. Some only allow customers paying with credit cards or gift cards to receive cash back. Also, note that in most cases, only in-store purchases (not online) are eligible for cash back. Generally, the process of getting cash back is easy.

What’s the Best Way to Get Cash Back at Walmart?

In most cases, the best way to get cash back at Walmart is through debit card transactions. The retail giant allows customers who pay for their purchases via debit card to get up to $100 in cash back. You can also use a credit card with a PIN and request cash back up to $20, just like a debit card.

What is the Personal Check Cash Back Limit at Walmart?

You can get up to $20 in cash back at Walmart if you pay for your purchases using a Personal Check. However, you can get more than $20 in cash back if you purchase more and pay via Personal check. However, remember that Walmart purchases made via debit card attract more cash back.

How to Get Cash Back at Walmart Using a Debit Card

Every time you go shopping, especially at a big box store, you're offered to either pay with cash or use your debit card to save money. Payments made via debit card often have much higher cash back.

Here is a breakdown of how one can get cash back at Walmart using their debit card.

The Walmart Cash Back Using Self-Checkout is a service that allows you to pay for your purchases using debit cards, and checks are not allowed. The service is provided by all Walmart stores in the United States. The Walmart Cash Back using Self-Checkout process is simple and easy to use. Here are the steps to get it done:

Just like that, and you have your cash back.

Does Walmart Offer Cash Back for Personal Checks?

Walmart does offer cash back for a personal check. However, it is important to note that you are eligible for a maximum amount of $20 in cash back. The amount could be more or less on other retail outlets that offer cash back for personal checks.

How to Get Cash Back at Walmart Using a Personal Check

Finding an alternative to paying with credit cards is an excellent way to get cash back at Walmart. Using a personal check is one of the most popular methods today. So here is how you can get cash back at Walmart when using a personal check:

Note that if you have an overdraft, your bank may be able to cover the cost of the purchase and, of course, charge you a small fee of around $34 (maybe more or less), and then you will still be able to get the cash back.

Does Walmart Offer Cash Back for Credit Cards?

Yes, Walmart does provide cash back for credit card purchases. To get your cash back, be sure to make your payments via a credit card. However, it is important to note that this option is only available for purchases made via Walmart credit card and Walmart Store cards.


It seems unlikely that Walmart's discounts and cash back options will change much this year and thereafter. We consider this good news for shoppers as Walmart is one of the top retailers for cash back offers. The wide variety of ways to save money makes it easy to earn some cash back from shopping at Walmart stores, whether you are a traditional shopper looking for in-store savings or a digital shopper who wants to earn cash back from the Walmart website.

You'll need a combination of shopping trips and other strategies like using Walmart coupons and earning credit card rewards. With that said, we come to the end of our post on the Walmart cash back limit.

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