Does Walmart Cash Third-Party Checks? (Try This Instead)

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Walmart offers a range of financial services, such as money transfers, bill payments, and prepaid cards. Numerous banks, credit unions, and specialized check cashing stores provide third-party check cashing services. There's a wealth of options when it comes to cashing third-party checks. But, does Walmart Cash Third-Party Checks? Let's find out!

Many of us have had some experience with third-party checks. They're a way for a check holder to remit funds directly to a third party without having to wait for the bank to process, cash, and deposit the check into their account.

Walmart provides check cashing services for different checks, but none of which include third-party checks. The policy may have been introduced to prevent fraud associated with these types of checks. A third-party check might be improperly endorsed or counterfeit, leading to financial losses for the check holder or Walmart.

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Check Cashing Services at Walmart

Walmart has a number of check-cashing services available in most of their stores. People choose to use Walmart's check cashing services because of their widespread presence and accessibility. These services allow customers to cash their checks without having to make a trip to the bank. In addition, they also cash Western Union and MoneyGram money orders, which allows customers to get cash without a hold, as is the case with some banks.

You can cash these checks at Walmart:

To cash these checks, you only need an endorsed check, a valid ID that bears your photo, and the required fee.

Where Can You Cash Third-Party Checks?

Banks and Credit Unions

Most banks and credit unions offer third-party check cashing services, although their requirements and fees differ. They have more lenient policies for cashing third-party checks for their account holders. You can cash third-party checks in these institutions:

Check Cashing Stores

There are dedicated check cashing stores and services that specialize in cashing all types of checks, including third-party checks.

Examples include:

Online and Mobile Banking

Some banks and financial institutions allow you to deposit and cash checks through their mobile banking apps. This might involve taking photos of the front and back of the check. It is common for such transactions to be denied, so it is wise to hold on to the check until it is cleared.

Popular apps that cash third-party checks:

When choosing where to cash a third-party check, consider the following:

Fees - Different institutions charge varying fees for check cashing. Compare these fees to choose the most cost-effective option.

Convenience - Choose a location that is convenient for you to access.

Verification Process - Understand the identification and verification requirements of the institution.

Hold Periods - Inquire about any potential holds on funds after cashing the check.

Cashing a Third-Party Check

Institutions that cash third-party checks have to ensure the check is valid. The validity of a third-party check depends on several factors, including the authenticity of the endorsement. Here are some key points that are considered regarding the validity of a third-party check:

1. Endorsement

A third-party check is one that has been endorsed by the original payee to another person. The endorsement is a signature on the check indicating the intention to transfer the check to someone else. It also has to be written “Pay to the order of” and then input the name of the second recipient.

2. Legitimacy

The legitimacy of a third-party check depends on whether the check is genuine and whether the endorsement is authorized by the original payee. There is a risk of the check being counterfeit or altered.

3. Identification documents

This includes a government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, or state ID. This confirms that the check holder is indeed the person present to cash the check.

Benefits of Third-Party Checks

1. Convenience for Payee

Sometimes, the original payee of a check might want to transfer the funds to another person without having to deposit the check into their own account first. Using a third-party check simplifies this process.

2. Emergency Situations

In urgent situations where the payee is unable to access their funds personally, they might endorse the check to a trusted individual who can cash it on their behalf.

3. Lack of Bank Account

People who don't have a bank account might prefer to use third-party checks to access funds without the need for a traditional banking relationship.

4. Avoiding Delays

Endorsing a check to a third party can help avoid delays that might occur if the payee were to deposit the check into their own account and then transfer the funds separately.


Q. What is the timeframe for honoring third-party checks?

Third-party checks follow the same rules as two-party checks, which expire within six months from the date of issue. In this case, the issue date considered is that of the issuer and not of the first recipient. Banks and institutions can choose to honor stale checks at their discretion.

Q. Where do you sign to make a third-party check?

The issuer has signs on the signature line at the bottom of the check on the front side. However, the first recipient will sign at the back.

Q. What happens when a third-party check bounces?

The bank of the person who received the bounced check charges a returned check fee. The issuer of the bounced check is responsible for repaying the full amount of the check plus any returned check fees to the recipient.


Walmart does not currently cash third-party checks. Financial institutions that accept them have set up policies to prevent fraudulent activities such as fake or altered checks. Since they’re a third-party payment option, these checks are best cashed at banks, in person, along with a photo ID. And while you don’t need to have a bank account to cash a third-party check, the process is much smoother and cheaper when you do.

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