Does Target Price Match eBay? (Some Interesting Facts)

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Looking to save some money on your next Target purchase by price matching with eBay? Our article explores whether or not Target price matches eBay and provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Find out if you can score a deal by taking advantage of Target's price match policy today.

Consumers are always in search of the best deals for them to save more. And one of the ways to save is by price-matching items at different stores. Target store is one of those retailers that compete with other giant retailers in offering items at affordable prices.

They also allow customers to price-match their purchases if they find the same item in a competitor's store at a lower price. Unfortunately, they do not price match with eBay. This post will discuss price matching at Target and why eBay is not among the store's Target price matches.

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Why Does Target Not Price Match with eBay?

eBay is an e-commerce site that allows users to sell their products. It would be unethical for Target to price-match eBay since eBay does not sell items of its own. The sellers set the price, which may vary, making it even more difficult to price match.

What Stores Does Target Price Match?

Even though eBay is not on the list of stores that Target price matches, there are many other online stores that they do price match. They include:

What Is Target's Price Match Policy?

Target is committed to giving its customers a sense of satisfaction that they have paid the right price for their purchase. Thus, the store price matches their products with numerous other stores. Their price matching policy helps consumers identify eligible items and conditions that they must fulfill for a price match. They include

How Do I Price Match an Item at Target?

If you want to price match an item, you should present the item to any of the designated Target stores. While on it, carry a valid proof of the lower price at the competitor's store and present it to the customer service desk. The valid proof should be on your phone if it is a digital advertisement or a printed ad.

Target will not accept screenshots or photocopies of an ad. If you purchased online at, you could request your price match by calling target guest service at 1-800-591-3869. You can also request a price match when picking up your order at the store for online purchases.

Does eBay Price Match Target?

Yes, eBay's price matches Target's. According to eBay's price matching policy, they will refund their customers 110% if they find a product at a lower price from competitor stores. Some of the stores that eBay price matches include;

Can I Use a Target Coupon When Price Matching?

Target coupon offers are not applied when the price matches. You can only use the manufacturer's coupon after a price match, which only applies to in-store purchases. You can also not use Target gift cards and cartwheel offers on a price match.

Can You Get a Price Match on Black Friday?

No, Target does not allow price matches on black Friday, thanksgiving days, and the Monday after thanksgiving day.

Can I Price Match Grocery?

Yes, you can price-match groceries. However, it must be an identical item, brand, size, quantity, weight, and other features. The competitors should also be selling the items in the same unit measure. Only super Target subscribers qualify for per pound items price match.

Item Prices Variation Between Target Stores and Target Online

Prices may vary between online and physical stores due to promotions and availability. However, Target can match its online purchase with in-store purchases. Items on clearance sale in stores cannot be price-matched against online purchases and vice versa. Also, when price matching using the target app, the app should show the current price and the in-store location.

Target Offering Rain Checks

Target offers a rain check when the item is currently out of stock at the store. Customers are entitled to use it to buy an item at today's sale price in the next 30 to 45 days in any target store.

However, the store does not guarantee a customer that the item will be available within the stipulated days. They will also not notify the customer if the item is already in stock at the store. The customer has to patronize the store and know when the said item is back in stock.

Items excluded from rain checks include those on clearance sale, temporary price cuts, and contract cell phones. Besides, rain checks are not available for online purchases.


Target is a giant retail store with both in-store and online stores. They have a price matching policy that allows customers to match items with other stores at lower prices. However, eBay is missing from the list of stores eligible for price matching. This is because eBay is a store that lists items from its user and does not sell items of their own.

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