Does Target Price Match Lowe’s? (Here's What You Want to Know)

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One of the things that makes Target such an attractive place to shop is that it allows customers to return purchases if they do not like them. In addition, Target has a highly-rated customer service department available 24 hours a day.

Target is also known for its weekly ad circulars that feature a wide range of products you can purchase at a discount, including appliances, furniture, and other home improvement items. The online retailer has a policy of comparing prices on its items and offers cash back to customers who find lower prices in other stores. But, does Target Price Match Lowe’s? Let's find out!

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Does Target Price Match Lowe’s?

Yes, Target price matches Lowe's prices. Target allows its customers to price match its products to Lowe's if they can prove that the same item has a lower price at Lowe's stores. The items should be identical in color, size, quantity, weight, brand name, and other features. They should also be in stock in both stores at that time.

The proof needed is a printed ad of the low price or a presentation of the low price at Lowe with your phone if it is a digital advertisement. If you cannot prove the low price at Lowe, then Target will not give you a refund or adjust their price to Lowes.

Note: Target will not accept screenshots of ads as proof of low prices.

What is Target's Price Adjustment Policy for Lowe's?

Target will adjust its prices to the lower price at Lowe's if the customer presents the item within 14 days of purchasing at Target. For instance, if you buy an appliance at Target for $800 and discover that Lowe is selling the same item at a lower price of $700 within 14 days of your purchase.

You can claim your price match, and Target will adjust the price. When returning your order for a price match, carry the original receipt and proof of lower price at Lowe. If all conditions are met, Target will reimburse you the difference.

How Do I Price Match in Target Stores?

You can price match an item with a lower price at their stores' checkout lanes. If you realize that the item you bought or buying has a lower price at Lowe, carry the proof to any of the checkout counters.

Then wait for the Target employee to verify the low price and if the items are identical. If the items meet all conditions for a price match, the attendant will allow you to pay the lower price, or Target will refund you the extra amount you paid.

How Do I Price Match Target Online?

If you notice that the price of an item you would like to buy is lower at Lowe’s stores, call Target guest service at 1-800-591-3869, or you can use Target customer service chat to request a price match.

They will allow you to place the order, and you will only be charged the low price at Lowe's. Note that you still must prove the low price, even when shopping online for a price match.

Exceptions to Target Price-Match Policy

There are various exceptions when it comes to price matching. They include;

The following items are also not eligible for price matching at Target.

Does Target Give Rain Checks?

Yes, target gives its customers rain checks if the item is out of stock at the store. The customer can use the rain check for the next 30 to 45 days after it has been given, and they can use it at any Target store.

However, Target does not guarantee its customers that the item will be available within 45 days, and they will not notify the customer once the item is restocked. They can provide substitutes whenever possible.

Cell phones, movies, music, and software cannot be substituted. Items on clearance sale, temporary price cuts, or everyday low-price items are not eligible for a rain check. Also, Target rain checks are only available for in-store shoppers, as they can only provide paper rain checks.

Does Lowe's Price Match Target?

Yes, Lowe's price matches Target. Their price matching policy is more open than competitors' policies. It states that Lowe will price match any retail competitor online or in-store if there is proof that they are selling the same item at a lower price.

All you need to do as a customer is to present proof of a low price to one of the Lowe stores for a refund. It's advisable to call Lowe's customer service at 1-877-465-6937 or chat with customer care for validation. They also have some conditions to their price matching policy, which include;

Exclusions on Lowe's Price-Match


Target is a giant online and the in-store retailer selling affordable items. They also guarantee their customer to price match items at Lowe's if the customer finds the same item at a lower price. However, there are items excluded from price matches, such as items on sale, damaged goods, and discount sales.

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