Does Subway Take Apple Pay? (All You Need to Know)

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Are you searching for an alternative payment method to purchase your favorite Subway sandwich? If that is the case, read our article and find out if Subway uses Apple Pay as a payment method for its services. Here is everything you need to know.

Numerous customers are opting for and shifting to Apple Pay while ordering products. This is because Apple Pay is more than a convenient payment method. It is a more secure, real, and reliable alternative. Apple Pay and digital wallet are alike because both cases link your primary card to the Apple device to make payments.

It is so confusing as to how many stores accept Apple Pay. Specifically, Subway customers might wonder if they are taking Apple Pay in-store or online. If you want to learn more about the relationship between Subway and Apple Pay, read from our research findings and gauge if Subway is the way to go.

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Does Subway accept Apple Pay?

Subway is a popular store that, in fact, since 2014, has been accepting Apple Pay. Thus, customers can use Apple Pay as the ideal payment method at Subway in their in-store and online locations. The Apple Pay method is available at all locations when you want to settle the bill for your food.

Recently, Subway has also expanded its Apple Pay services. They now have contactless curbside ordering through the Subway app. Hence, there is more to learn about Subway and its relationship with Apple Pay. Keep reading our article to the end to explore more facts and speculations.

Since When Did Subway Start Accepting Apple Pay?

Based on the information we have reviewed online, Subway ranks among the pioneer fast food restaurants to integrate Apple Pay. The year traces back to 2014 when customers started ordering food and sitting through the profound Apple Pay.

Though Apple Pay was new, Subway already used the services and technology. They started with in-store  alone and have since expanded to service customers under the below scenarios:-

1. In-store purchase

This was the first option Subway gave customers to use the contactless method to settle their bills. Multiple customers were utilizing Apple Pay through the iPhone, Apple Watch, and other Apple devices by only bringing them close to the countless readers, and the technology scans payment in a second.

2. Subway application

If the Subway is your preferred place to order a restaurant meal, you can enjoy the experience. Customers can now use Apple Pay as an ideal payment method through the Subway app. Once you are done placing the order, opt for Apple Pay as the payment option and follow the relevant procedure to settle the transactions ASAP.

Subway apps offer the most recent feature through the purchase process. They added Apple Pay to the app, and customers enjoy the deals and discounts on food items and subs. The Subway shopping experience has become more flexible, secure, and convenient. This is significant progress while ordering products from the Subway restaurant.

3. Subway curbside pickups

For subside pickups, the Subway gives you a convenient approach. This method became popular during the pandemic. Hence, customers can order on the Subway app or website and select curbside pickup. Alternatively, you can select the payment through Apple Pay. You will set your time and pay them a visit to the selected location to pick up your package. Inform the staff, and they will bring the package to your car.

4. Subway drive-thru

When you also wish to have a Subway drive-thru experience, order and pay the Subway drive-thru using Apple Pay. While at the register, alert the staff that you wish to pay using Apple Pay. They will come with a contactless reader and use your Apple device to make payments while in your car. No more coast today. The Subway has gone digital since 2014.

The Eligibility and Exceptions of Apple Pay at Subway

Before moving to something else, you also need to remember that the availability of Apple Pay at the Subway restaurant varies from one location and country to another. We know that Subway takes Apple Pay in the US region, so it is recommended that you confirm if Apple Pay services are available in your region.

Still, remember that Apple Pay will only work for you if you are an eligible customer. You must have an Apple device with a well-maintained Apple Pay account and sufficient balance. Apple Pay must be banned or blocked on your device.

How to Use Apple Pay at Subway?

The procedure for using Apple Pay as a payment method at Subway is straightforward. Here are quick steps you need to follow and some instances depending on the Apple device you are using:-

Alternative Mobile Payment Method At Subway

If you leave Apple Pay alone, Subway also accepts other mobile payment methods. Stop wondering. Understand that Subway today also takes PayPal through the application and the application and in their store locations.

The restaurant still utilizes other mobile payment methods. Paypal remains the widely used and profound method on the Subway.

Is the Subway app available for free download?

The Subway app is the easiest way to shop at the Subway. Hence, it is not only free to download but also simple. Customers can enjoy numerous rewards using the Subway app, such as the Subway My Waypoints. With the app, customers can still order and customize the package based on their preferences. You can also access the picture of the restaurant food you are ordering and evaluate the ingredients.

Through The Subway My Waypoints, the app still guarantees you tokens or four points for each buck you spend on it. They benefit customers even though they never add up very fast.

The app gives you multiple advanced features; for instance, When you spend $50, these guys give you $2 cashback. You can earn multiple deals with the Subway app and pay with Apple Pay.

Advantages of Apple Pay at Subway

With the inception of Apple Pay, customs are enjoying the security and convenience at the checkout. Therefore, there are multiple advantages customers get exposed to when they pay the Subway via Apple Pay. Among these are as outlined below:-

Can Customers Use Apple Pay for Subway Curbside Pickups?

One of the great innovations today is the Subway curbside pickup. We cannot deny it because many people enjoy their meals without waiting in long lines in Subway restaurants. Curbside pickup is a beneficial process. Subway has made this innovation to take the customer’s experience to the next level, and you can make orders and pay with Apple Pay for curbside pickup orders.


Since 2014, Subway has taken Apple Pay as the preferred payment method. Apple Pay is a convenient, secure, reliable, and straightforward method. From the online or the in-store, drive-thru, and curbside pickups to the Subway app, customers can enjoy the seamless experience of ordering and checking out with Apple Pay. It is an efficient payment today with advanced technology. For the next order, enjoy this contactless transaction method.

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