Does CVS Take Apple Pay? (All You Need to Know!)

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Do CVS stores in the US accept or take Apple payments? Because of its popularity, Apple Payment has taken over the digital payment platform. If this is your worry to understand if CVS is taking Apple Pay, read along to the end and learn from our experience.

Digital payment applications are on the rise, and Apple Pay is not just an undeniable option; it is also a convenient system to use while making payments from your account using any versatile device. That includes the iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.

Due to its growing popularity, knowing which online stores accept the Apple payment method is vital. This has triggered us to go beyond and find out if CVS stores are accepting Apple Pay.

Although not all stores accept it, this article also has a reason. CVS is among the famous pharmaceutical stores in the US and has well-established stores. Thus, in this article, we will answer the question, does CVS take Apple Pay? Let's go straight to the answer in the next section without wasting time.

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Does CVS Accept Apple Pay?

Currently, CVS uses Apple Pay as one of their payment methods. This method is contactless and is available in over 8200 locations. Still, online pharmaceutical chains do not have such an option to pay using Apple Pay. However, they offer an alternative to paying online using primary methods such as PayPal, cash, credit cards, etc. This means that CVS only accepts Apple Pay for in-store purchases, where customers must pay on the NFC readers at the checkout.

The store accepts Apple Pay from almost all compatible devices that take the system's integration. Some are iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, etc. The stores have all the necessary cards, which makes this transaction secure, effective, and accurate.

How to Use Apple Pay at CVS?

For customers to be able to utilize Apple Pay at the CVS store, you first need to download and install the application. Then configure it on your device with simple steps and add your valid card, either credit or debit card, to the Apple Pay account, and you are done.

You can now make payments at any CVS pharmacy store. This is done at the checkout, which requires your phone to move close to the  NFC reader found at the counter when you want to check out and leave the store. This is after you have selected Apple Pay as your preferred payment method. For this part, you must proceed with authorizing through FaceID or TouchID. This makes automatic confirmation and completes the transaction.

The company or stores resumed using Apple Pay 2018 within their stories. These guys do not mention Apple Pay as their payment method on their website. Hence, answers to whether CVS accepts Apple Pay have mixed answers. We are unsure whether they are utilizing the mobile CVS application or the CVS website. Otherwise, the payment process is straightforward.

Do CVS Stores Offer Cashback with Apple Pay?

It is clear that CVS only gives customers the option to get cashback using a debit card transaction of upto $35 compared to other methods.

But when you are using Apple Pay as well as a credit card, they have exceptions where customers need to use the Discover cashback debit card. With this option, Discover will give customers a 1% cash back offer on transactions completed using Apple Pay via the Discover Cashback Debit Card. This is also available for other payment methods. You can add the Discover cashback debit card to the ideal Apple Pay anytime.

Can You Purchase at CVS Stores and Pay Online Using Apple Pay?

The store clarified that they only allow online non-prescription purchases to make payments using American Express, visa cards, Discover, and MasterCard. These are the only eligible payment methods.

But still, other sites claim that the CVS self-checkout at physical stores takes Apple Pay, making the transaction more efficient. You can efficiently execute the transaction with your device as the reader makes this contactless payment method possible.

Does the CVS Application Purchase Accept Apple Pay?

We have seen that it is clear the CVS application doesn't take Apple Pay as the alternative payment or contactless payment method at the checkout point. But they offer alternative payment methods. These include gift cards, major credit cards, PayPal, and Visa checkout.

In addition, the CVS company allows consumers to purchase gift cards using their Apple Pay. You can then utilize these gift cards while purchasing at the CVS app.

Other Payment Options that CVS Pharmacies Takes

CVS accepts multiple payment options. These include all the major credit cards, not only online but also in-store purchases from any pharmacy. The other methods include the famous Visa, Discovery, and American Express Mastercard.

And because of the rise of the pandemic in 2020, the company also allowed contactless payment methods. These are the likes of the Venmo QR codes as well as PayPal, which are available in over 8200 stores nationwide. You can give them a try as well and find out.

Why CVS Did Not Accept Apple Pay Before 2018

CVS pharmacies have taken Apple Pay as the reliable payment method for the last four years since it debuted. But remember that CVS disabled the Apple Py from their stores to intentionally block the customer from utilizing the methods at the NFC reader checkout. This blocked the services from all the stores.

However, a few years later, they launched the new methods CVS Pay termed their payment methods. This method utilized the bar-code systems while giving customers the option to use the smartphone as well as any CVS pharmacy application. Then, the transaction was completed at checkout for an extended period.

But in the year 2018, CEO Tim Cook made an official statement and announced to have joined the other retailers who utilize Apple Pay as the ideal payment approach. This was after they refrained from using the contactless method and opted for their CVS Pay.

The history is so long, and if you are curious to learn more about other retailers that use Apple Pay as their payment method, keep reading our articles for guides and many more.


Apple Pay Has grown and increased its prominence over the years. Many stores are taking this as a payment method. CVS has over 8200 store locations that utilize this method only for in-store purchases, and customers can check out at the NFC reader desk.

In the above article, we learned that online CVS pharmacies do not accept Apple Pay, which also applies to the CVS App. The store gives other alternative payment options. Still, you cannot seek cashback using Apple Pay at the checkout. But you can sign up for the Discovery Cash Back Debit card to get rewarded and use the eGift to purchase on the CVS app anytime. CVS is among the growing list of stores that accept Apple Pay today.

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