Does Dollar Tree Sell Gift Cards? (Everything Is Here)

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A gift card is convenient if you're at a loss for a present but still want to show your appreciation. Due to its widespread presence throughout the United States, you may wonder whether Dollar Tree offers gift cards. Read on to find out!

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Does Dollar Tree Sell Gift Cards? 

You can buy gift cards from Dollar Tree for use in their stores and have them delivered to you for free. And the gift cards can be purchased in a range of values from $5 to $100, with no additional cost. Also, you may use them whenever you choose since they never expire. You need to report it lost immediately so Dollar Tree can transfer the funds to another card if you lose yours.

Continue reading to learn more about how much money you can put on the Dollar tree gift card, In What Other Ways Can One Make Use of The Gift Cards from the Dollar Tree, and more.

Can You Buy Gift Cards from Other Retailers at Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree doesn't offer gift cards for other retailers or services, like petrol stations, restaurants, internet merchants, or prepaid credit cards like Visa or Mastercard. Therefore, you can't buy any gift cards from online retailers like Amazon, eBay, or Xbox from your local Dollar Tree. On the other hand, shoppers can purchase gift cards from Dollar Tree to use in-store.

How Many Different Types of Gift Cards Are Available at Dollar Tree?

You may buy holiday and birthday gift cards at Dollar Tree, making it easy to show your loved ones how much they mean to you with something extra. Among the many options for gift cards, you'll discover Christmas-themed cards, cards with inspirational quotes, cards with images of adventure, and cards designed especially for kids. Gift cards are a wonderful present for any occasion, including birthdays, showers, anniversaries, and holidays.

Do Gift Cards from Dollar Tree Expire?

Thankfully, gift cards from Dollar Tree never expire, so you can spend them whenever you choose. So, you can purchase Dollar Tree gift cards with the comfort of knowing that the recipient may spend them at any Dollar Tree location.

How Much Money Can You Put On the Dollar Tree Gift Card?

Dollar Tree has gift cards available ranging from $5 to $100. You may load any sum between $5 and $100 onto a gift card at every Dollar Tree, and although some locations sell pre-loaded cards, you can always choose the amount yourself.

Does Dollar Tree Offer a Replacement Service for Lost Gift Cards?

Since Gift cards have actual cash worth, recipients need to treat them with care. Contact Dollar Tree's customer care immediately if you think your gift card has been lost or stolen. If a customer loses or misplaces their gift card, Dollar Tree can often transfer any leftover cash onto a replacement card.

In What Other Ways Can One Use Gift Cards from the Dollar Tree?

Besides shopping at Dollar Tree, you can also use your gift card to donate. You may help those in need by giving them Dollar Tree gift cards or giving them to a charity that accepts gift cards. Due to Dollar Tree's cheap pricing and wide selection of items, charities, and low-income individuals may save significant amounts of money on necessities they would not be able to purchase.

You can also sell your Dollar tree gift card for cash on eBay and other online marketplaces. Post an ad on a site like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, and you're likely to find a buyer in your immediate area who is interested in purchasing your gift card.

Can One Exchange or Return Gift Cards Buy at Dollar Tree?

Since state laws often govern returning gift cards, Dollar Tree lacks a specific policy. In states where doing so is legal, Dollar Tree can exchange gift cards for cash; however, if your state has a different regulation, you will not be able to exchange your gift card for cash.

How Can One Check Their Balance On a Dollar Tree Gift Card?

You may check the amount of the Dollar Tree gift voucher by calling Dollar Tree's toll-free number (877) 530-8733 or visiting a store to have an employee physically verify your balance. Furthermore, if you download the DoNotPay app and follow the instructions, your will see your account balance in a more user-friendly format.

Does Dollar Tree Sell Amazon Cards?

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not offer gift cards from other stores, restaurants, or gas stations. Amazon and its partners provide millions of products and services you can pay for using gift cards on the Amazon website. Amazon modifies the products and services you can pay for using gift cards.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Have Any Redeemable Value?

Unfortunately, you cannot exchange the gift cards you buy from Amazon for cash. You can only use them to buy items from Amazon, as the money is sent straight to the company rather than to a third party like a bank. Selling your Amazon gift card to a private buyer is the only way to turn it into cash, but even when using a marketplace like eBay, the service costs will cut your profits.

Does An Amazon Gift Card Expire If It's Not Used?

The balance on an Amazon gift card will not decrease if you do not use the card. You can redeem the balance on your Amazon gift card at any moment. It's easy to use your Amazon gift card to buy whatever you want from the website or mobile app after you activate it and add the funds to your account.

Amazon gift cards don't have an expiration date, but it would be a good option to activate your card as soon as you get it so you can keep it. You are under no obligation to immediately put it to use after redeeming it. Instead, the money is stored in your gift card's balance, which you may use in any way you choose at checkout.

How Do You Place an Online Order for A Gift Card from Dollar Tree?

You may easily get Dollar Tree gift cards online with a debit or credit card by visiting their website, selecting the preferred design, and entering the required dollar amount. Dollar Tree will send you a gift card by mail promptly and without charge after you've finished those steps. But if you need the gift cards in bulk, contact Dollar Tree's service department.


If you're looking for a present for a birthday, baby shower, holiday, or any other event, Dollar Tree exclusively offers gift cards that you can use in-store. You can load any amount on the gift card between $5 and $100, and they can even have Dollar tree deliver it for free.

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