Does Dollar Tree Drug Test? (It's Not as Bad as You Think)

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By understanding Dollar Tree's drug testing policy, potential job applicants can determine if they feel comfortable applying for a job there. Additionally, current employees can benefit from knowing the policy to ensure they remain compliant.

With such a large influx of new workers, businesses risk hiring a small number of people with substance abuse problems, who might end up costing the firm a lot of money. To get work done, everyone on the team has to be sober. In that case, you may wonder whether drug testing is part of the hiring process at Dollar Tree. Continue reading to find out!

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Does Dollar Tree Drug Test?

While Dollar Tree doesn't conduct drug testing for most positions, random testing can ensure a sober workplace. Dollar Tree typically only conducts background checks on prospective workers. Even if you have a criminal past, there is a good chance you may get work at Dollar Tree.

Keep reading to learn more about how Dollar Tree screens for drugs, how much Dollar Tree enforces drug testing policy, how often drug tests take place at Amazon, and more.

How Does Dollar Tree Screen For Drugs?

If you are looking for a management job at a Dollar Tree shop, you must complete a routine five-urine drug test at a nearby lab or medical institution. Dollar Tree conducts pre-employment drug screening using a conventional 5-panel urine drug test in California, Virginia, Chesapeake, and San Francisco.

If You Want To Work At Dollar Tree, Will You Have To Pass A Drug Test?

Dollar Tree may conduct drug testing on all applicants to protect its interests. Dollar Tree does not typically require pre-employment drug testing at any of its locations. Despite this, the company values its workers highly and places a premium on honesty and integrity.

Remember that if you accept a conditional job opportunity for a position at one of the chain's distribution facilities or warehouses, you'll likely need to take a drug test beforehand. And if you're working in a position that requires you to prioritize safety, you can expect to take a urine drug screen every three to six months.

To What Extent Is Dollar Tree'S Drug Testing Policy Enforced?

If Dollar Tree requires a drug test as a condition of employment, but you fail it, you will have very little luck getting employed and will be unable to apply for future openings. A possible exception is if you make it through the second round of screening, although even that is doubtful. Dollar tree outlines its drug policies in the company's handbook for employees.

Does Dollar Tree Perform Criminal History Records Checks before hiring?

If you're applying for a job at Dollar Tree, you should know that the company checks the backgrounds of all potential employees. Dollar Tree will verify your identity and check for forgeries in the papers you supply as part of the background check.

Dollar Tree uses your responses to questions about your education and work experience to evaluate your candidacy for a position. As a last precaution, the business looks into a candidate's criminal record. However, if Dollar tree discovers that you have fraudulent papers, you will be terminated immediately.

Will Dollar Tree Still Hire Someone With A Criminal Record?

Compared to other retailers, Dollar Tree is more likely to hire ex-offenders, so applying for a job there may not be completely hopeless, even if you've got a criminal background. However, this is very dependent on the specifics of your offense. Assuming Dollar Tree finds your résumé promising, it will investigate your criminal record next.

Your employment prospects are shallow if you have a history of criminal violence. Like Target, Dollar Tree does not condone sexual offenses, theft, or forgery. Please be aware that if you make it to the interview stage at Dollar Tree following a background check, you may expect questions about your criminal record. Your employment chance will increase if you keep calm and explain what happened. If there is a minor crime and you perform well, Dollar Tree may promote you.

How Often Do Drug Tests Take Place At Amazon?

Individuals who need a negative drug test result to get work will abstain from drug usage throughout the application process but resume use once hired. Due to this fact, companies must conduct random drug testing on their staff. Amazon conducts random drug testing to guarantee a drug-free workforce. Employees who use drugs will not have time to prepare for the test, will be unable to falsify results, and will be subject to disciplinary measures per the company’s policy.

Do You Have To Take A Drug Test Before Amazon Hires You?

You should be ready to go through Amazon's three-stage recruiting process, which consists of the following. To advance in the hiring process, you will need an interview with the warehouse supervisor at the facility where you want to work.

Once you make it through Amazon's interview process, they will do a thorough background check to determine your character, employment history, and suitability for the job you want. Drug testing is the last step in hiring; you'll need to be clean to get the position. You need to pass all three for Amazon even to consider you for a job, and one of the most important ones is a drug test.

What Happens If You Don't Pass Amazon's Drug Test?

If you fail a drug test from Amazon, the recruiting manager may give you another opportunity to pass the test, so don't worry about that. However, if you fail the test for the same substance, you will be automatically disqualified. Amazon retakes drug tests primarily because of the high number of false-positive results. If you retake the test and it comes out positive, Amazon will record this for 120 days before allowing you to reapply for a test.

If you ever fail a drug test while working at Amazon and you cause an accident, no matter how little or significant, while under the influence of narcotics, you may forget about getting another job there. You will get a notification through email to alert you if you pass or fail the drug test.


Despite Dollar Tree's reputation as a refuge for criminals, it is still against company policy for workers to be high on the job. Drug testing is not mandatory at Dollar Tree, although the company may choose to do it at any time. Employees who don't pass a drug test aren't given a second chance at a job with Dollar Tree. But if you fail Amazon's first drug screening, you may retake the test after 120 days. You need to pass the second exam to have a chance of being hired.

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