Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons? (All You Need to Know)

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Dollar Tree is known for its affordable prices and wide range of party supplies, so it's natural to wonder if they also offer helium balloon filling services.  Then, you're in the right place!

Helium balloons are a fantastic complement to any party setting, so if you are considering throwing a party, you should consider getting some. But can you purchase party balloons online and fill them up at a dollar shop near you? To find out, keep reading!

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Does Dollar Tree Fill Helium Balloons?

Whether you purchase them in-store or online, Dollar Tree will fill your helium balloons for free. Unfortunately, if you buy the helium balloons elsewhere, Dollar tree won't refill them. Although Dollar Tree only provides a limited selection of pre-filled balloons, it can only fill foil balloons.

Keep reading if you want to know more about which balloons are inflated at dollar tree, how long it takes for helium balloons to deflate and more.

Which Balloons does Dollar Tree Fill?

Although Dollar Tree's helium balloon service is extremely reasonably priced, the variety of balloons you can fill with helium is, unfortunately, restricted. Dollar Tree cannot fill latex balloons; however, it can fill foil or metallic balloons. Dollar Tree can inflate foil balloons for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

To Fill Helium Balloons, How Much Does Dollar Tree Charge?

Like the stores' other items, filling a balloon with helium at Dollar Tree costs only a buck, no matter what balloon you need. Compared to its rivals, Dollar Tree's price to fill foil and metallic helium balloons with helium is significantly less (many other retailers charge anywhere from $1 to $3 per balloon!).

Do They Sell Pre-Filled Balloons at the Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree offers a balloon-filling service and pre-filled helium balloons for sale. Balloons pre-filled with seasonal messages, kid-friendly TV characters, birthday celebrations, and inspirational sayings are available at Dollar Tree. Additionally, Dollar Tree offers helium balloons in various forms, including circles, squares, numbers, and stars.

Does Dollar Tree Offer Helium Fill For Online Balloon Purchases?

When you buy balloons from Dollar Tree online, you can take them to any nearby Dollar Tree to get them inflated for free. Filling your balloons will go faster if you call before to ensure your local shop has enough helium. In addition, you'll need to provide proof of purchase to obtain free balloon inflation, which is otherwise part of the deal.

What Kind Of Balloons Does Dollar Tree Sell?

You have a few alternatives when shopping at Dollar Tree for balloons. For instance, Dollar Tree has foil and latex balloons in its inventory. The latex types are the most adaptable but have a slight leak rate with time. As a result, latex balloons only hold their air for a few days.

Foil balloons, on the contrary hand, are more durable due to their manufacturing from a non-elastic combination of metal and nylon. You can use the standard foil balloons for approximately two weeks before they deflate and lose shape.

What Other Kinds Of Party Supplies Does Dollar Tree Offer?

You can get everything you need for your celebration, including balloons and balloon accessories, from Dollar Tree. For instance, Dollar Tree sells ornamental table weights, balloon clamps, and balloon sticks to keep helium balloons from drifting away.

How Long Does It Take For Helium Balloons To Deflate?

Helium-filled latex balloons of standard size float for around 12 hours, whereas foil balloons filled with the same gas float for anywhere from two to five days. Because helium progressively seeps out of the pores of natural latex, foil balloons float for far longer than latex balloons.

How To Determine The Nearby Dollar Tree Sells Helium?

Dollar Tree has more than 15,000 stores, and most of them can inflate balloons with helium for you. But sometimes, it happens that a local shop runs out of helium. Get in touch with your neighborhood Dollar Tree to see whether they provide helium balloon-filling services to prevent any last-minute inconvenience. To find the Dollar Tree nearest you, visit their website and input your zip code.

Is It Possible For A Helium Tank From Amazon To Catch Fire?

When hosting a party for children, the last place you want to leave anything combustible is at the venue. Due to its inflammability, helium is an inert gas. Helium tanks will not explode or catch fire under high temperatures, unlike other gas storage containers. While inflating the bouncing castles or balloons, you may tend to leave the helium tank in the sun.

Thankfully, the Amazon helium tanks can withstand very high temperatures without exploding. The only way to make the helium tank burst into flames is to throw it into a fire or an incinerator. Therefore, you may safely transport a helium tank without worrying that it would explode and cause harm. Despite its inflammatory properties, manufacturers recommend storing it in a cold environment.

Do Amazon Helium Tanks Go In the Garbage?

Regardless of the size of your party, cleaning up afterward is the least enjoyable part. Although getting or renting a reusable Amazon helium tank is the best option, having a disposable opportunity is still preferable. Your next thought may be whether or not you may throw away helium tanks with the regular garbage. It depends on how much helium you have and how big your tanks are, so the answer is very relative.

Never throw away a helium tank more extensive than 19 meters in length or 5 gallons in capacity. To dispose of smaller ones, remove the valve to let the excess helium out. If you don't release the excess helium, it might hurt the people who collect trash.

Where Else Can You Get Helium for Balloons?

Don't panic if the Dollar Tree near you doesn't have helium tanks to inflate your balloons since several businesses provide the same product or service. The following are some more options for filling your helium balloons: Kroger, Walmart, Party City, CVS, and Dollar General. Invest in a helium tank package if you often need to fill helium balloons. You may avoid returning to the shop by purchasing a helium tank kit from a retailer like Party City or Walmart.


If you plan to have a party, Dollar tree has covered you for each kind of occasion, from birthdays to graduations to retirements. You can buy the helium balloons online and fill them at your local Dollar store for $1, which is relatively cheaper than other stores. Apart from Dollar tree, you can also buy helium balloons from other stores such as party City, Walmart, and Dollar stores.

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