Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay? (No, and Here Are the Alternatives)

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Are you a dedicated Home Depot shopper and unsure whether the store takes Apple Pay? Home Depot is among the leading retailers for all home improvement equipment and services. Read our article and find out if the store accepts Apple Pay.

Online shopping is one of the active and advancing activities, and more so, there has been increased demand for online shopping since the inception of COVID-19. Well, you have noted that. But when it comes to online shopping, customer safety must remain the priority of many retailers and stores.

Among the best solutions for reducing fraud was the introduction of Apple Pay. This contactless payment method guarantees customers a hassle-free and safe shopping experience. It covers online purchases through the app and in-store purchases at the checkout counter.

Home Depot is among the leading home improvement services and tools stores. This article will answer whether Home Depot is taking Apple Pay or not. We have done a thorough research and came across multiple questions. Please read our in-depth article and learn more about what we found out.

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Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?

As a dedicated Home Depot customer, you are here because you have been wondering if the stores accept Apple Pay upon ordering. We are here to bring you the bad news that Home Depot does not take Apple Pay, whether in-store or online shopping. Either way, it never plans to bring in Apple Pay in the foreseeable future.

However, when you want to use your phone and pay at Home Depot, you must utilize it online or through PayPal. You can use Apple Pay at other stores like Costco, Target, Meijer, and Ace Hardware.

Even the Home Depot spokesperson insisted that the company does not accept Apple Pay. In addition, Home Depot uses numerous alternative payment methods, which we will explore more in this article before giving the verdict.

You can proceed when you are curious to learn about Home Depot and why they are not taking Apple Pay as an ideal payment method. We will also explore alternative means in the next section. Please read with us to the end.

The Reason Why Home Depot Does Not Take Apple Pay

Currently, the retailer Home Depot does not take Apple Pay, and this is for a reason that is well known. One of the reasons is that Home Depot is among the pioneers and retailers to sign the partnership with PayPal.

Therefore, Home Depot is working towards encouraging its customers to utilize PayPal-powered credit cards whether they are shopping online or through their in-store locations. You can access PayPal and other related services from any Home Depot store as a dedicated customer. They even offer a point of sale and a mobile payment application.

Apple Pay is one of the prominent contactless payment methods that is widely used around the world. However, Home Depot does not accept it. Instead, they facilitate using PayPal to prevent their customers from using the competitors' alternatives.

Can A Customer Pay Home Depot Using A Phone?

Home Depot insists that their customers must stick to their traditional payment methods, ranging from cash to physical cards. With your iPhone, you can never make payments to any Home Depot store.

However, due to their needs, visitors or customers can share their numbers at the checkout desk so store associates can help them make payments. From their point of view, you will have the bill attached to your account bill carriers.

Still, it is also clear that you can utilize the credit card, which is offered by PayPal or powered by PayPal, and then link it to your phone account number to make a payment at the Home Depot store. But also remember that when it is a must that you do need to pay at the Home Depot store using your phone, then you must order your products online.

Hence, if you are searching for secure, safe, and efficient payment methods, liaise with PayPal. You must manually insert your card details to finalize the payment if you don't own an account.

Will Home Depot Accept Apple Pay In the Foreseeable Future?

From the information provided online, numerous speculations claim that Home Depot will introduce Apple Pay as the legal payment method in their stores. Still, several customers have claimed that they have utilized Apple Pay across stores in Canada and the United States. However, the company has not clarified through their official communication to confirm.

But as things look, the company has not disclosed any plan to introduce Apple Pay in the foreseeable future. This is because Home Depot partnered with PayPal.

It will be a perfect move when the Home Depot will consider installing Apple Pay across their stores. Appel can be an ideal and added incentive when it partners with Home Depot in the future.

Has Home Depot Ever Accepted Apple Pay?

Based on the information we sourced online before Home Depot partnered with PayPal, they previously accepted Apple Pay. Beforehand, customers could utilize the Apple application on the iPhone and other relevant devices to make payments at the NFC card reader-near-field communication checkout. Immediately after they signed the partnership with PayPal, the services were discontinued.

What Stores Currently Take Apple Pay?

Several stores and retailers accept Apple Pay today. While Home Depot does not accept the contactless payment method, various stores offer the service. The alternative stores to check out are listed in the below section:

It's so easy to use Apple Pay in the above stores. However, you must activate Apple Pay on the iPhone by loading the card and then double-clicking the lock button on your Apple device. Then, you can proceed by covering the Apple device close to the NFC card reader terminals, and you will get a confirmation notification, either vibration or digital notification, depending on the device you are using.

Alternative Payment Method at Home Depot stores

Despite Home Depot not taking Apple Pay, the stores support many other payment methods. And these alternative options are all powered by Paypal: Discover cards, American Express, Mastercard, visa, etc.

Therefore, because of the above options, customers can also spend their banking gift cards as long as the listed providers power them. You can shop with them online and on the Home Depot platform.

Still, as honest customers, the company also clarified that you can utilize the Home Depot commercial credit card accounts as well as Home Depot consumer credit cards, well known as CRC & PROX. If you own at least one of the listed above cards, remember that Home Depot will not charge you until your items are in transit.

On top of that, Home Depot still takes physical eGift cards as well as store gift cards. You can easily purchase these cards from the Home Depot store or partner brands such as Target, PayPal, staples, etc.

Above all, the primary method that you can shop at Home Depot and pay is through cash. Pay in person at the checkout lane. Personal checks also work well if your checkbook is at the checkout point. Always check out for the updates and find out when the Home Depot will start accepting Apple Pay.

How to Use PayPal at the Home Depot Store?

Home Depot partnered with PayPal, and through the collaboration, the simplest and easiest method to make payments through the stores, either in-store or online, is the use of PayPal.Through PayPal, you can effectively operate the self-checkout lanes as well as kiosks by only entering your phone number and your official PIN. You can swipe the PayPal card and then use the pin to finish the payment. It is the easiest way to make a payment as well.

To this point, you might be interested in learning more about Home Depot or other stores and whether they accept Apple Pay. Refer to the previous articles as well, or keep checking for updates.


At the moment, Home Depot doesn't accept Apple Pay. However, it gives us multiple payment methods powered by PayPal to make payments. Because the company partnered with PayPal, they insist on using PayPal-powered cards to checkout.

Though Home Depot has not disclosed any plan to take Apple Pay in the foreseeable future, many alternative stores still support Apple Pay. Please read our article and understand we have shared everything you need to know.

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