Does Best Buy Price Match GameStop? (Things You Need to Know)

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Best Buy is one of the most popular consumer electronic retailers. If you are into video game consoles, you may wonder if Best Buy will price match consoles on competitor retailers such as GameStop. We were wondering the same; the following is what we uncovered.

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Does Best Buy Price Match GameStop?

Unfortunately, as of now, Best Buy does not match GameStop prices. These include both in-store purchases and online purchases made on the GameStop website. Best Buy will, however,  match the price of other brands, such as Amazon and Dell.

If you want to save money when shopping at Best Buy, you could take advantage of coupons and programs such as free in-store pickup. If Best Buy is your go-to store, and you are curious about their price matching policy, dont worry. This post covers everything you need to know about Best Buys price matching policy.

What Is Best Buy’s Price Matching Policy?

Even though Best Buy does not price-match GameStop, the company has a price-matching policy allowing price-matching with various other brands. For a product to be eligible for price matching, it has to meet the following criteria.

According to the company's website, Best Buy guarantees to meet or beat competitors' prices, including Amazon, HP, Dell, and Crutchfield. If you find a lower price on a video game system or video game in one of the recognized online marketplaces, like Amazon, you can get Best Buy to match the price. Just ensure that the product is not sold by a marketplace vendor, as Best Buy has exempted such products.

Why Doesn’t Best Buy Price Math GameStop?

As aforementioned, Best Buy does not price match GameStop as of this writing. But why is this the case? If anything, GameStop is the world's largest retailer of video games and video game accessories, such as consoles and controllers. This was not always the case; Best Buy used to match GameStop’s prices.

This was, however, before GameStop reported that it was no longer making a profit leading to the closure of hundreds of its stores. Many GameStop locations have been providing deep discounts in preparation for closing, hoping to recoup some of their losses before they permanently shut their doors.

Because of this, GameStop sells most of its products at meager prices. Due to the substantial financial losses this would cause, Best Buy has decided not to match the prices. As a result, Best Buy will not match the prices of games or other products sold on GameStop's website or in GameStop retail locations.

What Products Are Exempted From Best Buy’s Price Matching?

Be sure you know what isn't eligible for a Best Buy price match before shopping there. Best Buy’s price matching policy exempts certain items, such as second-hand or refurbished items. This means that an item has to be new for it to be price matched. Moreover, the item must not be sold by a marketplace vendor. Best Buy will also not match the price of competitor services, such as installation costs and special daily or hourly sales.

During select holidays, including Thanksgiving, Best Buy will not price-match products. Deals from competitors, such as cell phone contracts, service costs (including shipping and installation fees), pre-order deals, rent-to-own and lease-to-own offers, liquidation deals, trade-in deals, Black Friday deals, and daily and hourly promotions, are also exempted.

How To Request A Price Match From Best Buy?

You can request a price match by contacting Best Buy’s customer support. You can do this via the online chat option or by phone. When you get in touch with customer support, inform them of the lower price available at the competitor store that you need to be matched. Best Buy will then verify the prices, which will be matched upon completion. Please note that price matching can not be done solely via email.

You have to call or use the online chat option. Also, note that shipping charges are not included in the price comparison. Only the original buyer can request a price adjustment if the item has already shipped—This has to be the person listed in the "Bill To" section of the order.

But what if you are already in the store? What procedure should you follow to get a price match? If you are in the store, you should walk to the Customer Service desk or talk to a Customer specialist. Once there, inform them of the lower prices available at the competitor stores. The information will then be validated, and the prices will be matched upon validation.

What Stores Does Best Buy Price Match With?

As aforementioned, Best Buy will match prices with major retailers such as Amazon, Dell, and HP. According to the official website, Best Buy also price matches with local retailers. But who exactly is a “local retailer”? A local retail competitor for in-store purchases is a business within the same market region (within a 25-mile radius) as your neighborhood Best Buy or Pacific Sales that is approved by a vendor to sell new, factory-sealed products with a warranty.

But what about A local retail competitor is a store within the same market region (within 25 miles) as either the billing address or the shipping address on file for the purchase. Additionally, the vendor must be permitted to sell new, factory-sealed products with a warranty.


As of this writing, Best Buy does not price match with GameStop. The reason being GameStop has begun closing stores, and as a result, most things on their platform are being sold at steep discounts. Since matching GameStop's prices would result in enormous losses for Best Buy, doing so would make little economic sense. If you are looking for an alternative store with which Best Buy price matches, you could try,, or What's more, Best Buy will meet or beat any local competitor's prices within a certain distance of its stores.

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