Does Amazon Repair Kindles in 2023

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Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company, and it offers a wide range of products and services. One of its most popular products is the Kindle e-reader, a device that’s used to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media available on the Kindle Store. So, what happens when your Kindle malfunctions or is damaged and hence requires repair? Does Amazon repair Kindles? You will find out details about these and other related questions in this post. Keep reading….

If you bought your Kindle from Amazon, you could always have it repaired or, better yet, replaced for free. However, there are some caveats. First, the Kindle in question must have been bought within the last 90 days. If it’s more than 6 months since you received the Kindle order, Amazon can still repair it if its 1 –year warranty is still valid.

Lastly, Amazon can also repair your Kindle if the damage was caused by their staff in the course of shipping. If the damage was caused by the customer, then it is highly unlikely that Amazon will repay the Kindle. You will have to seek an alternative;a third-party repair shop might be of help.

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Does Amazon Repair Kindles in 2023?

As aforementioned, Amazon does repair Kindles in 2023. However, your device has to meet certain conditions before it can qualify for repair by Amazon. For instance, it must have been ordered and fulfilled by Amazon within the last 90 days. Moreover, the Kindles 1-year warranty coverage should also be valid.

Amazon also accepts responsibility if the damage to your Kindle was caused by their staff and agrees to repair or replace it at no extra cost to you. However, if the damage was done by you or while the gadget is in your custody, then Amazon won’t repair it. You will need to seek help elsewhere.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is simply e-readers that are manufactured, marketed, and distributed by Amazon. With these digital devices, users are able to browse, buy, download and read magazines, e-books, newspapers, and a host of other digital content.

Does Amazon Replace Broken Kindles?

As to whether or not Amazon can replace your broken Kindle, the answer is yes. Amazon has a reputation for replacing most broken Kindles. However, the device in question must have a valid warranty. Usually, the warranty lasts 12 months from the date of order delivery. Also, the damage must have been caused by an Amazon staff during shipment. Amazon usually doesn’t replace Kindles damaged by the owner.

Do Amazon Kindles Have a Repair Warranty?

Amazon Kindles are devices designed to be used for a very long time. However, accidents can happen, and if you find yourself in need of Kindle repair services, you'll want to know your options. Kindle has a one-year limited warranty on all devices. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship but does not cover damage resulting from misuse or abuse. It might be out of warranty if you drop your Kindle in the tub.

The warranty period for older generation Kindles may only be 90 days. To initiate a claim, customers must send their Kindle in the original packaging to the address where their warranty service is located. Once Amazon's warranty provider has received the device, the return date of the fixed device will vary based on which service center is handling your claim.

Where Can I Get My Kindle Repaired?

Amazon rarely repairs Kindles whose warranty has expired. If yours is in that category, consider alternative repair options. And there are many of them, by the way. A good example is UBreakiFix. These guys have their own warranty on Kindles, though they will still accept and repair Kindles for a small fee.

Another great repair service provider that you may want to check out is Outsource Repairs. They, too, have high customer ratings and are very professional at what they do. And just like UBreakiFix, Outsource Repairs also have a warranty for their Kindles. Even so, you can still have your own Kindle repaired by them for a small fee.

If your Kindle has only minor damages, such as a faulty charging port that you can easily fix by yourself, consider checking the DIY instructional videos for help. Only go for this option if you have some background in gadget repairs. Otherwise, it’s always recommended to seek expert help.

A new Kindle screen costs between $15 and $40. If your Kindle requires only a mere screen replacement, then you’ll have to buy one and bring it along with your damaged device to the repair center.

Is Repairing Your Kindle Worth It?

If your Kindle only has minnow damage, then a quick fix by Amazon is worth it. However, remember that the gadget’s 12- month warranty has to be valid, and the repair request must fall within the first 90 days since the device was ordered and fulfilled by Amazon.

If the Kindle is severely damaged, a repair may not be worthy; usually, it takes much longer to get it fixed. In such cases, a replacement would be the proper option to go with. But why would you want your Kindle repaired if it’s badly damaged or is only slightly damaged but is older when Amazon can replace it for free? I mean, get a replacement instead.

If your Kindle warranty has expired and/ or the damage is only very minor, repair by an external source is worthy because the chances of Amazon repairing it for free are very slim, if at all.

Bottom line

While it's true that Amazon does offer a repair service for Kindles, it also offers replacements all for free. So, unless your Kindle only has minor damages, a repair wouldn’t be proper. In fact, Amazon usually replaces any old or severely damaged Kindles, as long as they still have a valid warranty or have been sent in for repair within the first 90 days of purchase.

For damaged Kindles that do not have a valid warranty, a third-party repair shop would be the certain way to go since Amazon may not be able to accept your gadget for their free repair or replacement program.

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