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You can trust Amazon to fulfill your e-reader wishes if you're searching for a Kindle. The good news is that they come with a warranty at no additional charge in case of any accidents, faults, or performance concerns. You'll find all the information you need about the Amazon Kindle warranty here.

Does Amazon kindle have a Warranty? If you enjoy reading, you may consider buying a Kindle from Amazon. Although it’s quite a convenient gadget, their fragile design makes them easy to damage. Amazon has a warranty that covers the device for one year, regardless of whether you bought it as a new gadget or a refurbish. Read on for more details on how long a Kindle lasts, Amazon's Kindle warranty restrictions, and more.

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What is the Amazon Kindle Warranty?

In general, Kindle devices come with a 1-year limited warranty, but the specific terms and conditions of the warranty may vary depending on the country. If a customer experiences a mechanical or electrical failure with their Kindle, they can often have it repaired under the terms of the warranty.

The Kindle warranty typically covers defects in materials and workmanship, so if the device is experiencing a problem that is not the result of user damage or misuse, it may be eligible for repair or replacement under the warranty.

Does Amazon Take Care of Claims for Warranties?

Yes, if you qualify for a refund, exchange, or repair, you will get shipping instructions for returning the faulty Product. Amazon covers the shipping costs of the new or repaired Product if they decide to compensate you for the device.

How Can One Claim An Amazon Kindle Warranty?

To claim a warranty on your Amazon Kindle, you can check out the Amazon website or contact customer care to find out if it's possible to repair your gadget. You then have to send your broken Kindle to the service center at the address issued to you.

To avoid losing any information during the repair process, you should always back up any critical information and remove any removable media, software, or other components before shipping your Kindle to Amazon. If you want to keep your Kindle in excellent condition throughout shipping, Amazon recommends that you use the original packing or something similarly protective.

After Buying A Kindle, Is It Possible to Send It Back to Amazon for A Refund?

Sure, there is no hard and fast rule on when or why you can't send your Kindle back to Amazon. You may send it back for any reason (not liking the Product, not finding any decent books, or finding it difficult to use). Here is a step to step guide on how to send back a Kindle to Amazon.

Step 1: Login to your com account.

Step 2: Proceed to the Accounts; lists section and then select Content; devices.

Step 3: Generate a return label from the Returns hub.

Step 4: Put the Kindle back in its original package and attach the label.

Step 5: Return the Kindle to the address issued.

Does Amazon Repair Broken Kindles?

Suppose your Kindle develops a defect during the warranty term, and you return it per the return instructions. In that case, Amazon will either replace or renew the broken parts; they may replace the device with a new or refurbished device equal to the original.

Just How Long Can You Expect A Kindle to Last?

The typical Kindle will last you between five and six years. The average lifetime of an e-ink Kindle Fire tablet is five years, but the average lifespan of a Kindle Fire tablet is just 2 to 3 years. A Kindle's lifetime is very variable, depending on variables such as how often you will charge it, how you use it, and the conditions in which you will use it.

Which Types of Kindle Repairs Are Covered Under Amazon's Warranty?

Amazon guarantees that under the regular use of the kindle device one year after you, it will be free from any faults in the materials and the craftsmanship used in its manufacture. If the device becomes faulty, Amazon covers most of the repairs. Some of them may be damage caused by water, broken back glass, frozen screen, battery problems, wrong charging port, and even a cracked screen.

Are There Any Restrictions On Amazon's Kindle Warranty?

Amazon's warranty will cover most problems with your Kindle, but Amazon is not responsible for damage that you or anyone else causes (this includes repair shops). In this case, Amazon will opt to give you a replacement instead of a repair.

There is no limitation to how many times Amazon can repair your Kindle as long as you are still under warranty. When you want to purchase a replacement, they can give you a 50% discount in case your warranty is over.

Does Amazon Accept Kindles As Trade-ins?

Yes, even if your Kindle is no longer under warranty, you may typically trade it for a new one at a 20% discount. Go to the Trade-In Store first to see whether your device qualifies for the program, and then follow these instructions to send in your damaged or old Kindle:

Step 1: Select the item you would like to include in your trade-in offer.

Step 2: Choose the item's condition and press

Step 3: Check the box next to the shipping address you want to use or enter the address manually.

Step 4: To get a UPS shipping label already paid for, follow the on-screen prompts and click Confirm Trade-In.

Step 5: Send it out by the deadline you set when you submitted the item.

How Long Does the Warranty for Your Amazon Kindle Last?

If you want to check the warranty status of your Amazon Kindle, you will need to log in to your Amazon account and look at the date of purchase. Here is a guide on how to check it.

Step 1: Browse to the home page of

Step 2: Click the sign-in button for your Amazon account in the upper right corner of your window.

Step 3: To access your account, enter both your username and password.

Step 4: In the upper right corner, click the Account and Lists link.

Step 5: Go to the Orders section of Your Account and click on it.

Step 6: You should be able to see the order that you placed for your Amazon Kindle. However, if you can't see your order, you can opt to use a calendar to pick the time and day when you bought your Kindle. If you follow this, you can now see the details of your Amazon Kindle order.

Step 7: Finally, you will see a section labeled Orders in the upper left corner, including the dates when n you bought your kindle device. If that date is less than one year, your warranty is still valid, but the contract is invalid if it's more than one year.


Amazon provides you with a warranty of one year on the kindles you buy from them. However, this can only be the case if the damage results from mechanical faults. You can trade in your warrant if it turns out to be invalid, and if you do so, you will get a twenty percent discount.

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