Dipwell Review: Should You Try It?

Jane Timo

Do you want to try out the unique, vegan-friendly, high-quality, and cruelty-free salon nails in the comfort of your home? Then here comes the Dipwell brand. Please keep reading to learn more about the company and what it offers to the customers.

It is time to kiss goodbye to all the chemicals, poor-quality salon nails, and other beauty products. If you want to try out not only cruelty-free but also vegan friends, high quality and fair-priced salon products in the comfort of your home, then you are at the right place. Many companies are in the manicure industry, but only some offer improved home manicure tech.

Dipwell is one of the reputable brands I would like to review today and look into how they are trying to bring the professions to the DIY market at home. Because of our curiosity about the company and what they have to offer to the customers, we had to take our time, test, and review the brand.

Therefore this review will detail the company, its best-selling products, ethos, and customer feedback. Read and have a clue before placing an order. Let us find out if the company offers what they promise as salon-quality nails.

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Dipwell Review

Dipwell is a company that ensures its customers have access to acrylic manicure products in their homes and easy use. Therefore, Dipwell is a brand that offers beauty products with large sections of acrylic nail dip powder, tools, and other sets.

If you want to explore imaginative as well as classic stories, then Dipwell is here to offer you vegan powder that is not only made in SoCal but also cruelty-free. Going back, Dipwell was founded in 2017 to provide the shine and the same length of protection you get from the salon. However, their products only cost the affordable DIY manner.

There we experienced the misery that brought about the establishment of this reputable company especially surrounding the faces. The founder had an experience in this industry of over 30 years before launching the brand with products to customers worldwide.

From the website, the brand describes itself as a family-owned company and offers equal staff treatment and respect. The company even goes beyond the customer and staff to also value the existence of animals and the planet's wellbeing since they ensure that their products are cruelty-free and vegan.

The company is committed to the cruelty-free philosophy and does not sell items in the regions that need animal testing. Therefore, the Dipwell system has everything you need to put in a single box. Additionally, the activator and base bottles contain numerous colors to choose from.

Still, in over 30 usages for every powder tub,  the brand offers affordable products, which is a perfect alternative to the other options on the market. I agree that it is very complicated, and they must have struggled to ensure that they feature in reputable publications such as Bustle Marie Claire, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Popsugar, and Elle.

Because of their reputation, they have a substantial social media customer base. In this review, we will cover the best-selling products, customer reviews or feedback, promotions, and polishes on contacting them and guiding you if the brand is worth your money. Stay tuned to the end. Let me now take you through the pros and cons of the company before anything else.

Dipwell Pros:

Dipwell Cons:

Why We Like Dipwell

Even though in this section we might delve much into the Nail kit products of this brand, it is also worth keeping in mind that there are over 200 color powders to select from. Also, keep in mind that the kit features a different color. Still, we guarantee you at least access to 5 liquids which makes everything simple from the application process. Alongside the kits, there are 3 accessories and 3 powders.

We love the Dipwell nail kit because every kit contains a base to level your nail, Brush cleaner, activator, Sealer, and above all, the bond liquid. For every kid,  the Base and Finish essential dipping powder is constant. Note that this product is needed and must be applied between the coats. The rest are color powder which I am almost diving into.

Also, remember that the Dipwell kit, besides those mentioned above, also comes with the 100/180 Grit Nail file, which helps perfect the uneven nails, and the fine grit buffers well for boosting the shining nature as removing streaks. There is also the wooden Cuticle pusher that guarantees you a long-lasting look.

Best-selling Dipwell Nail kits.

Dipwell is a reputable company, and when it comes to nail kits, they have  9 unique nail kits. These range from the starter to the professional to the powder-only option. However, I am only going to list some of the best-selling starter kits so that you can have a rough idea and guess what you can get from the company. Therefore, the first best-selling nail starter kit is the Classic collection which has one of the two best and trending powders.

That is the True Red and Jet Black. Next in line with the starter kit is French Set. This contains not only French manicure products but also has instant class without exception and provides sophistication with a luxury look. The last Starter kit is the Naturale Collection, among the most coveted manicure products on the market.

Though more polished, it is an escalated version of what is on the market. In this category, you will come across the options like NA12, which is pinky-beige, while NA25 is a mauve-taupe blend that, in reality, has a pink glimmer when exposed to light.

That is enough to give you a clue, and you can access the whole collection by simply clicking on the link. The company has made having your nail done more superficial than at home. The application is simple, and the brand offers well-detailed steps to follow, including the finish-up touches, which only take about 30 minutes to save the bucks.

Some customers have been wondering if you can build your bundle and the answer is yes; the company has this as its primary target. With all the contents in the kits box and other accessories, including powder, you can get started and choose either 3 or six shades.

You can build your bundles for as low as a $55 to $80 budget. They also recommend that all the acrylic nails be filled at least every 2 to 3 weeks. This will help you avoid looking shady but make sure you change after 8 weeks maximum. Therefore, this brand is perfect for anyone struggling with frequent visits to the salon to get gorgeous nails or manicures.

That appointment and high price are no longer your things. Dipwell has an affordable and home-based alternative that is worth a try.

Customer Review

To address all the questions about the brand, we also had to find out what the customers had to say. We might have had a different approach to product usage, but the reputation online might give you a clearer picture. Therefore, in this section, we collected customer ratings from external sites. I will start rounding up the real customer comments from the brand website. Different products or collections have different ratings.

For this case, I choose the Naturale Collection, which has a 4.4 stars rating after 212 customer reviews. Many customers are impressed. One of the first customers comment on the first manicure, saying:- "My first nail polish lasted more than two weeks with no modifications!" The same applies to other products on the official website. Moving ahead, the brand also has excellent reviews on Amazon.

The same starter kit, Dip Powder nail, has 4 stars after 1386 global ratings. This is excellent and displays a clear picture of what you will get. On the Almond Nails website, the author also gives her experience with the products by saying:

"Dipwell was a simple, inexpensive, and efficient approach for me to produce salon-quality nails from the convenience of my own home. The instructions were clear and precise, and the fully completed manicures exceeded my ridiculous hopes."

The reviews on sites like Walmart, Always In High Heels, Facebook page, Pinterest, Brand rated, and many other external platforms display the satisfaction level of customers from around the world. Since the majority are recommending the products,  positive ratings win the day.

Where to Buy Dipwell?

It's a nice move to be looking for a place to buy Dipwell products. So, if you want to purchase either tools, accessories, or over 200 colored manicure powders with guaranteed results, Dipwell.co is the site you must start with. This is the ideal store to place your order and have it delivered on time, However, based on our research, we also noticed that online retailers have Dipwell products. These include:-

Is Dipwell Worth It?

You might still insist on finding out if the Dipwell products are worth it. Right, you are not alone. Right off from the customer feedback, you can gauge the brand reputation. Most customers have fallen in love with the brand because of their affordable pricing on the products.

Thus, if you are into the actual manicure and do not want to go to the salon to get your nails done, Dipwell is where you can save your day. The stages and application process seem complex and hard to grasp. If you keenly follow the steps, you will realize that it is much better and simple when you master them.

Looking at its affordability, huge selections, accessories and tools, and guaranteed results, this brand places all the parameters excellently. They have over 200 color powders and the accessories you need to achieve the dazzling digit on the go. The fact that these products are locally made using plant-based ingredients makes us conclude that the brand is plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free hence worth your money. Give it a shot.

Dipwell Discounts

The brand saves your time going to the salon and considers your budget. Still, in my research, I also noted that Dipwell offers discounts and promotions to loyal and new customers. We encountered a few promotional services. For instance, when you sign up for the website, they give you 10% off on the first order as a new customer.

Funny? No need for the code, but the company guarantees all customers 25% off on the pro kits and 20% off on the liquid and starter kits. You can also save 25% if you purchase in bundles.

There are many reward programs on the website. When you give your friend $10 to spend on the platform, you can also receive 200 points, equal to $10. Something interesting is that Dipwell guarantees all customers free standard shipping when they order from $35 and above. Sign up for their mailing services to get updated on all the current deals and promotions. They are suitable for saving money for other accessories.

Dipwell Contact

If you have a question about the Dipwell product and need urgent help because we have not covered it in the article, then you can contact the Dipwell customer team. The company highlights different means to contact them. First of all, you can send them an email using hello@dipwell.co. If you need help, connect with them on their website by entering your email address.

Still, follow them on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and you can also watch their youtube tutorial or engage with them on TikTok to have the issue sorted in due course.


Q. Where does the Dipwell company manufacture its products from?

Based on the information found online and on its website, the company designs makes, and packages its product from its facility in Sunny Orange County, California. All products are made in the US.

Q. What products does Dipwell sell to its customers?

From the above article, the company produces acrylic dip manicure items, tools, products, and accessories that are fully compatible based on the color and kits. You can access the Dip nail kits, liquids, nail care products, and gift cards.

Q. Does the Dipwell product come with an expiration date?

The data on the website tells you to utilize the products within 2 years of purchase. This way, you will enjoy consistently excellent and instant results.

Q. Do Dipwell brands make cruelty-free products?

Since Dipwell has a beautiful soul and respects its staff, they remain environmentally friendly and offer completely cruelty-free products to the customers.

Q. Does Dipwell offer a full refund on the opened products when returned?

From their return policy, they consider the opened product final since it is treated as sanitary. The same applies to all the products under the shelf life. Therefore, the company cannot accept the return or chance for the opened products.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Dipwell brand?

Just a reminder, the company only offers delivery within the US region. Additionally, customers within the US enjoy free shipping when they make orders from $35 and above. Once you place the order from their website, Dipwell ensures that it ships within 7 to 10 business days, and if this seems much slower, then you must also remember that the company has new safety regulations. The brand usually delivers using the USPS and UPS form, which sends you a confirmation mail with the tracking code or link. However, the shipping process can range from 3 to 5 business days.

Q. What is the return policy of the Dipwell brand?

If you have purchased something from the brand and realize it is not up to your taste, you can return it before opening it. But you only have 30 days to return the product from the date of purchase. To receive the full refund, you must start the return process within 30 days, have the original order number, the product must remain unopened, and customers are charged $15 as the restocking costs. The return process is simple; you only have to send them an email address at hello@dipwell.co indicating the order number and other relevant info. The company will send you the prepaid shipping label, which also expires within 24 hours from the issue time. However, you can still restart the process and get a new prepaid shipping label.


It is overwhelming that Dipwell provides a collection of tutorials on the platform for all the home DIY nail manicure products they offer. Dipwell is a reputable company providing cruelty-free, sustainable, affordable beauty powders and accessories.

Instead of going to the salon, order your package, follow the proper steps, and you are good. In this review, we have covered the Dipwell brand, the best-selling products, promotional services, and contact details in case of anything. Before you make a move, ensure you grasp the process and understand the brand.

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