Good Dye Young Review: Is It Really Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

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Are you wondering why the Good Dye Young brand is popping up on your social media timeline or through ads? Read our comprehensive Good Dye Young review from company history to the bestsellers, contact, FAQ, and learn from testimonies.

Besides the basic needs, including clothing, you must go the extra mile and supplement your outfit by adding more cosmetics. While there are different cosmetic or beauty products, hair dye is a less appreciated sector. Different brands promise to serve you with more makeup and hair care products. Because of the consistent popping, we were tempted to explore the Good Dye Young.

This brand has established a strong reputation in the industry because of its dedication to vegan-based products and sustainability. Because of the need, our review will highlight all the ins and outs of the company, its history, best sellers, testimonies, where to purchase from, and many more approaches before giving you an honest verdict. Without wasting time, we will start by looking at the company overview.

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Good Dye Young Review

Good Dye Young is a brand founded by the collaboration of the profound songwriter Hayley Willian of Paramore. The company focuses on designing and selling hair dye. Togere, with her friend Brian O'Connor, a bestie, makeup artist, and hair stylist, established this brand in 2015. Since its inception, Good Dye Young has had a strong reputation on their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

They have focused much on development and growth based on the above reputation. These guys have been featured on media outlets like Forbes, Allure, Refinery29, etc. Though still a young brand, the company is shaping the hair care industry by not only offering sustainable but also safe and vegan products to the market over time.

Going back into history, the founders collaborated to found this company since they had a common philosophy seen through self-expression. They had love and worked so hard to establish creative aspects and offer products. Today, Good Dye Young offers an extensive collection of products from the semi-permanent to the wacky selection, including makeup, hair care, and branded merch apparel.

For the semi-perm hair dye, the company offers you a solution. They aim to help each customer bond with the community via self-expression and enjoy the limitless inspiration represented by the bold shades. The company has worked so hard to remain sustainable. Their packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable, and minimalistic.

Products are not only vegan but also cruelty-free. Good Dye Young claims that their products are inclusive and serve all styles and types of hair based on your preferences. At the moment, Good Dye Young is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2017, they launched the Poser Paste, a temporary dye line, and continued to expand, add more to their selection, and increase the outreach to more customers. The above is more than a bio or history. Before moving to the other section, let us highlight the pros and cons of Good Dye Young.

Good Dye Young Pros:

Good Dye Young Cons:

Why We Like Good Dye Young

Good Dye Young is a self-expression-centered brand that provides dye and other makeup products. The company claims that they manufacture these products using vegan or natural ingredients; hence, they are safe, and all are cruelty-free. Therefore, though we will go through some of the best sellers, this is one of the ideal methods to give you a clear picture of what Good Dye Young offers customers.

Before that, you need to understand that Good Dye Young is missioned to cultivate an inclusive community and safe products to guarantee a vibrant value through their creativity. They also offer badass hair products featured in the collections. The products are generally free from all the gross products.

Among the essential ingredients is the natural sunflower extract, and for the newbies, understand that Good Dye Young products are made with love from Canada as well as the USA. They also aim to help individuals enhance their beauty and add to their happiness and color beyond who they are. Good Dye Young also has the Auto Touch-up subscription.

While shopping, you can filter the selection based on multiple aspects, from the color to the duration, products, collection, and popularity. Thus, we will highlight some of the bestsellers from our findings, customer ratings, and popularity to save you time.

Good Dye Young Toxicity

This is the real metal head that you can count on when you want to attain copper-like hair or hardcore kick ass. Although the semi-permanent category is available in 5FL OZ, they offer  Shop Pay alternative payment methods with 4 interest-free installments besides one-time payment. Ideally, this product is rich and brown-based orange; utilizing at least 16 to 20 plus washes is advisable.

It is more clear with level 8 plus hair. They blend the salon-grade pigments and the nontoxic formula, highlighting the ultra-vibrant color. They are perfect super conditioners using the high-end cream base, which works like a hydrating hair mask featuring essential oil benefits. Using this Toxicity is very easy, and you can refer to the website here for the guidelines, steps, and tutorials with examples of results.

Good Dye Young Riot

This is the OG and one for the color that launched it all. With its orange color, it will make you happy all day. Among the facts is that this Riot is vibrant in nature and red-based blood orange and recommends a typical washer of 16 to 24 plus. It is ideal when used on hair level 7 and above. It also gives hair an ultra-vibrant color by combining natural formulations with salon-grade pigments.

It is semi-permanent; hence, it doesn't interfere with your hair. The company recommends applying with the GDY biodegradable tool kit and saturating the color of your hair. While rinsing, avoid shampoo as well as conditioners to obtain a stone-cold fox appearance. Here for more guidance.

Good Dye Young Ex-Girl

Good Dye Young's Ex-Girl is a semi-permanent hair dye renowned for its strikingly vibrant pink shade. The key features of Ex-Girl include its semi-permanent nature, allowing the color to gradually fade over 7 to 24 washes, and its conditioning properties, thanks to the Sunflower extract in the formula.

This hair dye is both cruelty-free and vegan, aligning with ethical beauty standards. Additionally, it's free from harsh chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, PPD, and parabens, making it a safer choice for hair and the environment. Produced in the USA or Canada, Ex-Girl ensures high-quality standards. 

Good Dye Young Move Mountains

As the name suggests, this is a semi-permanent that many customers asked to get the formula reformulated with a forest green shade of 5OZ. This makes you beautiful and powerful, capable of moving mountains. You can collect your routine today at an affordable price or with the Shop Pay option.

Though it has a dark green shade, it also features blue undertones. It is also recommended for the 7 to 24 washes; the hair level is eight and above. The present ingredients ensure you get the ultra-vibrant color, super conditioning, and high-quality cream base without damaging your hair. The products are just a click away.

Good Dye Young PPL Eater

This is a very unique purple and semi-permanent color from the company. The deep purple has got enough bites to help turn heads and eyes on you. The newly formulated product that guarantees the true purple color also has warm undertones.

In most cases, the washes range from 16 to 24 plus, and we highly recommend this shae on hair levels from 7 and above to get a clear view. The ingredients are all the same, hence super conditioning, and the cream base works like the hydrating hair masks containing the essential oil benefits to your body. Get one online.

Good Dye Young Blue Ruin

This is the second-to-last best seller among many brand products. It is semi-permanent and blue. This is the perfect hue you need to commit to and not only the bluest but also the truest blue you can find on the market. Mostly, it is referred to as the classic, cool-toned, and ultra-royal blue.

It is highly advisable for 24 and above washes, and we also recommend using on the hair level from as low as seven and above. This semi-permanent hair dye never damages your hair at all costs because it contains natural ingredients. 

Good Dye Young Gravedigger

This is the last option we would like to explore its capability and reputation. With a normal eye, this silver color dye can bring you back to life. Our customers are guaranteed to look immortal with this smokey and sleek silver. You can take it to the grave and beyond. Hence, it is technically the reformulated dye, light violet-based gray with washes ranging from 16 to 23.

Thus, it is mainly preferred to have hair level 10 to get a visit appearance. This is a relaxed style of the Good Dye Young color you need to give a try here. Therefore, in the above discussion, the Good Dye Young products are designed to be versatile, reliable, and effective for all hair types, ranging from curly to wavy and straight.

Customer Review

There are numerous testimonies online, and to help you make the right decision, Good Dye Young's review would like to explore and find out if the customers are satisfied with their purchases. The company has claimed a lot, but customers are the witness to justify before the newbies make the decisions.

Thus, first off, from the website, there is a lot of feedback on each product. For this case, we based the illustration on Toxicity. From 184 reviews, the product scores 3.4 stars, which is ideally average. One customer made a compliment, saying:

"Whatever my hair tone was, it turned out much more vibrant than I imagined. My hair was a level 7/8 dirty blonde, and it turned out to be a fairly soft orange. Dyeing on newly cleaned and dry hair makes an enormous difference. "In my observation, this dye does not like dirty hair!"

On Amazon, the Semi-permanent Purple Hair dye gets 4.2 stars based on the 1227 reviews and 65% of the customers gave it 5 stars with only a few compliments. The rating is impressive. Reddit features a compliment comparison thread of the Good Dye Young and Arctic Fox. The feedback here is mixed reactions based on personal experience.

Allure as well as a detailed blog where the author gives the personal and honest experience after the dye made her hair brighter, lasting for two months. She shares a lot about the best-selling products and highlights. Popsugar, on the other hand, has extensive guidelines from history, and the author takes us through the procedure of sectioning hair before applying; the process and results in the end. After 4 washes, the author gives the brand 3 stars.

In your free time, you can as well explore the other excellent testimonies on Thing Testing  five stars, Ulta  4.5 stars on the Hair Color starter kit, Target, Cosmic CNZ, and lastly, there is an extended review on Yahoo.

Where to Buy Good Dye Young

There are so many places where you can order Good Dye Young products. So far, this should not be an issue for our readers. There are many local stores with these products. Therefore, we recommend the official website as the ideal place to order these products.

Head to the and navigate through the collection. Our research also revealed a few of the online retailers and outlets offering some Good Dye Young products. Among these online retailers are not limited to the outlined:-

Is Good Dye Young Worth It?

If you are still wondering whether the Good Dye Young band is worth the investment, there is evidence everywhere. The company is founded by cool celebrities who guarantee customers access to bold colors that are more durable. Still, these products use vegan ingredients and come with a gentle touch. They are all cruelty-free.

The company has recorded multiple positive customer ratings online. Many have appraised the reliability and efficiency and complimented the conditioning formulas. Good Dye Young is worth your penny. While these products seem expensive, the quality, application, durability, and elements are worth consideration. The company gives you perfect alternative products for healthy hair from drugstores.

Still, Good Dye Young products are more accessible from online retailers as well. They never feature any harmful ingredients. The dye is all you need without worrying about the peroxides, sulfate, etc. The above customer reviews clearly show that you can trust the brand. They have unique colors, and you can shop based on the color, duration, by-products, collection, and most wanted products for each category.

As an extension of the Hayley & Brian company, this brand is commissioned to break down walls and create community with self-expression. Since GDY aims to cultivate safe products through creativity, it is worth attention. With these products, you can go bold, wild, and crazy.

Good Dye Young Discounts

Most customers shopping online and in-store enjoy lucrative deals. Like other brands, this review wanted to go beyond and find out if Good Dye Young has promotions, discounts, and other deals for customers to save on purchases. The finding has revealed that Good Dye Young guarantees customers free shipping for all US orders that total o $45 and above.

The company also gives you an option to earn a reward program. You can express yourself in the Ride or Dye and get rewarded in the form of points for every purchase as well as engagement with the community on social media. Besides, the website features a unique sales section where the products listed are sold at a discounted price.

Customers can save up to 15% if they subscribe to their auto touch-up. You should never miss out on your products for even a day. You can follow them up on the social media platforms or subscribe to the email listing for future updates and get exclusive access to the giveaways, inspo, and deals. Don't forget that you can refer a friend, and for every successful referral, you get $15, while your friend also gets $15 for the first order. Get inspired today.

Good Dye Young Contact

We are here to direct you if you still have a pending question regarding the above Good Dye Young review. Our review might be limited or not address all your goals. Thus, we find ways to contact the Good Dye Young customer support team in this article. Our research found multiple approaches, all of which are reliable. Never hesitate to contact the support team anytime and get a clear clarification.

The first method is filling out the contact form, which is available on the official website. The team will access it once you submit it and give you feedback. Still, you can write them a message and send them through the email address at In addition, we also recommend interacting with the support team through active social media platforms. Thus, these guys are accessible using their official Facebook page, Instagram, X(Twitter), and many more.


Q. Who founded the Good Dye Young brand?

The company Good Dye Young was founded by the profound Paramore singer Hayley Williams. They also collaborated with the websites and the co-founder, Brian O'Connor.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Good Dye Young company?

Good Dye Young offers both local US and international shipping services. They state that customers receive the tracking and confirmation mail immediately after they process their order before shipping. This helps confirm and trace the transit. All the US shipping is much more convenient and faster. There are multiple shipping options if you are based in the US region. First, you can get the US Flat Ground, which takes a $10 fee, while it is free for orders totaling $45 and above.

Delivery takes 5 to 7 working days. There is also the USPS or Fedex priority mail, which costs customers $26, while the delivery is approximately 2 to 3 working days. Lastly, you can also count on another premium ship[ping Fedex overnight that costs customers $65. Regarding international orders, the shipping takes around 4 to 6 weeks to arrive at the destination. Be patient.

Q. What is the return policy of the Good Dye Young company?

If the customer does not open the package or the box, you can return the products to the stores if you initiate the return process within 30 days. However, you must incur the return shipping costs at this point.


In summary, Good Dye Young is an expert brand founded to upgrade your self-expression through multiple and high-quality hair dyes. They are vegan and provide bold color and cruelty-free products that are safe for everyone. Although expensive, products are an excellent option for gaining healthy hair without issues of harmful ingredients.

The company recorded numerous positive ratings p[raising a top-notch support team. We have covered company history through the best sellers, lucrative deals, and contact information and explored the testimonies. Good Dye Young is worth the investment.

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