Deejo Knife Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy It?

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There are different reasons why people try to own pocket knives. Some of the reasons include opening a package especially when you work in that area, it is used for cutting fruits that you want to eat, it helps in removing splinters, it is used for whittling, cutting of hearing. Sometimes for an emergency purpose such as cutting someone off a seat belt during an accident, burning a vehicle, and so on. Owning a pocket knife is beneficial. However, choosing the right can become very tasking because you need to look out for some special features.

Deejo is a company that specializes in the production of customized and ultra-lightweight pocket knives. These pocket knives are made from stainless steel with straight edges. They also come with carbon fiber handles and a nice wood selection. If you are confused about how to know more about this brand before you start buying their high-quality knives, then you can read this review. It aims to explain everything about Deejo as a brand and every other relevant information you will need about them. This will enable you to know if the brand is worth it or not.

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Deejo Knife Review

Deejo is a brand that specializes in the manufacturing of customized and ultra-lightweight pocket knives. These pocket knives are made from stainless steel with straight edges. They also come with carbon fiber handles and a nice wood selection. These knives are great and very comfortable while holding them. They are also aesthetic. The brand is owned by Coriolis. Coriolis is a brand owned and founded by Stéphane Lebeau and Luc Foin in 1995. These knives are available all over the world. This means they offer international shipping. They are based in France.

This review will dive into the essential things you need to know about this company such as the best sellers products, the things customers are saying about this brand, the pros, and cons of this brand, my verdict on the worthiness of this brand. Some other information like discounts, how to contact Deejo, etc.

Deejo Knife Pros

Deejo Knife Cons

Why We Like Deejo Knife

The Deejo 37G Coral Wood

This is one of their best sellers. This is a great knife for people who are working near water or places with humid climates. This is suitable for them because it is wooden. It has coral wood with a striking finish that is black titanium. The coral wood handle is reddish. This is why it creates a fantastic design of a shiny black blade and reddish coral wooden handle. You can use this knife for many purposes like opening packing, cutting zip ties, etc. The Deejo 37G Coral Wood cost $75.

The Deejo 37G Wacholderholz

It is also one of the best sellers of Deejo. This knife is made from stainless steel. It has a modern appearance that is eye-catching and ferocious because of the black surface of the blade. It has a safety lock clip to keep it close to avoid self-injuries. The handle is made from special wood. Juniper wood is used in making the handle. It is ultra-lightweight. You can get the Deejo 37G Wacholderholz for $65.

Customer Review

Customer feedback is a very essential tool in assessing a brand before buying from them. This is because it has to do with the experiences of different customers, what they feel about the products, and their rating if it is okay to buy from the brand. This review will also concentrate on the thoughts and feelings of these customers which I will use to analyze the brand. In this review, I found out that most customers are saying the brand has impressive designs for its knives. It has a very sharp blade which is made from stainless steel. This contributes to the overall performance of the knives.

In my research, Amazon came as my top website for this customer review. Amazon has a 4.4-star rating over 70% excellent feedback on the brand and its knives. Some of the key comments are sharp blades made with quality material, lightweight, great handle made from wood, raisins, etc. It has nice designs too. They also commented on the excellent customer support team.

After buying their knife, I was so shocked to know how light it was. I must commend the design. It is just superb. It looks great and very sharp. However, it has a very thin handle which is difficult to grab.

Where to Buy Deejo Knife

You can buy Deejo knives on the official website or other reliable online retailers

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Is Deejo Knife Worth It?

You might be asking yourself if the brand is worth purchasing after reading a comprehensive part of this review. A pocket knife can come in handy in some situations that require the need of a sharp object. However, buying our pocket knife from a good brand is the best investment to make. Deejo has reasonable or convince-able positive feedback from customers.

From the review, you will see that customers talk about how beautiful the knives are, they are designed to boost the appearance. The looks most times make it fancy thereby making people want to buy it. These knives received praise for how sharp they are. If a knife is not sharp enough, then it is worthless. They are made from stainless steel. One of the best materials for cookware. They are made with different materials for handles such as raisins and wood. However, complaints about how tiny the handles are can be worrying.

This company is based in France and still offers international shipping worldwide. This is a big plus to the brand. You can order the knife from all other worlds. I will recommend this brand that is worthy of a trial.

Deejo Knife Discount

You can enjoy the following when shopping with Deejo

Deejo Knife Contact

For more information that you cannot find on this review, you can reach Deejo using the following methods


1. Where are Deejo knives made?

These knives have their initial production process in Asia, it is then sent to France to be completed.

2. What is the shipping policy of Deejo?

The brand is located in France but the company offers international shipping to anywhere in the world. The cost for the shipping is summed up on the checkout page. If you place any other within Monday to Friday, your shipment is expected to be shipped out that same day. If you are living within the EU, you can expect your order to be delivered within 3 working days. However, if you live outside the EU, you can get your order within one week. They are generally fast in their shipping process. If you order above $220 from the US and above $90 from the UK, you will enjoy free shipping.

3. What is the return policy in Deejo?

You can make a return within 2 weeks of shipping. However, you are eligible for this if only the items are in the original condition when shipped and are untouched. To initiate the process of returns, you need to contact their customer service, you will get a return authorization number and a return address, etc.

4. Where is the Deejo brand located?

Deejo has its headquarters located in Bagnolet, France. The brand is owned by a company called Coriolis, they are also based in France.


Aside from that pocket knives serves a lot of purposes, it is also an essential part of cookware. For chopping fruits and helpful in cutlery. Deejo helps in creating fantastic designs, made from stainless steel and are ultra-lightweight. They also have wooden handles. This review will assist you to make your decision.

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