Cutco Knife Review: Experience the Excellence of American-Made Kitchen Cutlery

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Do you want to enhance the appearance of your kitchen with Cutco kitchen knives? If you have not tested these knives, here is a detailed review to give you in-depth information with an impressive breakdown. Read along to the end.

There are numerous studies surrounding the kitchen industry in specific. One of the critical factors affecting the industry is the knife's sharpness, which has been proven to impact the quality of vegetables and fruit cutting. With a sharp knife, very minimal damages highlight a better food texture. We can all agree that multiple brands offer knives, but each has a different approach to cutting beef.

Thin and sharp blade angles tend to be preferred over the opposite, with deformation on cutting. Before we go into details, different knives have different cleaning procedures but every procedure but every approach has various means of reducing these bacteria from your blades.

This means the choice you make matters here. Because of these findings, we now present you with one of the knife brand Cutco to evaluate if it meets all your needs. We will review the brand's different aspects, from the background to the best-selling knives and customer feedback. Here is a highlight of the history of the brand.

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Cutco Knife Review

Cutco is a reputable company offering customers an extensive collection of American-made knives and other cooking accessories. The term CUTCO is an acronym that stands for Cooking UTensil COmpany. Historically, Cutco was founded in 1949 based in New York. From the current information, this company is now ranked as the largest standing kitchen cutlery brand in North America, with its headquarters in Olean-New York.

The brand was backed by Case Cutlery alongside Alcoa through the development process because they understood the rewards of engaging in all American-made knives. Initially, they walked door to door while selling these products, which were worth among the customers. Additionally, this is a firm that insists on team support and solid sales and targets to ensure that Americans, including Canada-based customers, are satisfied with their orders.

Still, their products come with a lifetime warranty. Although based in Olean, currently, the company is owned and managed by Victor Marketing. If you are thinking of overhauling your knife collection, this Cutco knife review introduces you to a unique brand.

Under their collection, they focus on knives, but still, you can purchase kitchen accessories like tableware, cookware, garden tools, and kitchen shears. Generally, Cutco today has established a solid online reputation through its high-quality cutlery, American-made designs, and top-notch customer satisfaction. Before stepping into the best-selling Cutco knives, here is a comparison between the pros and cons.

Cutco Knife Review Pros:

Cutco Knife Review Cons:

Why We Like Cutco Knife

There are many reasons why you would fall for these Cutco knives. Because the kitchen accessories are designed with multiple high-quality materials. but these vary depending on the style you purchase. For instance, the Cutco knives feature 440A and 440C stainless steel that ensures resistance when it comes to corrosion and guaranteed durability and is used on the blades.

There is still high carbon stainless steel, a blend that makes the blade resistant to stains and rust while remaining strong. The handle is made using the thermo resign, though plastic, but it is durable and resists heat and impact. If you go for the table and steak knives, the hand handle features solid brass to create a classic look.

Then lastly, some of these knives are made using American hardwood like walnut and maple; in most cases, they are found on cutting boards and handles. This makes the Cutco knife popular for its durability and high-quality materials with exceptional performance. The knives had many advanced features.

Besides high-quality material, these knives have comfortable gripping power, a safe storage option, sharp blades, a versatile design, a lifetime warranty, and an opportunity to customize your knives. Free repair and sharpening are part of their dedication to serving customers. This takes us to the following step: best-selling Cutco knives.

The Best-Selling Cutco Knives And Sets

Besides knives, this brand also engages in the design of many other kitchen gears. But this review will only focus on the blades and sets. From the mighty collection, we can only feature the best-selling, which ranges from the hunting to the sets, signature sharpeners, and scissors. This section will give you the perfect starting point to avoid falling for what you do not want. If you are not happy with the current chopper in your kitchen, have access to the whole collection and make a choice.

One of the leading favorite knives on the site is Homemaker + 8 Set with Block w/ Petite Chef. It is perfect if you have a big family and you have planned a celebration to feast on one table. The set is incredible and vital here. It comes with all the sharp blades and tools that any professional chef dreams of having.

There are different shades to select from, from white handles to red and black. On top of the  8 sets and Homemaker, the set has a trimmer,  carver, petite chef knife, petite carver, spatula spreader, and many more tools. The set is ideal for all the little moments of the new year's appetizer feast, dinner to Valentine's romantic candlelit dinner.

The next set on our list is Galley + 6 Set with Block. And this set makes sure that your dinner looks complete. These 313 pieces feature dicing and slicing tools to give you an experience of the 5-star feast while you dice quick salad and cut crudites. The oak storage block gives you alternative storage on display. Inside, you will also find the turning fork, slicer, spatula spreader, petite chef knife, and carver. Get your kitchen prepared with lifetime snacks and meals.

Another fantastic option here is the All Knife Set with Tray. While costly, it is ideal for elevating the cooking game and preps in your kitchen. It makes cooking a breeze with solo indulgence. Other tools remaining intact, you will get an extra paring knife in your 5 pc knife and fork tray. There is also a knife sharpener and a small cutting board.

The second last of the best-selling Cutco knives is KA-BAR® Explorer. This is made using 440A high carbon stainless steel. The brand is serious with the design and has a combination of the double D edge as well as straight edge, while its multifaceted blade is efficient in sawing and slicing. Its textured handle makes it ideal for wet conditions as well. It still features the epoxy powder coating with a pommel base and guards to avoid slipping.

Last, here comes Fisherman’s Solution. It is designed with a high carbon stainless steel blade that efficiently slices faster. The blade is adjustable from 6 to 9 inches. It is ideal for many occasions besides fileting fish. It has a built-in line cutter, while its gripper is perfect for unhooking the catch. When dull, you can utilize the sharpening block and bring back its life. The site has many knives, but the above is the perfect starting point.

Customer Review

To complete this Cutco knife review, we also had to go the extra mile by researching and analyzing multiple customer testimonials from different sites. The generalization is impressive, as many people are happy with these kitchen accessories.

Our research started with the official site, and here, most people have mentioned the perfect lifetime service, favorable shipping, and return policy with many guaranteed lucrative deals. Customers are amazed by the value of their money. The following site with the review is Amazon. Here, customers praise the durability, massive collection of knife sets, lifetime warranty, the high quality and sharpness of the blades. The Cutco 21 Piece kitchen knife set with the Cherry finish Oak Block scores 4.6 stars after analyzing 51 global ratings.

Heading to Delishably, the site gives reviews based on personal experience. These knives score awesomely in terms of the sharpness and consistency in the quality of the blade. Longevity is among the selling points of this brand, according to the blog editor. When you consider The Spruce Eats, these high-end knives have been ranked on performance as well as comfortability while grasping. The 4.6 stars rating is excellent. From the comparison of the pros and cons, the author comes to the bottom line stating:-

"With a sharp blade and a unique handle style that positions the user's hand for the ideal level of control while slicing, the Cutco Knives Petite Chef Knife is a pleasure to have around."

On the Prudent Reviews, the blog evaluates whether these blades are worth the cost. The author analyzes the brand from the background to the material, design, warranty, and many other features. The testament of the Cutco knife relies on the track record seen in quality and longevity.

You can still find detailed reviews on Trustpilot, which gives it a 3.3-star rating. Best Buy analyzes these as the classic knife set, while on the Consumer Report, customers give it a reputable image with excellent ratings. The ratings online are impressive. Many people are satisfied with the quality, pricing, material, longevity, and sharpness of the blades, besides mentioning a few downsides of this brand.

Where to Buy Cutco Knife

While previously, Cutco Knife was available only through their salespeople or their online store, today, they have well-accessible kitchen accessories even through online retailers. This research has revealed that the products are available on their official website,, where you have an extension collection of knives and kitchen accessories. Besides that, you can purchase through salespeople in your area. Or, head to the available online retail stores and place an order. Some of the retail stores online include:-

Is Cutco Knife Worth It?

Although some customers have complained about the expensive pricing, we justify that the Cutco Knife and accessories are high-end products made with high-quality material to last long. These kitchen accessories come with a lifetime warranty, giving users value for their money. Cutco Knife is worth seeing the customer's point of view and impressive experience on their website.

The company promises a lifetime warranty. Again, increase your knife, get a breakage as well as need a repair; the firm gives you free service; the customer only has to send it to the company and get it fixed regardless of what you have used the knife for, such as cutting a tree trunk. The new one comes at half price, which is fantastic.

The firm tends to bend at the back of the customers, and this explains why their dedication has made them withstand the pressure of over 70 years in the industry and rocking. The knives are durable, and many customers have complimented them online, highlighting different aspects like the long-lasting sharpness. Comparing the above with the pros discussed in the review, we conclude that Cutco Knives are worth checking out. Enjoy multiple lucrative deals on the site to save more on your order.

Cutco Knife Discounts

In this review, we also wanted to know if the brand offers discounts and promotional services to customers. However, you must understand that these lucrative deals are subject to future changes. Otherwise, during the time of writing this review, the brand was offering gifts on the order purchase that totaled $299 and above.

And when you subscribe to the updates on the site with your email, you get a chance to be a winner of a $100 gift card online. They also offer a lifetime warranty with many product deals, like free sharpening. You can also unlock the regards by joining the exclusive owner special offers.

Cutco Knife Contact

Contact the support team if our Cutco Knife review article has not addressed your issue and is still looking for detailed clarification about the company. We have researched the brand and here present you different methods to connect with the Cutco technical team, which is available anytime. The first approach is through their official phone number at 1-800-361-8800. If that fails, you can fill out the contact form on their website.

This way, they will contact you through your official email once the team is available. However, you need to note that the above methods give you access to instant support from Monday to Friday, starting at 8 am through 12 am, while on Saturday, it starts from 9 am through 3 pm ET. The last resort is engaging with the marketing team through the social media platform. The team is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Get in touch and access all the updates, giveaways, etc.


Q. Who can sharpen a Cutco knife?

First, we have seen that the company offers their special sharpener. Therefore, any adult with a sound mind can sharpen a Cutco knife even at home. However, if you realize that the knife is not making headway or rather too far gone to use the home sharpener, consider presenting it to a professional for sharpening. Still, you can send it back to the company to access free sharpening services.

Q. Does the Cutco knife feature high-quality material?

In the above review, the Cutco knives are ranked as made with high-quality material. However, these knives are stamped but never forged; hence their durability might not be what you expect when you compare them to the alternative brands made with the hammer and fire. Stamping is where the knife is produced by cutting a single steel sheet. Hence, they are not just flexible but also lighter in your hands.

Q. Cutco brand shipping policy

Cutco has different shipping services. Generally, currently, the brand offers free standard shipping. But when it comes to express shipping, the costs vary depending on the sum of your order or expenditure. When the order falls below $250, you must incur a $25 shipping fee; between $250 to $500, it charges $40, and between 2001 and 5000, it costs you $100.

The rate goes on, but when it goes above 5000, then you can call the support team for the details. Otherwise, reaching the destination takes about 2 to 4 weeks when you order while in transit. But with Expressway, the orders arrive within 2 to 4 working days. And if you have ordered customized items such as monogrammed and engraved, you will need an extra 1 to 2 working days to receive your package. As of the current information, Cutco does not have international shipping services.

Q. Cutco return policy

Like other kitchen cutlery brands online, Cutco products also have the ideal return policy. Therefore, if your order doesn't meet your expectations, you have up to 15 days from the date of purchase to return them to the store and get either an exchange or a refund. The return process is straightforward; you must use your portal account with relevant information.

From there, you will down your return shipping label and, with the instructions, package the order before dropping it at the local post office. Still, for those customers based in Canada, you are encouraged to return the order through the address Cutco customer service, Return or Exchange, 7-2351 Huron Street, London, ON, 5V 0AB. You will then wait for the company to process and send you the exchange item or refund to your account.


Cutco is a brand that offers American-made knives and kitchen accessories with a perfect lifetime guarantee. But from the above review, the blades have many weaknesses to remember before ordering. There are many other alternatives. However, if you are committed to light, flexible, and American-inspired kitchen knives, the Cutco brand is your ideal option.

While the company has mixed online feedback, they are made with high-quality materials. If you find any issue, the company gives you a favorable return policy for exchange or refund. Capitalize on these kitchen knives and navigate through multiple designs, an extensive collection with lucrative deals to save more.

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