Dalstrong Knife Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Does Dalstrong offer your favorite kitchen knives worth shopping for? Here is an unbiased and definitive answer in our honest Dalstrong Knife review. Please, read, analyze, and evaluate before committing.

Many companies today are coming up with unique kitchen knives to offer customers on the market. However, none has presented a stir knife that outshines Dalstrong Knife. While all brands are destined to design blades incorporating innovative styles and high-quality materials, others go beyond considering traditional styles and designs.

Price matters, and we need to find out why Dalstrong offers quality knives at a throwaway price. Thus, read our Dalstrong Knife review to the end and clear such confusion. Make a comparison and select your favorite knife from the huge collection. If you are a chef, this brand has something for your kitchen.

This Dalstrong Knife review will cover all corners under each section for easy understanding. Evaluate the brand through its artistic approach; we dare you, this firm got your attention. Find out more, and here is a  basic overview of the brand before anything else.

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Dalstrong Knife Review

Dalstrong is a well-known brand offering knives with special features, featuring superior craftsmanship and made with rigid material. The brand believes that products are non-negotiable when perfect is the thing. Regardless of where you are, it would be best to have a knife for one thing or the other to have a tasty meal. Dalstrong Knife offers a cutting-edge series of knives with an impressive aesthetic targeting to help inspire kitchen creativity.

Infact, Dalstrong relies on the artistic approach of wishing for knives. For their dedication, the products have been featured on multiple social media outlets, like Yahoo, Men's Health, CNN, etc. For more impressions, look at their Instagram platform with huge followers.

From their website, Dalstrong Claims they are here to ensure that they offer professional chefs something to revamp their kitchen needs. The company was founded by Dave Dallaire, who goes beyond to promise your target customers that the company makes sure that when using their knives, you not only feel good but can also trust this brand.

The company was inspired to design and establish its knife series from the Dalstrong creativity, which reflects the aspects that keep your soul alive. Thus, knives feature popular themes ranging from mystery, and adventure battles, which all fall into a single collection.

Dalstrong also believes that only cooking can unite people and highlight the best form they can bring to the world. These guys understand that they can break all barriers in professional chefs while building society. Thus, as long as the chef has a unique tool in the kitchen wielding, it presents a better opportunity to maximize their performance while [lifting their moods.

Officially, the Dalstrong brand is currently based in Toronto-Canada. However, it is widespread and has UK and US offices. This review has been divided into sections, and for the sake of understanding, we now head to the best-selling products and knife series with other accessories. But first, let us sum up the brand overview by considering the pros and cons.

Dalstrong Knife Pros:

Dalstrong Knife Cons:

Why We Like Dalstrong Knife

For all those who understand, Dalstrong knives are the best and most breathtaking for kitchen tasks. Infact, the company offers knives as set or single but targets both the typical kitchen users and professional chefs around the world. The brand has confused many people with cooking, but about 11 unique series are in store. Though completely different, they are all sharing the same quality and integrity.

To help you make a choice, we will guide you with the best knives on the platform so that you can save your time and budget regarding your preferences. We will cover both the knife sets and series with their specifications.

The Bestselling Dalstrong Knife

First of all, I would start by elaborating on the term series. Here, it means that these knives were designed in a specific manner, and in each brand, there are numerous knives to select from. In this section, I will only focus on the customers' favorite knives among the trendy series.

Featuring the first on the list is Shogun Series X 7″ Cleaver. These knives are made using super steel from Japan, and the firm is serious about it. The brand features a fierce tsunami rose style, and the blade efficiently chops even laborious prep work as a breeze. It has a wide blade that enables it to be ideal for picking, chopping, and slicing veggies. It has 66 Damascus steel layers that, when you look keenly, are forged through the magnificent cleaver, which in turn is outfitted using the G10 Garolite handle, making it a shiny bolster to evade slipping.

Shogun Series X 8″ Chef Knife with Crimson Red Handle features a brilliant red handle that makes these knives unique and has an extremely pointed curved tip. The Shogun Series signature model accompanies it and hence ranked as the round beast. Rust-resistant glass makes this blade last long and appears beautiful, whereas the polymer handle ensures the knife is gripped with sturdy.

Next up is Shogun Series X 8″ Chef Knife. This a perfect knife for the new chef in town to start with. It is compatible with any tasks in the kitchen, and like other brands, it features 67 Damascus steel layers. This blade makes you feel confident while dealing with all sets of starches and herbs, and chicken. Additionally, it is polished with a spine to evade slipping and give users full control of their hands.

On the other hand, there is also a popular Kiritsuke Knife 8.5″ designed with ThyssenKrupp steel, and with a single piece, it is ready to battle the kitchen tasks. To an extent, the knife has a smooth finish alongside the gladiator blade; no stains will give you challenges while slicing veggies and meat. A heat-resistant handle is perfectly obtained from the military-grade G10 surrounding its tang and held with the 3 rivets. Hence, there is guaranteed protection, impressive appearance, and controlled balance due to its lightweight.

Summing the sets or series knives comes Shogun Series Extra-Long 12″ Crixus. This knife is made with 67 Damascus steel and also features the major material made of AUS-10V as a Japanese steel center. The blade is sharp, while Honbazuke is storming over the market. The comparison shows an ergonomic military-grade handle alongside the full tang to give a simple grasp. The blade is huge and sharp to even slide a tree trunk through; the warranty does not cover the result or impact of such tasks.

The Best-Selling Dalstrong Knife Sets

No one will dispute that knife sets from this blade makes fluidity, especially on the dinner table. Never hide these unique knives from the guests. For illustration, in this area, we will also give you some of the best-selling knife sets to give a try to both the block sets and steak knives. Let us go into fine details.

Shogun Series Steak Knife Set (4) starts here, and the designer has ensured the sleekness is at its best to meet the power. This set of knives is good for the average dinner table of up to 4 people. They are made to feature 66 nitrogen-cooled high-carbon steel, which takes up to 60 days. A shiny bolster separates the handle from the blade; hence users have control to slice while gripping. The handle contains the G10 Garolite that is durable through outfitted using the lion insignia.

Second up is a 4-Piece Steak Knife Set 5.5″. This one is made to sew through your steak easily; it glides. It is made with hyper steel featuring a deadly sharp point; hence the blades in this set are impressive when it comes to the dinner table. Every pair has a Liquidmetal pattern to help guests enjoy the stuck-on food-free session.

The handle fits the king table dinner as it is made with the black g10 woven fiberglass, capable of withstanding any high heat. However, these knives are stamped to feature the brass insignia, which we highly recommend keeping in the sheath to avoid tucking. Try these Omega series and Leather Dalstrong Sheath today at your dinner table, or consider placing an order from the store.

Before summing up, there is a popular 4-Piece Steak Knife Set. This is ideal for the steak lover in the house. While they might seem to have a dainty appearance, give it a try and end their innocence today. They have extraordinarily sharp edges besides the intimidating points. It is made to feature the 7-layer 10CR15MOV steel; hence, it can easily cut through the meat like its butter at the table.

There is also a sweet honeycomb design handle, while when it comes to action, the blades are insane. Its slim handle contains the resin encasing the aluminum mesh that nicely fits your palm with guaranteed effortless beef slicing.

Summing up, our section is Shogun Series X 5-piece Block Set. This set features knives made with sleek metal and amazing acacia wood. Please distinguish it from the past certified blast. The block set has a unique design making it jut out a certain angle while on the countertop, then on top of it, it is outfitted using steel with the brand logo stamp' Dalstrong'.

The set consists of all the set's favorite knives from the Series X8" to the Shogun series X6" utility knife. In reality, the blades are made with the 67 Damascus steel layers, which, with time, fade to the bleeding edge. The military-grade g10 keeps the handle in hand, featuring the engraved cap to make it even more non-slip.

There is something you need to note here. These blades are only recommended to be sharpened using the whetstone, which gives them a sharp pointed edge. However, the inclination angle while sharpening varies from blade to blade. In general, it ranges between 16 to 18 degrees.

The sharpening steps are simple, but you must start with soaking the whetstone for 10 mins. Refer to their site for the detailed steps. Also, note there are German and Japanese knives; while selecting, understand which brand is perfect for you, and their sharpening angle also varies, bringing us a range of 16-18 as well as 8 to 12 degrees.

Dalstrong insists that for the longevity of the knives, you must give them extra care and avoid using the dishwashers to call it a day. Instead, have a sponge, soap, and water; ensure you rinse it to dry after cleaning.

Customer Review

Dalstrong knives from the above information are perfect and beautiful to have if you are a professional chef or a home kitchen user. But is it real? You ask, and the only confirmation is from the customers. We accessed multiple sites with real customer ratings online, and many people love these knives. The reviews range from Youtube Video reviews to external blogs.

We can start evaluating the customers' feedback from The Culinary Cook site, and the author aims to understand if these knives are still hype. At first impression, the author had an awesome presentation and reviewed all the features, from durability to agility and materials. Ultimately, he gives the brand 3.5 stars on the Gladiator series.

Kitchen Ambition also highlights the likes and dislikes of the brand. The blog praises affordability, the quality of construction materials, and top-notch customer support. In the end, the author recommends the brand, with the main favorite series being Phantom, and says:-

"Dalstrong's core items are solid once you get past the gimmicky names and knife aesthetics." And given the price tag, I'd gladly endorse them to anybody seeking their first few high-quality knives for a home kitchen."

The author also goes deep into the Dalstrong knife designs, their performance, key features, and prices on the Product Reviews site. When you head to the Nothing But Knives website, the blog also evaluates a specific Dalstrong Shogun Series X chef Knife giving all the specifications and praises the blade for its sharp edges, lightweight, and balance in hand.

Amazon also features the Set Block 8 series, and this knife gets 4.7 stars with 1100 global ratings. This sounds impressive because it is only verified purchasers speaking about their experience. Josh Cook House evaluates the  Valhalla Series Chef Knife somewhere else with honest opinions.

If you think these reviews are overhyped, then have time to analyze the review article on the More Than Just Surviving website. If you do not like reading, head to the Youtube site and watch multiple review videos. We guarantee you; you will love this brand from the first impression and seeing its aesthetic performance. It is what it looks like, and customers are always right.

Where to Buy Dalstrong Knife

There are multiple places where you can purchase Dalstrong Knives. These range from numerous online retailers to the official website. Therefore, the first place to get the genuine and discounted Dalstrong Knife is the official store dalstrong.com.

Still, our review has found that these Dalstrong Knife products are sold in online retail stores. Among these stories includes:

Note that you need to remember that there are no physical stores selling the Dalstrong Knife. Let this sink into your mind.

Is Dalstrong Knife Worth It?

If you look at how the Dalstrong Knife is designed and the appearance of the blades as well as the high-quality material, then this brand is worth adding to your wishlist to revamp your kitchen experience. Considered laser knives, Dalstrong Knife is more affordable, and the company has a huge selection of collections and a series on its website. The company has recorded over 450000 professional chefs that it has satisfied service. This statistic has something unique.

We also appreciate this company's huge series, which are unique and essential, and they even go beyond to remake typical models to purchase. Many cooks have complimented this equipment's good-looking, sharper blades, high-quality handles, and good appearance, especially with the lightweight. This makes the well worth checking out for the fast-paced kitchen and hot or sweaty chefs. The company has all you need.

From the multiple positive customer reviews, we have seen more selling points such as the money-back guarantees, the striking knife design, and the quality premium material, which incorporates G10 gasoline, Japanese and German steel, as well as Pakkawood. Another selling point is their affordable pricing for such forced knives, and they feature forged blades with a unique variety. We thus conclude that Dalstrong Knife is worth your penny.

Dalstrong Knife Discounts

Every customer enjoys discounts and other lucrative deals. And because of such a selling point, we also went too far in serving the Dalstrong Knife lucrative deals, discounts, and promotions. On their website, there are multiple offers. We accept that the company has affiliate programs. The first impressive deal is the free shipping to all US-based orders. As a Mother's Day deal, the brand offers customers discounted prices, up to 50% off on selected products.

Stioil, we highly recommend that you use the account or subscribe to the newsletters, allowing you to enjoy special offers, free giveaways, and lifetime deals. If you are in a military profession, they offer up to 10% discounts. When you subscribe, the company also promises to offer the two free cookbooks. Under the mother-of-all deals section, you have multiple lucrative sales and deals on the selected products, which is fantastic.

The comp [offers products under Klarna as an alternative payment option in the multiple payment methods or financing services. You also have the move to try the spin and win a discount. Keep an eye on the site for the latest deals and promo codes.

Dalstrong Knife Contact

Do you still have a query about Dalstrong Knife? You can direct the question to the tech support team for more information or a detailed explanation about the brand and its products. While most reviews online highlight two methods to contact the team, I would start with the social media platforms. These guys have a reputable social media presence, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. You can contact them, engage and collaborate with them anytime.

However, the official means of contact is through the contact form on their website. Still, The company insists that you can contact them by writing a message and emailing them at info@dalstrong.com. Reach out to them anytime and connect for clarification.


Q. Is Dalstrong based in China?

Disregarding some online claims, in the above review, we have found that the company is based in Canada and, more specifically, it is operating from Toronto. However, we have seen that they also have their offices built in the UK and the US.

Q. Where do  Dalstrong manufacturing facilities situate?

The report states that Dalstrong gets its products designed and manufactured in Yangjiang in China. This is the national capital and the mother of factories for manufacturing scissors and knives.

Q. Do Dalstrong knives come with a warranty?

The company insists that their Dalstrong knives come with a limited lifetime warranty which comes with manufacturing defects.

Q. Between the Japanese and German knives, which is better?

The online debate going on comparing Japanese and German knives is endless. Some chefs enjoy the sharpness and precision featured on Japanese knives. Still, many love the lightweight and ruggedness featured on the German knives.

Looking at the situation, the home cook always goes for German knives due to their simple handling. But experienced chefs always gravitate to the Japanese, but we now state that the choice depends on their preferences and experience level.

Q. Are Dalstrong knives certified by any safety body?

In food preparation and safety, the major governing body is NSF. Thus, any knife that features the NSF seal is a sign of approval for meeting all the standards, including slip resistance and cleanliness. Surprisingly, all the Dalstrong knives have the NSF certification seal, and it covers the popular series. However, few custom or specialized knives do not feature the NSF certification seal, and these have shaped handles that do not comply with the slip resistance guidelines.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Dalstrong company?

The company promises to offer a free 2-day shipping service for all customers based in the continental US regions. However, they also offer to ship to other areas, which includes Puerto Rico, APO, PO Boxes, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Still, if you are a customer base in the Uk and Canada, then you can navigate to the top right corner of the website to change the location and place an order. From the online information, Dalstrong also offers shipping outside the state's regions. But the fact remains, for you to see the shipping charge or other information,  then check out the sum at the checkout point.

If possible, the company insists that all domestic orders are shipped the same day and, if it fails, the next business day. For international orders, the company takes between 4 to one week only processing the orders before dispatch.

Q. What is the return policy of Dalstrong company?

Infact, Dalstrong has one of the most generous return policies. All customers can return their products if they have any issues or when a customer changes their mind. However, this process must be done within 120 days from the date of purchase. Within the return window, you can utilize the knife to your satisfaction, and for any challenge you face with the item, you can email the customer's support team. In the mail, make sure that you attach the order ID as well as the picture of the concern on the knife.


Dalstrong Knife is all you need if you cannot afford the expensive Japanese-style knives on the market. Dalstrong Knives are affordable and feature unique styles and high-quality materials. On top of the favorable risk-free guarantee period, all the products come with a lifetime warranty for defects.

In the above Dalstrong Knife review, many people have been impressed with the knives, and we would recommend the company for high-quality knives in your home kitchen. Give it a shot and enjoy multiple lucrative deals on the go.

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