The Ultimate Guide to The Best Review Scraping Tools in 2023

Justin Shin
Are you looking for review scraper tools to scrape reviews from various review platforms? Here are the 10 best review scraper tools carefully curated after thorough research, which we trust to get your task done fast and without glitches while adhering to scraping laws.

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Top 10 Review Scraping Tools Compared

Here is a comparison table for the 10 review scraping tools,

Tool Best For Features Pricing
Bright Data Review Scraper Overall Best Reviews Scraper Tool Fast, reliable, and scalable. Supports a wide range of websites. Starts at $0.05/scraped page
Apify Best For Scraping Amazon Reviews Easy to use and powerful. Supports a wide range of Amazon features. Starts at $0.02/scraped page
ReviewGators All-In-One Review Scraper Tool Scrapes reviews from a wide range of websites. Includes a variety of features, such as filtering and exporting. Starts at $19/month
Outscraper Best GoogleMap Reviews Scraper Tool Fast and easy to use. Supports a wide range of Google Maps features. Starts at $0.01/scraped page
WebautomationTrustPilot Scraper Best TrustPilot Reviews Scraper Tool Easy to use and reliable. Supports a wide range of TrustPilot features. Starts at $0.02/scraped page
Datashake Best ReviewGetors Alternative Powerful and customizable. Supports a wide range of features. Starts at $19/month
Oxylabs Review Monitoring Best For Monitoring E-Commerce Reviews Scalable and reliable. Supports a wide range of e-commerce platforms. Starts at $0.01/scraped page
ReviewAPI Best API For Scraping Reviews Easy to use and reliable. Supports a wide range of features. Starts at $0.01/scraped review
Octoparse General-Purpose No-Code Reviews Scraper Easy to use and powerful. Supports a wide range of features. Starts at $19/month
SerpAPI Best For Scraping Apple Store Reviews Fast and reliable. Supports a wide range of Apple Store features. Starts at $0.01/scraped review

In this competitive era, businesses are looking for innovative ways to stand out from the crowd to further solve their consumers' problems and grow. One of the proven ways to achieve this is by extracting data from review websites otherwise known as review scraping.

In most cases, reviews are honest feedback, judgements or sentiments, which show the credibility of a brand or otherwise. These reviews, as simple-appearing as they are, highly influence prospective customers' decisions. But at the same time, they help give insights to businesses on areas that need to be paid more attention to improve their services and enhance the consumer experience.

Not only that, it also helps businesses stay abreast of what their competitors are doing, and see how they can be better and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the game. Scraping reviews can be a herculean task, especially if you can't find the right tool to help you achieve this goal given the numerous scraping tools available online.

This is why we have combed through the Internet to come up with the best review scraping tools to help you extract reviews fast and without hassles Let's learn about each one below:

1. Bright Data Review Scraper — Overall Best Reviews Scraper Tool

Bright Data stands out as the powerhouse of reviews scraper tools due to its multipurpose ability. It helps you extract reviews from any websites ranging from eCommerce, social media, business sites, and so on. Another perk of this scraper tool is that it is beginner-friendly and can unlock sites that may have restrictions. In addition, Bright Data makes scraping reviews easy by allowing you to scrape as many reviews as you want at the speed of light.

On the legal aspect, Bright Data complies with all data protection legal requirements including GDPR and CCPA, so you don't have to worry about any repercussions. They also have active customer service support that would help you with specific and detailed information if you need any help or clarity. This reviews scraper tool comes with a free trial for registered businesses only, but you would be attached to an account manager for the free trial configurations.

Bright Data Review Scraper Pros Bright Data Review Scraper Cons
Fast Expensive for high-volume scraping
Reliable Can be difficult to set up for some websites

2. Apify — Best for Scraping Amazon Reviews

Apify is your go-to scraper when it comes to scraping Amazon reviews. It stands out in this regard due to its excellent scraping process. All you have to do is insert the product URL into the scraper and start. It helps you scrape as much data as you want in minutes. You can set the maximum number of data you want it to scrape per run, otherwise leave the "Maximum Reviews" option blank. One of the downsides of Apify is that it doesn't scrape avatars or emojis; it focuses on text and star ratings only.

This could reduce the total number of results you see on Amazon as the scraper would be leaving out non-text or non-star ratings. You can download your scraped reviews in HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, and XML. Apify has an affordable pricing of $40/month and it comes with a 14-day free trial which doesn't require you to commit your credit card.

Apify Pros Apify Cons
Easy to use Can be difficult to set up for some websites
Powerful Doesn't support as many features as some other tools
Supports a wide range of Amazon features

3. ReviewGators — All-in-One Review Scraper Tool

When you talk about scraping reviews from all websites, you can't leave ReviewGators out of the conversation. It helps you scrape reviews from different sources on a large number of products. You also get to know where and when a review got posted. It scraps number ratings and text reviews which are the basic information you need to aid your business decisions. Also, you're not required to commit or pay upfront fees before using this review scraper API, the fees are based on your needs.

It integrates a seamless review extraction process even when you change from site to site, and you are guaranteed clear data with regular formatting. In addition, you don't have to worry about this scraper API breaking down because it runs on 24/7 maintenance to provide you with exceptional services. ReviewGators supports JSON format and you can use it across over 50 review websites.

ReviewGators Pros ReviewGators Cons
Scrapes reviews from a wide range of websites Can be slow for some websites
Includes a variety of features, such as filtering and exporting Doesn't support as many features as some other tools

4. Outscraper — Best GoogleMap Reviews Scraper Tool

Experience a seamless Google Map reviews extraction process with Outscraper. This scraping tool makes it easy for you to scrape any amount of reviews on Google Map Places for any amount of business for lead generation or other purposes. It has a great but static UX; not much has been done in that regard. However, they offer as many as 15 data points but this does not include likes, pictures, data, visits, or language. Outscraper offers a high-speed scraping process, and there's no limit to how many reviews you can scrape upon paid subscription. It comes with a free plan which entails a 500 reviews scraping limit and $2 per 1000 scraped reviews.

In addition to that, there's a 3-day money-back guarantee if you don't find their services worthwhile. Outscraper operates a cloud service that allows you to scrape reviews without getting your IP flagged or banned, in the worst-case scenario. It supports exporting your scraped review in CSV/XLSX format.

Outscraper Pros Outscraper Cons
Fast Doesn't support as many features as some other tools
Easy to use Can be complex to use
Supports a wide range of Google Maps features

5. WebautomationTrustPilot Scraper — Best TrustPilot Reviews Scraper Tool

Webautomation helps you scrape TrustPilot reviews easily while taking out the worry of proxies, CAPTCHAs, or writing codes. This scraper tool is cost-efficient and has a free trial feature to help you decide if it's ideal for you or not. It runs cloud services, therefore, does not require you to download any software or plugins. In the case of restriction from websites, Webautomation is on standby to help you resolve any issues that hamper your scraping process such as website changes or blocks.

There is a custom feature to help you build your extractor using the point-and-click tool. In addition, it has a schedule scraping feature that takes care of your scraping tasks at your preferred date or time or both. This is particularly great for websites that update their data frequently. Webautomation has a 14-day free trial, and extracted data are saved in JSON, XML, CSV, and XLSX format.

WebautomationTrustPilot Scraper Pros WebautomationTrustPilot Scraper Cons
Easy to use Doesn't support as many websites as some other tools
Reliable Can be slow for some websites
Supports a wide range of TrustPilot features

6. Datashake — Best ReviewGetors Alternative

With access to scraping over 85 websites, Datashake offers one of the best review scraping services. This positions it as the best alternative to ReviewGators. They give you a run for your money with their Advanced Duplicate Detection, giving you unique reviews. It extracts clean and verified reviews in JSON format so you don't have to worry about changing sites or dates format.

This is a caveat you should pay attention to: data collected without downloading only lasts for 45 days in their system before they are automatically deleted. However, during the 45 days, you can get access to your reviews at no cost. To avoid a situation of disappearance of data, we strongly advise that you export your review data into your system. This scraper tool offers a pay-as-you-go payment system which allows you to pay according to the rate of usage. Datashake does not have a free trial but there's a money-back guarantee within the 30 days of subscription.

Datashake Pros Datashake Cons
Powerful Can be complex to use
Customizable Expensive for high-volume scraping
Supports a wide range of features

7. Oxylabs Review Monitoring — Best for Monitoring E-commerce Reviews

Research shows that keeping up with reviews and integrating a response system has proven to be a great way of building a brand reputation. And brands that keep tabs on reviews and take responsibility for the unpleasant experience of customers earn twice as much trust as brands that don't. Oxylabs is your best bet for monitoring reviews, especially eCommerce reviews. They have a success rate of 100% in data monitoring, and regardless of their physical location, brands can monitor reviews from anywhere in the globe.

This review monitoring tool helps you collect review data for assessments and provides you with review management features. It has an auto-retry system that attempts your scraping again after a failed attempt and helps you collect review information in JSON format. In addition, you can scale large data anywhere in the world without restriction or getting blocked, courtesy of its residential proxies. Oxylabs has a free 7-day trial.

Oxylabs Review Monitoring Pros Oxylabs Review Monitoring Cons
Scalable Expensive for high-volume scraping
Reliable Can be complex to use
Supports a wide range of e-commerce platforms

8. ReviewAPI — Best API for Scraping Reviews

ReviewAPI supports review scraping from over 30+ review platforms. This is what makes it stand out as the best API for scraping reviews. However, only 10 can be scraped in JSON format.

With the constant changes some websites make on their platform in a bid to improve their services, meeting their requirements is necessary. ReviewAPI has that covered by properly adapting their scraper to meet these requirements letting you focus on extracting reviews. So you can carry on with extracting data for marketing purposes while ReviewAPI takes care of the inconveniences.

You don't need to worry about being blocked as their pool of proxies keeps rotating, and their built-in anti-bot detection keeps you safe. It has a free monthly plan that encompasses 1000 API credits and 30 reviews per task. If you want to get more features of this scraper tool, you should consider subscribing to its paid plan which begins from $79/month.

ReviewAPI Pros ReviewAPI Cons
Easy to use Doesn't support as many websites as some other tools
Reliable Can be slow for some websites
Supports a wide range of features

9. Octoparse — General-purpose No-code Reviews Scraper

Octoparse is a powerful extraction tool known for its easy-to-use point-and-click user interface. With just a few clicks and within a short period, your extracted reviews will be ready and collected in your preferred formats such as CSV, Excel, HTML, and TXT from anywhere in the world. The most significant thing about Octoparse is you are not required to write any codes. The system is automated, and the behind-the-scenes jobs have been done for you.

This review scraper tool helps you bypass any blocks or restrictions you might otherwise encounter by simulating online human behaviour. On pricing, Octoparse offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to carry out 10 scraping tasks. $75/month for the Standard Plan and $208/month for the Professional Plan, each of which comes with a 5-day money-back guarantee. The Enterprise Plan subscription amount is not stated but it has far more features than all other plans.

Octoparse Pros Octoparse Cons
Easy to use Can be slow for some websites
Powerful Doesn't support as many websites as some other tools
Supports a wide range of features

10. SerpAPI — Best for Scraping Apple Store Reviews

Designed with the ability to scrape reviews from over 150 countries, serpAPI stands out for scraping Apple App Store reviews. Using a product ID, you can get as many reviews of that product as you want. You can get the product ID from the URL of the app. For better results, specify the country you want to scrape reviews from. SerpAPI is built with a friendly interface for even beginners who are looking to make the best of reviews.

It has a built-in CAPTCHA solver that mimics what humans do. This is to ensure that you have a seamless extraction process at a speed of 2.5 seconds per request without needing browser automation.Each request runs immediately without waiting for the results of the previous request, and the data collected are exported in JSON. You don't have to build and maintain scraper API as this has been done for you. This scraper tool has a free plan that allows you to scrape up to 100 reviews.

SerpAPI Pros SerpAPI Cons
Fast Doesn't support as many features as some other tools
Reliable Can be complex to use
Supports a wide range of Apple Store features


What is the importance of scraping customer reviews?

Customer reviews are important in diverse ways. Amongst them are for making business decisions such as using the feedback or experiences of customers to further make products or services better.

This helps to boost the brand's image and trust, so much that potential customers would want to try them out. Also, customer reviews help give a boost to a brand's search engine ranking due to keywords customers use in their reviews, therefore further boosting their traffic on their online store. In this digital age, brands want to ensure all hands are on deck to improve their customer experience, and reviews come in handy in that regard

The short answer to this is yes. Scraping publicly available data on review platforms in an automated way is legal as long as the intention or purpose behind it is pure and not:

Are review scraping tools free?

Yes. Some review scrapers are free while some are paid. Depending on the task at hand, you can use either of them. If you have a small scraping task, using a free scraping tool is advised. But if you have a large task at hand, you should consider using a paid subscription. The reason is there are limits to how much data you can scrape with free plans. Also, some features remain unavailable to you until you commit some money with your credit card and choose a paid subscription plan. Overall, you should stick to what works best for you.


Contrary to popular opinion that scraping reviews is illegal, scraping publicly available data on the Internet is not illegal. As long as the motive behind it is not to cause harm. Many businesses are tapping into this form of feedback to make their services to customers better.

Also, to get leads and convert prospects into loyal customers. Your brand has just got better with this information. We do hope that you will make the best out of collecting reviews. So go ahead and make great business decisions with this innovative method of marketing and brand building.

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