Casetify Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

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If you are looking for a trendy yet functional case and other accessories for your apple and android phones, we will help you out. Read about this Casetify and what the brand offers.

If you have been looking for nice phone accessories to make your smartphone look classy. Trendy, and sophisticated, then you might be thinking of buying a quality phone case. The quality phone case has gone beyond only beauty. Getting a beautiful yet trendy phone is far better than just going for a nice-looking phone case. Because of the need for phone cases as a result of numerous phones, a lot of producers dive into the manufacturing of phone cases.

The numerous phone case and accessories brands have made it very difficult for you to be able to spot durable, quality, and high functional phone accessories and cases. When going for a phone case or accessories for a phone, you will need to pay attention to the quality, the available designs, the type of phone you use, and some other key features so that you will not end up regretting why you purchased any of them.

Casetify is a brand that helps in the provision of quality phone cases and accessories of different designs that are trendy with the numerous smartphones currently in the market. They deal with smartphones and Apple phones. Thinking about how to go about with this brand? You can read this review to give you knowledge on the things you need to know about this brand and the services they offer. It will help you know if the brand is legit as it claims.

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Casetify Phone Case Review

Casetify is a brand that offers premium phone cases and other phone accessories. All their phone accessories and cases are trendy. They offer these items for android and apple phones. The brand also has a franchise with a whole lot of well-recognized organizations such as Hello Kitty, NASA, Pokemon, and other celebrities who are using their products publicly. Their products are aesthetic. This brand was founded by Wesley Ng and Ronald Yeung in Hong Kong in the year 2011.

They have the idea of making an Instagram picture as a personalized background for your phone case. You will choose the picture you and they get it customized. With the advancement of technology, the brand has gone far to introduce enhanced designs to their fashionable products. However, the brand has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California despite being founded in Hong Kong.

This review will look at the brand’s products and services, the customer's thoughts about this brand, the pros and cons of Casetify, the promotion and discounts of this brand if available, how to contact the brand for further information not contained in this review, and other important information you need to know.

Casetify Pros

Casetify Cons

Why We Like Casetify

They have different phone cases for Apple and Android products ranging from simple beautiful designs, customized designs to trendy designs. It may not give you all-time protection but it is good for your phone. Some of the best-sellers are The classic clear case, Casetify Custom Marble iPhone Case, Casetify Vintage Floral Watercolor Case, Casetify Custom Glow in the Dark Glitter Case, Casetify Black Cat Florals Case, Casetify Chocolate Labrador Case, etc. You can get them for an average of $65 while customized ones vary.

Customer Review

The customer review on this brand Casetify found out that there have been huge customer reviews with more positive feedback which has played an important role in the overall growth of the brand. Most customers are happy with the brand stating that the brand has phone cases with beautiful designs. The brand only knows that aside from just providing beautiful designs, they need to create a protective case which some feedback states how bulky the cases are. It is good for protection. They also aim to provide trendy yet functional phone cases and accessories.

I made use of Trust pilot as my review website where I got all the necessary kinds of feedback I needed to carry out my analysis on this brand. I did not rely alone on customer ratings on the official website of Casetify because they may end up adding only the feedback they want to display. There is a 4.0-star rating on the Trust pilot with above 60% excellent remarks which is a very good outcome. The rating was based on the case, other accessories, customer service, other services, shipping, pricing, their quality, their beautiful designs, and any other relevant aspect of the brand.

I have been using this brand’s case and accessories for a very long time now, and I am very pleased. I have made a customized case of my picture, it is very lovely. My friends were pleased and got theirs immediately.

Where to Buy Casetify

There are a lot of online retailers and sources where you can get their cases and accessories.

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Is Casetify Worth It?

Most of the time, I have seen a different kinds of phone cases, some with great designs but cannot protect your phone very well while others look weird but can be very protective. Coming across Casetify, I can now understand the effort put in place by this brand to ensure their phone cases are trendy with great design yet function (protective).

The brand also enjoys a high percentage of positive reviews from their customers which further boosts their performance in making sure they maintain it. There are some others like free shipping over orders above $35. You can also enjoy returns when it is damaged. Why not take advantage of this brand and enjoy its services while your phone looks trendy yet protected. I recommend this brand.

Casetify Discounts

You can enjoy some discounts and also shop while you patronize Casetify

Casetify Contact

If you have more questions or you want to inquire about this brand that is beyond this review, you can reach them via the following


Q. What is the return policy of Casetify?

You can make returns in case of any damage. When you want to make returns, the company requires you to take a picture of the damaged order and try to contact them immediately, there is a 10-day return policy. So all returns must take place within 10 days of receiving your shipment. If you do not communicate with the company about your return, it will not be acknowledged.

However, if you are returning a customized case and the fault is not totally from a company, you will have to share the loss equally. This means they will refund 50% of the amount. Your shipping cannot be refunded and refunds payment will be made the same method when you ordered.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Casetify?

This brand offers international shipping. You can expect your order to be processed and dispatched within 1 to 3 working days. If you are making an order from the US, you can expect your shipment to arrive within 6 to 12 working days, while international shipping will take around 5 to 23 working days to arrive. It also depends on your location. You can enjoy free shipping for items worth above $35 after the discount. Your order may attract charges for customs and duties due to your country’s shipping policy.

Q. Where is Casetify produced?

The review could not find the exact location where these products are being produced. However, the company can be traced to Honk Kong and the United States. Where their headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. The review is sure that the brand is produced within these two locations.


Getting trendy phone cases for your smartphones such as apple and android is very common. This is why Casetify offers quality, durable, and functional phone cases and other accessories with customized and trendy designs. Their phone cases are fashionable, trendy, and highly functional for the protection of your phone. This review will help you make your decision.

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