Gazelle Phones Review: Is It Safe to Buy from There?

Carl M. Peterson
Do you know that you can purchase and dispose of old phones, tablets, and other electronic accessories under one platform at an affordable price while making passive income and disposing of old electronics? Get to know Gazelle Phones as one of the top-rated marketplaces on the internet.

Staying with old phones and other electronic accessories is stressful. If you need help with what to do with your old electronics, then we are here to give you direction. You are here because you want to dispose of the old phone, make passive income, or get new electronic gadgets at an affordable price. Regardless of the reason, this is a perfect place.

Never waste your time hassling where to sell old or new electronic gadgets. Although donating is good, you can still make something out of your old phone. On the Gazelle Phone marketplace, everything is simpler than ever. You can buy new phones and accessories at an affordable price but still sell your old electronic devices from popular brands like apple and Samsung.

Gazelle is a top-rated marketplace since it has simplified selling and purchasing electronic gadgets online. Let us find out if the market is safe and simple to use and whether it is convenient to make cash. We will dive deep into details about the products and selling and buying process, but also, customer reviews are important to consider while making an informed decision. Here we move to the company overview.

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Gazelle Phones Review

Gazelle is a marketplace that was first launched online in 200. This was an idea of the two duos, Verne Harnish and Israel Ganot. The two got the mindset that if people can find a place to sell and buy cars online, there must be a marketplace where they can also buy and sell old phones and electronic accessories.

Today, Gazelle is a perfect e-commerce site where you can buy new phones, MacBooks, tablets, etc., at affordable prices and sell your old electronic devices to make passive income. The platform consists of products from popular brands such as Samsung, LG, Apple, and Google. Because of the quality service, convenient operation, and guaranteed safety, the marketplace has also been featured on famous media outlets like  NBC News, The New York Times, and Good Morning America. The guys are expanding, and we are also following them.

And 6 years later, in 2014, they first launched their store to offer pre-owned and certified electronic devices. The company is trying its best to ensure that they not only provide customers the cost-effective devices but also makes the whole process convenient and certifiable at all costs. As you can see, the brand is environmentally sustainable as it recycles old electronic devices while saving money; they sell you efficient, effective, and safe devices. The company currently has its headquarters situated in San Diego, California.

Hence, if you want to sell or buy electronic devices at an affordable price, look out for the Gazelle. If you are not content, we go to the next step. We will ensure that you are satisfied with what Gazelle offers you online by the end of the reviews, from the customers' feedback and best-selling products to the discounts and contact details. This leads us to the pros and cons of Gazelle Phones based on real experience.

Gazelle Pros:

Gazelle Cons:

Why We Like Gazelle 

Gazelle is a unique marketplace where you can trade your used electronic gadget or buy a new pre-owned device at an affordable price. This is one of their selling points, and their team inspects the items for authenticity to ensure that both the buyer and sellers are kept safe, with guaranteed fast payment. The site is legit and trustable, with multiple positive reviews, as we will see in the next section.

Marketplace has an impressive user interface and simple switching. Thus, to help you grasp the brand well, we will need to go into their services and what they have or buy from you.

The Best Trading Gazelle iPhone

Other than buying, Gazelle also purchases all sorts of iPhones. They offer one of the affordable pricing plans when you want to buy, which ranges from $ 49 to $1004, depending on the mode you have or want to buy. All phones undergo the 30-point quality inspection and come with a 30-day free trial policy alongside the chargers. Besides the iPhone, they also engage in buying and selling the Samsung. LG and other popular brands.

Therefore, their most selling iPhone models include iPhone 11 64 GB AT&T; though slightly used, the phone guarantees you the 120-degree ultra-wide lens and is still in good condition. The other type of iPhone is iPhone XS Max 256 GB Unlocked and compared to others, this phone is faster by 15% with power maintained above 50%. It is amazing and features super retina OLED besides its amazing color display. In the store, they also have the famous iPhone 8 64 GB Verizon, which does not have any frill attached to it but works perfectly using the bionic chip.

When it comes to what they are buying, you can sell them multiple used iPhones that range from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 pro max, But the pricing varies where they consider the situation like broken, good, fair, and flawless.

The Best Trading Gazelle Macbook

This is the perfect place to go if you want to purchase an affordable MacBook. Also, when you want to dispose of something while making passive income, Gazelle is here to grab one. Although Macbooks are quite expensive, they are all available for you to purchase. Some popular MacBooks have to vary and range from the original MacBook to the MacBook pro and MacBook air. Their pricing varies from $259 going up to $2789.

Like iPhones, this MacBook also goes through the 30-point quality inspection and 30 days window return policy that covers chargers. The popular MacBook is Macbook Pro 15″ Touch Mid-2017, which has an efficient core i7 in the 2.9Ghz and guarantees efficiency without interfering with the speed.

The next best-selling MacBook is the Macbook 12″ Mid 2017, which is a perfect option for photographers, designers as well as video editors as they offer you access to the high definition content with its 512GB SSD; it is capable of downloading multiple files as long as it is kept in the perfect condition.

On the platform, you will also find the famous Macbook Pro 15″ Touch Late 2016 on sale. It is the best laptop with a solid display, promised efficiency, and dependable storage space. It features the core i7 2.7 Ghz drive for faster speed and multipurpose.

However, when you have a MacBook which you want to dispose of, the Gazelle marketplace also has ready cash to collect your device. Mostly, they buy Apple products whose pricing depends on the year, current condition, GHz, and Generation. They are currently purchasing the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro with particular specs, which you can confirm from their website.

The Best Trading Gazelle iPad

Besides the MacBook and iPhone, this marketplace also engages in the selling and buying of the latest as well as old iPad gadgets. They have a huge collection in their store when you are aiming to purchase a pre-owned iPad. However, pricing varies from $99 to $1149, and color depends on your preference. The choice you can make as well can be based on the storage. That is not for us here, but we have collected some of the best-selling iPad you can get from the Gazelle site.

These include iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation and its model also varies from silver-gray, unlocked, and access to storage up to 256GB. This is best for photos and downloading files and is portable to walk around with. The gadget features a built-in true tone and the self-adjustment white color balancing tool, which guarantees you a 10-hour battery life.

hey also have iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation. This is another iPad that is made with the capability to carry out hard tasks, including running photoshop. It also has a 12MP camera besides the AR feature and 4K resolution.

We can't mention the popular iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon. This one is well known for making the photos and text appear sharper and for features 300 px per inch to make it effective.

The platform still buys old iPad from customers to refurbish and sell to the customers. Like other devices, the money they will pay you for your old gadget depends on the storage, condition, production year, and whether it is compatible with WiFi or unlocked and Generation.

Currently, they are buying old Apple models such as Apple iPad 4th generation, 6th Generation, 6th Generation, iPad pro, iPad mini, and ip[ad air. All these electronic devices also have the specs requirements. You can access the criteria from the website.

Customer Review

With amazing customer feedback, you can easily make a decision. For you to be convinced enough that the Gazelle phones are high quality, we must also consider the customers' reviews. There are multiple sites that we covered in this article. But they all have different perspectives on quality, pricing, and customer support.

Therefore, we will start by looking at the reviews of the official website The brand has sold millions of the devices from their official stores, and you can attest that this brand has an excellent rating of 4.5 stars after the whooping 12314 plus reviews. The review indicates that no strings and contracts are attached to these gadgets. All customers complement the brand. For both buyers and sellers, the experience is great. Here is a sample feedback that one customer left:

"I am highly grateful to you guys for being so efficient and prompt. I got a great deal on a used smartphone in like-new status. A five-star performance."

Even when you look at Trustpilot, the reviews are still terrific. With a 3.9 stars rating after 3311 reviews, this is a great rating and deserves a thumbs up. a US-based customer leaves a review that says everything about the brand on Trustpilot. Here we go:

"From beginning to end, the overall process was simple! I got my quote online, asked the shipping label and stocking slip, mailed the parcel, and didn't have to wait long to hear back that my ideal credit was fully prepared!"

The same rating also is seen on Sitejabber, where out of the 986 reviews, the devices and company at large get 3.1 stars, indicating customers are happy with the orders they received. There are many other external sites with reviews. Reseller Ratings has 2.53 stars, and the Banzinga blog also rates the brand 4 stars.

You can get excellent reviews on the Dollar Sprout and Leah Ingram, YouTube videos, and quora. All these customer reviews are outstanding, and there is nothing to stop us as well from complementing it.

Where to Buy Gazelle Phones

In simple terms, Gazelle is a marketplace; besides buying, they also sell pre-owned electronic devices at a lower price. Therefore, their official store is the only place to access these Gazelle phones. You can exclusively access them at

Therefore, you must follow simple steps to sell or trade-in your old device. The steps are similar regardless of the device as long as you have it listed on the webpage.

First, you need to locate the item you want to sell, then access the terms and conditions you must meet, and once you commit to it, the marketplace will resent you with the price. When you proceed, you will have to include the means of payment. After that, you must deactivate cellular services, turn off things like tracking and ship it to the Gazelle store for verification and then you will be paid.

Otherwise, our research never spotted any online retailers that deal with the swift selling of Gazelle phones and other accessories.

Are Gazelle Phones Worth It?

Gazelle phones are one of the perfect alternatives, especially with the increasing prices of electronic devices worldwide. Gazelle offers multiple phones, electronic gadgets, and accessories. Therefore, for any person targeting particular electric products online, you can head to this marketplace and sell your old device to obtain a new one at an affordable price. This is what has made the brand so popular around the world and got a strong reputation.

Still, they are fighting to conserve our environment because they are trying to recycle all electronic devices and sell pre-owned items to the public. These products are sold at an affordable price that is attractive to many people. Both the selling and buying process is not only safe but also simple and convenient for all parties. Therefore, looking at online reviews, there is numerous feedback praising the marketplace for many reasons.

Hence, with the simple user interface and many things like a huge collection of electronic devices, great pricing, and excellent customer support, we are delighted to conclude that Gazelle phones are worth a try. You can buy and sell only devices which help you earn passive income rather than throwing it.

Gazelle Phones Discounts

This review should also determine if the company has something to save on its budget. Thus, in the research, we discovered that Gazelle has lucrative deals. First of all, there is a reward program. This is where new members sign up and earn 100 points immediately. And from any dollar you spend on the marketplace, you are entitled to receive one point. You can access all these points by following them on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

In addition, when you sell an old device through the platform, you get a right to receive $20 as a credit, which you can utilize in buying other electronic devices.

Besides free standard shipping, Gazelle also provides you with up to 20% off on particular products. If you look keenly, at the time of writing this review, we also noted the availability of the sales and discounts but only applicable to particular items. Lastly, when you are in the Military, you are entitled to enjoy things like 10% off on electronic devices. Subscribe to the newsletter and stay updated with these deals once the company drops them.

Gazelle Phones Contact

As always, the reviews above might not have addressed all your questions, but at least you have the basics. Moreso, the company also has given out the means through which you can reach out to them.

There is a phone number listed on their platform for emergency calls when you have a concern that is 1-800-429-3553. This phone number is operational from Monday to Sunday, from 6 am to 5 pm EST. They also have a live chat button that you can use to contact them. It is efficient and fast enough to reach out to the support team. Besides, send them an email address to the account

Otherwise, these guys are also active on their social media accounts. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Either way, the team promised you a reply within the shortest time possible.


Q: Is Gazelle Marketplace reliable and safe?

Based on the customer's rating and our experience using the website, the marketplace is safe, reliable, convenient, and simple. Their services are one-time, fast, certifiable, and simple. They also ensure that their products, whether sold or bought, are all authenticated and in good condition.

Q: Does Gazelle refurbish their pre-owned phones?

First of all, the thing here is that all the Gazelle products are pre-owned. This means the take through the certification process, which also goes hand in hand with the light refurbishing process. This takes at least 30 points for electronic inspection of the device functionality.

Q: How long does it take for the seller to get paid on the Gazelle platform?

The time depends on when your item will take to be shipped to the warehouse of these guys, which is located in Louisville-Kentucky. Once the item has been received, the company takes 7 days to process your payment and wire it to your account.

Also, remember that Gazelle has 3 basic payment methods. If not PayPal, you can select between the amazon gift card or receive a check from the USPS. You can track the USPS shipping with your account by monitoring the offer. Meanwhile, Gazelle takes about 5 business days to inspect the device before paying you the due date. When shipping a check, it takes ten business days to deliver to you.

Q: Can I sell locked phones on Gazelle?

If you have a locked electronic device and wish to sell it to Gazelle, these guys will find out the contact information on the gadget and seek verification from the owner first. They take this step only to ensure that all their products are not stolen or the owner lost them. Authenticity is their priority.

Q: Does the Gazelle product come with a warranty?

Though from our research, we discovered that marketplace products come with a warranty, it is only applicable if there is a mechanical or accidental breakdown. This is a warranty life policy. However, the warranty is only applied to the selected items, which you can access at the checkout point. For more details, visit the Gazelle webpage.

Q: Does Gazelle have a shipping policy?

The company is clear, and all orders are shipped within 2 business days. The main shipping means they use are USPS, Fedex home delivery, and FedEx ground delivery.

Immediately after you place the order, the company sends you the tracking link through your email. All customers who order the Gazelle products qualify for free shipping services to the destination.

Q: What is the return policy for Gazelle products?

Fortunately, Gazelle offers a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. But for the item to be eligible, it must be in its original state. But you have to contact the technical team to initiate the return process and explain why you want to return the item to the store.

When the team is satisfied with the explanation, they will offer you a prepaid return label through FedEx ground or USPS. The company will process and refund you within 5 business days when the company receives your device. However, the company charges you $15 as the restocking fee on all returns, which is deducted from the refunds.


From the above article, Gazelle is a reliable marketplace for selling and buying affordable pre-owned electronic devices. They offer a wide selection of devices from popular manufacturers. It has received countless positive feedback for its simple process, fast, efficient, convenient payment, and guaranteed safety.

Gazelle is a perfect marketplace if you want to dispose of your old phone or electronic device, make passive income, and buy a new refurbished electronic device. The team is particular about their high standard and ensures your item is authenticated for safety. Go for it and enjoy a hustle-free selling and buying experience.

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