12 Best Phone Case Brands: Choose the Best for Your New Phone

Billy C. Williams
Even though phones are our most important devices, they are also very fragile. One simple slip could leave your phone with a cracked or shattered screen. That's why taking precautions and equipping your phone with the best phone case brands is crucial. While there are so many available options, here are the 12 best phone case brands that offer optimum protection.

Phones are devices that we always carry around with us. Given their high value, you'll not want to intentionally or unintentionally damage them. That's why you're looking for a case to protect your phone. A well-made case can help protect your phone from scratches and the wear and tear of everyday use. It can also help prevent your phone's screen from cracking if you drop it.

Unfortunately, so many phone case brands are on the market, making it difficult to find the right one for your phone. This article will narrow the list to the 12 best phone case brands. Keep reading to learn more.

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1. Otterbox

Otterbox makes the best heavy-duty protective cases for popular phone models. They are made of high-quality materials and have many features, including a built-in holster, transparent backs, and multi-layer construction to offer maximum protection.

Additionally, Otterbox cases come in fascinating designs and colors that will give your phone a new look. By partnering with popular brands like Marvel and Disney, you're in for an impressive selection of customized phone cases.

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2. Spigen

Spigen is another popular brand known for its slim liquid-crystal cases. It offers a variety of phone cases, from the regular Thin Fit and Rugged Armor brands to the specialized Mag Armor and Cryo Armor that address various concerns. Spigen has remained a top brand by pushing itself to consistently produce new durable cases at hard-to-beat prices. The company also offers a range of screen protectors and other accessories for various devices.

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3. Urban Armor Gear

Known for brand quality and most rugged phone cases, Urban Amor Gear is perfect for an outdoorsy person. They offer durable cases with modern designs that will please anyone. Thanks to their lifetime warranties, you'll get the best protective cases for your phone. They also have anti-microbial properties and affordable prices, starting as low as $10. Technically, Urban Armor Gear ensures you get a good bargain without worrying about leaving your phone vulnerable.

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4. Ringke

Ringke does an excellent job of protecting your phone from everyday exposure. They offer shock-resistant and rugged cases for a wide variety of smartphone models. However, Ringke mostly focuses on creating transparent cases. Their design features thicker edges with complete transparency. This allows you to show off your phone's exterior while protecting it.

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5. Speck

Speck designs mobile phone cases that are lightweight but highly protective. They are available in different colors, patterns, stripes, and more to cater to your needs. While people love Speck cases for their desirable designs, their grip capability is the most distinctive selling point. Speck focuses on helping protect phones from falls, drops, bumps, and slips. Therefore, Speck phone cases come with effective grip materials and surfaces that allow you to show off while holding onto them simultaneously.

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6. Poetic

Poetic is also a reliable phone case brand that offers all-around protection for your device. This brand offers an impressive selection of durable, rugged protective cases for various devices. After joining the market in 2011, Poetic focused on producing authentic products that are unique in appearance. Therefore, Poetic phone cases come in a wide range of colors and feature a multi-layer construction, built-in screen protectors, slim designs, and kickstands, giving your phone a unique look and maximum protection.

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7. Mous

Mous offers some of the most stylish phone cases on the market. Unlike other brands, Mous offers cases with unique textures, including wood, carbon fiber, and leather. Regardless of your choice, Mouse cases are highly protective while remaining sleek and stylish. They offer drop and scratch protection, shock resistance, and a wide selection for your phone.

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8. Tech21

Tech21 offers well-designed smartphone cases that blend elegance with high-quality protection. They are available in various colors and designs, from transparent to patterned to plain color schemes. This company produces reliable phone cases made of high-quality materials that offer maximum protection in that your phone can withstand a 10ft drop.

Additionally, Tech21 phone cases also offer a textured grip and complete scratch resistance. Among its many products is the Evo range, which is fully biodegradable and includes bacterial and UV-light resistance features.

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9. Nomad

Nomad made a breakthrough into the phone accessories world with a minimalist, ultra-portable charger. It then focused on producing high-quality Apple product accessories. Among its many innovations is the phone case specifically for iPhones.

Nomad utilizes its minimalist styles to produce well-designed cases with sustainability and quality. Unfortunately, Nomad is not a top choice for Android users. Irrespective, its selection of Apple product cases and accessories makes it one of the best phone case brands.

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10. Moshi

Moshi delivers high-quality cases that exude elegance and artistry using clean, minimalist construction. The company aims to achieve sustainability and serenity in all its products, something it has excelled in through its phone cases. They are made with a wide range of quality materials and have a 10-year Global warranty meaning they provide long-term protection. In addition to the varying color variation and sleek designs, Moshi also allows customers to customize their purchases. Technically, you can buy a smartphone case, a screen protector, and any other product you choose.

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11. Incipio

Incipio is another brand that offers the best phone cases around. These cases are well-designed and highly tested to ensure quality is achieved. They can provide drop protection of up to 14 feet and include a multi-directional grip form that prevents your phone from slipping in all directions.

They also come in a wide array of designs, colors, and patterns. Additionally, Incipio also includes an environmentally friendly option, the Organicore, which is made from biodegradable materials making it environmentally friendly.

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12. Smartish

Smartish is another popular brand known for making life easier through its fascinating wallet cases. This brand understands that you may have valuable cards you'll want to keep you all the time. That's why their wallet phone cases allow you to carry cards and cash along with your phone. Smartish phone cases are also available in unique colors and patterns, including animal prints, marble designs, and floral patterns.

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Protecting your phone's lifeline and keeping it in pristine condition starts with getting a high-quality phone case. We have looked at the 12 best phone case brands that can help protect your phone from all sorts of damage and scratches. Therefore, as you spend hundreds of bucks buying a new phone, look at the phone case brands discussed above to keep your phone looking brand new, among other benefits.

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