Lab Series Skincare Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Looking to try out the new era of men's skincare products formulated with advanced ingredients? Lab series skincare is here at your disposal. Read our article and gauge if it's worth the money.

As it might sound, many people turn out to be kids in a candy shop when they try to imagine getting unique beauty products. Even countless brands online offer skincare and makeup or beauty products to the market. However, a countable number of companies specialize in men's products. Though many firms are developing unique and specifically designed products targeting men, the market is still open to more innovative brands.

While on vacation, our experts tried out multiple new brands that provide skin care products for men. Lab Series Skincare products were on the list of brands that were new to many people; their result was consistent with the claim online. The company has developed from the formulation to the physical packaging, bringing a new era for men's skincare products.

In this article, we will base our analysis of the Lab Series skincare products from the company overview to the evaluation based on the promotions and customer feedback and highlight some of the best-selling products on the market today. Regardless of your needs, Lab Series has cutlery; have a seat, and let's eat.

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Lab Series Skincare Review

Lab Series is a company offering radical skincare products to the market with a vast collection to select from, but it majorly targets men. One thing that makes Lab Series unique is that they do not focus on a particular lifestyle or any other goal besides the vision to shape the reputation of men through natural products.

The company has this featured in numerous publications, including New York Magazine, with a significant social media presence. Historically, the brand was founded by The Estee Lauder firm established in the 1940s. Joseph and Estee Lauder, an American couple, founded Estee Lauder.

In the decision of Aramis as well as Designer fragrance, Lab Series established a particular skincare formulation that has been on the market since 1987. Today, these Lab Series skincare products are available in over 30 countries worldwide. Besides men's skincare products focusing on anti-aging and complexion, Lab Series skincare products ensure that by all means to achieve this goal.

However, these skincare products are designed to meet the needs of a modern man featuring all-in-one ingredients for any skincare product and are effective with any routine. This firm prides itself on having two approaches when dealing with men's skincare products. Pro LS gives men a fast and effective outcome through daily routine products, while Max LS targets reducing aging signs as these products are rich in advanced systems and powerful ingredients.

Beneath the two categories, numerous products can be selected while accomplishing your vision. The product ranges from cleansing to anti-aging and shaving products. These are shave, eye, LIp, water lotion, clean, moisturizer, travel size, suncare, serum, etc. Therefore, through their professional experts in the skincare industry, the company has extreme focus and presents an extensive lineup to handle all men's skincare needs from any angle.

They aim to give you the preferred lifestyle and fit in worldwide society. As part of the routine, we also have to sum up the brand overview by comparing the pros and cons of the Lab Series skincare products. From our experience, here is a highlight.

Lab Series Skincare Pros:

Lab Series Skincare Cons:

Why We Like Lab Series Skincare

Lab Series is a famous brand offering an extensive collection of cosmetic products though it targets men on the market. Besides using sustainable packaging, we also love the brand for countless reasons. These guys have an extensive collection of products on their website, feature a simple user interface to navigate, and they are easily accessible.

On top of that, they have got multiple positive reviews online, as we are about to see. To break it down for you, in this section, we will present you with some of the best-selling skincare products for men. This will cut down your research time and guide you in making decisions.

The Best-Selling Lab Series Skincare Products for Men

Ladies aside, men also want to meet their skincare needs. Although many alternative brands are online, their products do not outshine Lab Series Skincare products. This is because this company considers anti-aging ingredients as well as razor burn. Say no more to traditional men's skincare products. Break the mold and reach out to trendy products and stay to the brim with the technology.

There are reasons why we have highlighted some of the best-sellers considering the pricing, the customer ratings, formulations, and many more things. Upgrade the facial and skincare routine today with these products. Starting the list is Age Rescue Water-Charged Gel Cream. The formula is infused with ginseng, which helps remove aging signs. In other words, it provides men with powerful hydration and skin repair power.

If you go to the essence, there is Solid Water Essence, and this one is ideal for removing all skin dirt or grime, guaranteeing no dry skin effect. It also features Ginseng ingredients blended with caffeine to evade a fatigued appearance and bring a youthful skin look. Another cream worth mentioning is Cooling Shave Cream.

It is perfect because it is designed to simultaneously cool, protect, and invigorate. You can raise the razor with his cream while shaving; you will never experience irritation. Hence, it is effective even on the sensitive skin type.

The list of best-selling skincare products for men from the Lab Series is extensive. It contains Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask featuring magical elements from clays, leaf extract, and charcoal, thus effectively purifying and detoxifying. MAX LS Power V Lifting Lotion is a 5 in one product that gives you immediate hydration, facilitates natural collagen, and lifts or sculpts your facial appearance.

MAX LS Power V Lifting Serum is made to target the anti-aging regimen hence mix your pore with hydration and remove the greasy residue to give you a healthy and radiant skin appearance. PRO LS All-In-One Hydrating Gel is an ultra-lightweight moisturizer responsible for soothing, freshening, and immediately cooling the skin—designed to apply on the neck and face twice a day for max cleansing power.

In addition, PRO LS All-In-One Face Treatment is essential for men. Fortifying skin, replenishing, and calming effect. This helps in fighting wrinkles and skin lines.

Lastly, we have the AutoPilot option. You can also subscribe to the subscription plan for automatic delivery. This is a good move because the company offers door-to-door shipments with plenty of discounts and promotions. You only need to select the products and decide the frequency, as the customer can cancel the plan.

Customer Review

Lab Series skincare review decided to go on a different approach and listen to what customers had to say from their experience. The research indicates countless sites with the Lab Series customer feedback and individual blogs. Most people were amazed at these products, and the results were promising.

Thus, online feedback came across Amazon. The Multi-action face wash gets a 4.6-star rating after 465 global reviews. This is impressive to anyone who wishes to get these skincare products for men.

There is also a detailed review on the Byrdie website, from which the author ranks it the leading brand for men's skincare products. It is well known for its elevated skincare regimen targeting men. Adore Beauty generalizes these skincare products as All-in-one men's skincare products. From the basic information to the best-selling products, the author of the blog concludes with a recommendation:-

"If you've ever sought something that instantly brightens, calms, hydrates, and smoothes your skin, this is it!" The built-in blurring & colored technology reduces redness, smoothens the appearance of pores, and increases skin tone overall. Essentially, it assists your skin in getting its sh*t done."

On the Daily Vanity site, the author praises these skincare products because they make a man feel softer, younger, and healthier within a short time. The blog's author, Vstyle for Men, gives an honest experience with the products in detail with a clear verdict. But the brand scores a 4.5-star rating from 111 reviews when it comes to Try and Review. Customers are happy with their purchases.

The Men's Flair site also lists the company as a trending firm with perfect men's skincare products. The same applies to the Uncleteh Peng website, where the editor gives the experience in detail, highlighting the contents of a few products. Escentual sums up the range review that covers multiple sections.

Thus, most customers are impressed with the results of these Lab Series skincare products. They are worth trying.

Where to Buy Lab Series Skincare

Struggling to purchase Lab Series skincare products? Worry no more. There are plenty of stores from where you can access these products. Thus, if you are based in the US, you can place your order at the official store at Customers outside the continental US can also place orders from online retail stores. The brand has partnered with multiple online retailers. The research indicates that these retailers are found not only in Canada but also in the US. they include:-

Still, you can use their website's Lab series store locator feature to access your area's nearby stores.

Is Lab Series Skincare Worth It?

Professionals and leaders with reputable experience in the beauty industry manage the brand Lab Series. Many customers who have purchased these products are satisfied and praise the products for their guaranteed results and impressive experience. While we accept that some products are expensive, considering the PRO LS products, we attest they are worth the price tag. Although there are also limited claims, the Lab Series is worth trying if you are into men's skincare products.

Still, Lab Series gives the Afterpay service as an alternative payment plan for the installment when operating on a fixed budget. Many customers have bought these products using this method without extreme difficulties in budgeting.

However, the side effects and formation changes are sometimes a concern. However, we agree that the impact comes in due to the skin condition being based on the individual's preferences, and the brand is not rated as ineffective. If you are unsatisfied with these products, Lab Series has an impressive return policy with a guaranteed full refund.

The brand has fantastic features. Lab Series does not sell its products to customers based on the latest bandwagon and gimmicks. The products are designed with essential ingredients making them more effective in handling different skin conditions.

The product comes in the 50s packaging, and by visiting their website, you can agree that navigating it is simple. The company presents the products and lets them sell themselves. For the above reasons, if you want to try unique men's skincare products, then Lab Series skincare products are worth your attention.

Lab Series Skincare Discounts

This is where most customers love reading. And we have good news for you today. The company has plenty of offers running at the moment. From the research, we were able to spot a few. Among them is the memorial day weekend exclusive offers, where the brand offers the free best-selling trio Lab Series  DOPP kit on any order that adds from $85 and above.

If you are a new member and decide to sign up for the mailing list, then you stand a chance to get the 15% off on the first order. Their website offers personalized skincare products above which customers can pay through Afterpay services. There is also a purchase on the autopilot. When a customer subscribes to this plan, you get 10% off on all orders and, on top of that, enjoy free shipping.

On the birthday gifts, you can still get $15 off on orders totaling $75 and above. Though a frequent sales section on the site goes up to 40% off, the offer is only available to the selected items. The autop[ilot plan is only available for US-based residents, and the package features free samples.

Lab Series Skincare Contact

Facebook and Instagram platforms are among the few social media places you can interact, engage and contact the Lab series customer case. However, that does not limit your reach to these platforms; you can still address your queries through multiple methods. Our research also indicates that the brand has listed the phone number on the site for support.

Call them at 1-866-316-4819, or you can compose a mail and send it to From their website, you can also opt for the contact form, fill in detail and your concern and share it with the team. Unfortunately, the phone service is only operational Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 10 pm, while on weekends, the team is available from 10 am to 8 pm ET.


Q. Where are Lab Series skincare products made from?

Lab Series does not come out clearly from their website in their manufacturing process. The company claims that the data is classified and only available to the corporate insiders linked to The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. This beauty firm owns the brand we mentioned in the article.

Q. How can I use Lab Series skincare products?

The products are applied to your skin. However, we do not encourage you to utilize the electric solution to the lips; instead, to their own. The products, from serums to creams or masks, are simple to apply directly to the skin, as their website outlines. If you feel challenged using either of the products, you can directly go to the Product usage page on the official website beneath each product and access the instructions.

Q. Are Lab Series products vegan?

We cannot locate any information from our research based on the claim that some products are all-natural. Neither the official website cannot feature such information as the ingredients are concerned.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Lab Series brand?

When writing this review, we discovered that the company only offered US shipping services, including territories except for Palau. Therefore if you want to utilize priority shipping, then to enable the company to process and ship the same day, you must place an order before 3 pm EST. From The information, the shipping charge is only accessible at the checkout and depends on the total amount of the order. Some of the costs for each shipping are as follows.

Standard shipping is free for all US-based orders and takes 2 to 5 business days to arrive, while the 2nd day costs you 10 to 15 bucks, and delivery is estimated to be within 2 days. Then, overnight costs you 15 to 20 dollars, and transit takes 1 day to reach your destination. Also, from the website, the company concluded that all orders to the US territories and APO/FPO, DPO, and postal addresses do not qualify for overnight and 2nd-day shipping services.

Q. What is the return policy of the Lab Series company?

If you realize that the series skincare products are ineffective in your kin, the comp[gives you second thoughts about returning the products; you only have to call them through the above contact number or mail them to the That way, you would have initiated the return process, and the company will prepare a free return label for your order.

You must also mention whether you want an exchange or a standard refund. Returning the products is simple. Once they send you the return label, make sure you print, pack the items in the box, seal the box using the prepaid label, and head to the USP or UPS pickup point to return the order. Still, you can return the products in case they come damaged. You only need to have the order number and phone number alongside the email address on the portal and inform them through the mail immediately.


Lab Series is a cosmetic brand serving men with high-quality and reputable skincare products. These guys understand the needs of the men's skin and play around with psychology. The products are designed using advanced technology for high performance and feature guaranteed active ingredients.

The cornerstone of the Lab series is science. While the collection is extensive, the PRO LS is the perfect option, combining all the advanced face essentials like fast-absorbing ingredients and superlight formula. The brand gives men value for their money.

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