13 Best Chocolate Brands in the World 2023

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Are you a chocoholic who's always on the hunt for the best quality chocolate? Indulge in the world of chocolate with our list of the 13 best chocolate brands. From Lindt to Mars, discover the finest chocolate made with high-quality ingredients and unique flavors.

If there's one thing that unites us all is the love for chocolate. Whether you are a dark chocolate enthusiast or a milk chocolate lover, nothing quite beats the feeling of indulging in a delicious bar of chocolate.

However, there are so many brands out there, and some of them often fail to deliver the taste experience they promise. That's why we've rounded up the 13 best chocolate brands. These chocolate brands will most certainly satisfy your cravings and leave you begging for more.

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1. Lindt

Lindt is a Swiss chocolate company that has been operating since 1845. 178 years later, Lindt is still going strong and continues to be a favorite among chocolate aficionados worldwide.

Lindt commitment to using only the finest ingredients is one of the reasons why the brand is still one of the best chocolate brands today. Lindt sources its top-quality cocoa from the world's finest-growing regions, which are Peru, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Ghana, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.

Lindt is one of the few large-scale chocolate makers that practices bean-to-bar chocolate making. In fact, the brand has received massive recognition for producing exceptional chocolate that is unmatched in quality, taste, and texture.

2. Mars

Mars has been our go-to chocolate brand for quite some time now. This company is home to several candy brands, including:

Mars, initially Mars Candy Factory, was established in 1911 by Franklin Clarence Mars and his wife, Ethel V. Mars. Mars released its first candy bar, the Milky Way bar, in 1923. The Milky Way bar not only became a best-seller but also opened doors for the company to expand into the global market.

Today, Mars continues to be a leader in the chocolate industry. The brand was actually ranked as the fourth-largest private company in the US by Forbes. Apart from its delicious candy, Mars produces food, drinks, and pet care products.

3. Hershey's

If you have not visited Heyshyland yet, you are definitely missing out. Since 1894, Hershey's has been providing premium quality, mouth-watering chocolate to customers worldwide. Currently, the brand is available in over 55 countries.

Hershey's is a proud owner of several chocolate brands, including:

In addition to its classic chocolate bars, Hershey's also manufactures sweets, cakes, mints, and milkshakes.

4. Godiva

Founded in 1926, Godiva has been delighting chocolate lovers with its exquisite creations for nearly a century. Godiva's commitment to quality and luxury has not only earned it a loyal following of fans globally but has also set it apart from other chocolate brands.

Godiva uses only the finest ingredients in its chocolate, from premium cocoa beans to high-quality dairy products. Govida's chocolates are also packaged in beautifully designed boxes, making them the perfect gift for special occasions like:

Currently, Godiva is available in over 100 countries. However, the brand aims to continue expanding its reach even further, with plans to "becoming accessible and available to our fans whenever and wherever they crave premium chocolate."

5. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is one of our favorite chocolate brands. This Italian legacy was founded in 1982 in Alba, Italy. In that same year, Ferrero Rocher was introduced in other parts of Europe.

The brand quickly became popular in Europe, and after a few years, Ferrero Rocher was launched in other countries, including:

Today, Ferrero Rocher's chocolate is sold in over 150 countries.

Ferrero Rocher's world-class chocolate bars include Milk Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate Bar with Almond, White Chocolate Bar, and Dark 55% Chocolate Bar.

6. Milka

If you are a fan of the color purple, chances are you've been tempted to pick up a bar of Milka chocolate at some point. Honestly, so have we. However, Milka's iconic purple packaging is not the only reason we've included it on the list. The brand produces smooth velvety chocolate that often leaves us craving more.

Milka chocolate products are also made with 100% Alpine milk, which gives them a uniquely rich and creamy flavor. The brand sources its cocoa from sustainable and responsible suppliers, ensuring that the farmers are paid fairly.

7. Cadbury

Cadbury is another well-known chocolate brand. This brand was founded by John Cadbury in 1824. Cadbury's first products were coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate. In 1849, the brand introduced its first-ever chocolate bar.

Today, Cadbury is known for its delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, which is available in many countries, including:

The Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar is made with milk, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, and emulsifier. Aside from the chocolate bar, Cadbury is also famous for its Creme Eggs.

8. Rusell Stover

Rusell Stover was established by Rusell Stover himself in 1923. Since its inception, Russell Stover has produced some best-sellers, including Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Egg, Dark Chocolate Marple Creme Egg, and Pectin Jelly Beans.

However, Russell Stover's most popular chocolate products are assorted chocolates. These chocolates have always been the go-to holiday snacks for many families and are often given as gifts on special occasions. Each assorted chocolate box comes with various fillings, including vanilla, nuts, and caramels.

9. Toblerone

Toblerone is another Swiss chocolate brand that has been creating top-quality chocolate bars for over a century. Toblerone started as a confectionery shop in 1868 in Bern, Switzerland. In 1899 Toblerone’s founder, Jean Tobler, launched his own chocolate factory.

To stay ahead of its competitors, the company came up with a unique chocolate bar, Toblerone, in 1908. The chocolate bar, which had a triangular shape, was made with a special recipe consisting of honey and almond nougats. The Toblerone bar became a massive hit and remains a classic favorite among chocolate fans today.

10. Nestlé

Nestlé has been manufacturing premium-quality chocolate for over 150 years. Ever since Nestlé was established, the company has been a jack of all trades producing every type of product, including:

Nestlé's chocolate products include KitKat, Aero, Smarties, and Toll House. The brand sells its product in over 150 countries.

11. Guylian

Guylian is a premium chocolate brand known for its top-quality Belgian chocolates. The brand was created in 1938 by a Belgian chocolatier, Guy Foubert. The name "Guylian" came to be in 1958 when Guy combined his first name with that of his lovely wife, Lilian.

Guylian most famous product is its seashell-shaped chocolate. Guy and Lilian were inspired to make the Seashell after spending their holiday on the Belgian Coast. The couple really enjoyed their vacation on the Coast, so they decided to create a product that would remind them of the precious moments spent there.

Besides the chocolate Seashells, Guylian also manufactures delicious chocolate truffles and chocolate-covered fruit pieces.

12. Ritter Sport

If a wide range of colors excites you, then Ritter Sport should be your go-to chocolate brand. After all, this brand produces chocolates in a variety of vibrant hues, from bright red to dark purple.

Ritter Sport was founded in 1912 by Alfred Eugen and Clara Ritter. The brand's name, "Ritter Sport," was suggested by Clara, and it comes from the idea of creating a chocolate bar that could fit into a sports jacket pocket without cracking.

Ritter Sport prides itself in using only the best ingredients, including real strawberries, high-quality grapes, California almonds, whole roasted hazelnuts, and 100% certified sustainable cocoa.

13. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli is the last chocolate brand we have on our list. This brand has been serving its customers for over 100 years. Ghirardelli started as a small confectionery shop in Peru, and in 1849, the company's founder Domenico Ghirardelli relocated to California.

Ghirardelli is widely known for its signature squire chocolates, delicious chocolate bars, and top-quality drinking powders. Ghirardelli also offers a wide range of corporate gifting options that are customized to suit any special occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries.


There are many chocolate brands today, and the above 13 best chocolate brands are among the few brands that have been able to capture the hearts and taste buds of chocolate aficionados worldwide. From the unique triangular-shaped Toblerone to Ghirardelli's exquisite chocolate squires, each of these brands has something special to offer.

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