Safeway Custom Cakes: Price, Type and How to Order

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Does Safeway offer custom cakes from their bakery or collection today? If you are eager to know, then keep reading our article and explore the Safeway cakes collection as well as customization options.

Different bakeries around the world guarantee not only ready-made but also customization. However, when it comes to Safeway, the company has established a robust name as far as baked products are concerned. Customers have diverse options to select from.

Lately, every individual has shown different preferences. Thus, many people are asking if Safeway offers custom cakes or if Safeway fills custom orders as far as cake collection is concerned. If you are in such a situation or need to prepare for the upcoming unique occasion, we will make your search simple.

Please read our article, explore the facts, and learn more about the Safeway custom cakes. We have researched for you. As our trusted reader, here is all you need.

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Does Safeway Make Custom Cakes?

Safeway bakeries not only offer ready-made cakes but also have the option to request custom cakes. These cake collections feature unique options targeting different occasions, from weddings to baby showers and birthdays.

Therefore, if you need a custom cake, you can place an order through a phone call or an in-store visit. Once you select the type of cake you need, you must specify the frosting designs, flavor, and many other aspects. When it comes to the pricing of custom cake at Safeway, it starts from 9$ to 140$.

If you want to explore more about the Safeway custom cake, how to request it, the selections, types of cakes, pricing, etc., then this is the right place for you. We have researched everything, and in this article, we are presenting you with expert findings, verified answers, and facts on the FAQs.

How to Order Safeway Custom Cake?

Safeway makes it simple but gives customers two approaches to how they can order their custom cake.

You can order a custom cake from Safeway online. Through their website, customers can browse a variety of cake designs, sizes, and flavors. After placing your order, you can collect your freshly prepared, personalized cake from your local Safeway store at a scheduled time.

The second method of ordering the Safeway custom cake is through in-store selection. Visit the nearest store and inquire more from the associate staff in the bakery department. You can proceed to place an order ASAP.

In-store ordering is the most advisable method. This is because customers and the staff get enough explanation and details to enable the bakery to fulfill your custom cake order. This will also depend on how detailed you need it to be for better results.

Safeway pricing of the custom cakes

The pricing of the custom cake varies from one design to the other, and it is dependent on the size. Thus, Safeway makes it clear that the type of cake determines the price and size of the cake for a particular occasion.

But for the general public, below is the current pricing for sheet cakes, round cakes, tier or wedding cakes, as well as cupcakes.

For the wedding cake tier, the 2-tier is going for $91.30, while the 3-tier is priced at $117.99. The cupcakes batch of 12 is currently costing customers $13.30, while a batch of 24 is going for $21.99. Round cakes have single and double layers. A single layer is priced at $8.79, while a double layer goes for $16.49. Both are 8 inches.

Moving ahead, Safeway also has the popular sheet cake. You can go for the full sheet at $55.99, half sheet at $45.99, and quarter sheet going for $29.19, while 1/8 sheet costs $19.99.

With the above pricing, you are guaranteed an affordable custom cake as well as a tasty option for any occasion. This can be events like graduation, gender reveal, weddings, baby showers, and birthdays.

Some people claim that there is likely an extra charge based on the type and extent of the decoration you want on your cake while placing the request.

To get more information, the latest pricing, and many more, you can visit the nearest Safeway bakery store or give them a call as a customer; they will be happy to help you through.

Types of cakes Safeway Offers

It is clear that with Safeway, you can request any custom cake targeting various occasions. Besides the above, you can get a custom cake for anniversaries, celebratory events, and holidays.

On top of that, Safeway still decorates the pre-made cakes to make them ready for the upcoming small event as well as parties when it is a regular lineup. Equally, Safeway gives customers multiple types of cake to select from for decoration. The collection features staple flavors. among these are as highlighted in the below list:

In the customization aspects, customers can also specify the custom flavor. This is available on the Safeway bakery menu. You can access it and fill it out when ordering.

Among the famous flavors that many customers have opted for at the Safeway bakery is the white cake with lemon filling and chocolate raspberry. There are still numerous other selections you can go for.

Cake flavors on the Safeway menu include red velvet cake, white cake, carrot cake, marble cake, and chocolate cake. About the custom cake fillings, you can select options like lemon filling, Bavarian Cream, German Chocolate, Chocolate whipped icing, chocolate buttercream, strawberry whipped icing, Raspberry Filling, Cookies & Cream Whipped Icing, Caramel Whipped Icing, Strawberry Filling, etc.

In case the above Safeway custom cake flavors and filling are not your preferred, then you can always ask the representative and discuss what needs to be changed at the bakery department. Either visit the store or call them for clarification.

Safeway Wedding Cakes

If you are a couple that needs to purchase a wedding cake or traditional wedding cake, then you can go for the two available options. These are the 3-tier cakes costing $117.99. This is a cheaper option when you compare it with the other bakery selections. They also have the 2 Tier cake. Once you make the selection, you can proceed to specify the preferences for the decorations, frosting, and flavor. Add more as you wish as long as you are in a position to pay for the additional charges.

Note that Safeway offers multiple gluten-free products. Among these are doughnuts, cookies, and bread. When it comes to the bakery section, they do not feature gluten-free cakes in the normal stock. They also do not have eggless or sugar-free cakes.

But upon request, Safeway bakery can easily customize gluten-free cakes ready for special events like weddings, etc. Ask when you want to be based on your preferences.

Does Safeway Custom Cake Feature Photos When Needed?

If you are ordering a custom sheet cake, then customers have the option to seek to add a photo. But you must bring the photo to the store when ordering. After that, cake artists in the Safeway bakery will take up form there, customize the cake, and include the photo. You are required to bring a high-quality physical photo print.

Does Safeway Cake Collection Feature Ice Cream Cakes?

As per the information available, Safeway's cake collection does include ice cream cakes. These cakes are a popular choice for those who enjoy the combination of cake and ice cream, especially for birthdays and other celebrations. Safeway's ice cream cakes come in various styles and flavors, and they may be available for customization just like traditional cakes.

To find out more about the availability of ice cream cakes, specific options, and how to order one, it's best to contact your local Safeway store directly or check their online bakery section. The selection of ice cream cakes and the ability to customize them can vary by location and season.

Does Albertsons also offer the Custom Cakes?

Albertsons is a company that owns Safeway and it also offers custom cakes and decorations. In fact, the duration charges at Albertsons range from $7 to $80. The store features not only round cakes but also cupcakes, sheets, cookies, gourmet flavored cakes, etc. You can order the Albertsons custom cake by visiting a store or online. Albertsons needs large custom cake requests and makes the orders one month prior to the events. They also operate on a policy that customers must make at least a 25% deposit before they start working on the order.


Safeway is popular when it comes to offering custom cakes and decorating services in the bakery department. The store offers special event cakes for weddings, graduations, etc. You can also order pre-made cakes and request decoration. You can select from multiple types of cakes as well as extensive filling and flavor based on your preferences.

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