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If you are confused about how to go purchasing with, you will have to read this review to help know everything about this brand and what they offer.  This review will help know if the brand is worth it or not.

Snacks go a long way to make us feel less hungry. They are usually taken at intervals between meals. Quality trail mix snacks contain different ingredients ranging from granola, nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes candy. If you are looking for a snack that is high in protein, a very good source for healthy fats for the heart, supports the weight-loss process, then you should find a good trail mix to consume.

However, there are some other things you need to check out before buying a trail mix. Some are mixed sweeteners from artificial ingredients which might maintain weight. This is why is a company that offers a wide variety of premium trail mixes on their online platform, some of these trail mixes include; chocolate-covered espresso beans, blueberries, and crunchy hazelnuts.

Table Of Contents Review is a brand that offers a wide variety of premium trail mixes on their online platform, some of these trail mixes include; chocolate-covered espresso beans, blueberries, and crunchy hazelnuts. This brand has been in existence for a long time ago. They have been making an impact even before the invention of adverse technology. The brand was founded in 1929 by Poppy Sol based in Newark.

However, because of technology enhancement and modernization, the brand made a digital presence on the internet by setting up its website in 1999. Their headquarters is located in New Jersey. They are dedicated to the production of nuts, dried fruits, and another trail mix for their customers to enjoy. The company knows how important nuts and fruits and even the trail mix snack are, so they are determined to continue supplying this.

They regard themselves a the old fashion trial mix makers and they have been able to stay true to their words.’ This review on will dive into the brand itself, essential information about this brand, pros, and cons, discounts, promotion, frequently asked questions, what customers think about the brand and so many others. Pros Cons

Why We Like

The Marcona Almond

This is one of the best sellers of This type of almond is referred to as the queen of almonds, its origin is traced to Spain. It is roasted in premium olive oil. This offers a salty tinge with it being crunchy. You can get a 1lb bag for about $18. if you want to enjoy eating these Marcona almond nuts, we advise you to add the chocolate fudge to create a very decent treat.

This also has a recipe that is offered using walnut since there is no big deal swapping one great ingredient for another premium ingredient. You can also get the 5lb and 33lb for $87 and $478 respectively.

The Toasted Corn

Most times you are annoyed while eating popcorn because it gets stuck within your teeth. Fortunately, is aware of this challenge; thereby making theirs without the thin shell. The toasted corn comes without the unpopped kernel.

This particular snack is very old. It is one of their earliest snacks dating back to 1938 when it is was first invented. If you are looking at enjoying them for maximum satisfaction, I advise you to garnish them with salads. You can get a 1lb bag for $6, a 5lb bag for $29, and a 25lb bag for $77.

Customer Review

The enjoyment and health benefits you enjoy from this brand are great that can become so addictive. My research found out that there have been plenty of reviews about this brand. From what I have gathered now, the brand is very popular as a result of its numerous snacks collection. Many customers are giving out excellent ratings because of this. They say it is nourishing and the trail mixes are top-notch. Their dried fruit and nuts are superb. They even go as far as mentioning the superb ingredient and recipe.

In my review on, I made use of Sitejabber to know the exact things customers are saying about this brand. There is a 3.29-star rating with credible reviews. The brand’s shipping, customers, and actual product rating were evenly distributed. This means a lot of people talk good in their favor. The only challenging comment was the buying in bulk which can be too expensive especially if you are on a budget and it can also become addictive which might also lead to a lot of spending in the long run.

I bought my trail mix, I was overwhelmed at the numerous mixes for me to choose from. I got the chocolate covered with espresso beans type, it was nice and so sweet. Cheers to healthy living.

Where to Buy

For now, you can not buy these products from online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. You can get them on the official website

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Is Worth It?

Instead of stressing yourself running to a grocery store to get snacks, why not sit at the comfort of your home, office, or where ever you are and shop with the opportunity of finding numerous collections of nuts, trail mixes, dried fruits, etc to enjoy. When it comes to staying healthy, has been in existence for almost a century now. Since 1929, making different nuts and dried fruit trail mixes is worth a trial.

There are some other important benefits you can enjoy from using this brand, there is a very broad selection of snacks for you to choose from their website. The only negative comment is the fact that it is offered in bulk quantity which can be a concern for budget buyers. However, if you are shopping for a big family, then it is an advantage, you can stand the chance to get different variety and also get free shipping. I have recommended this brand in the first paragraph of my verdict, I am confirming it again. Discounts

For now, this review found only one discount offer while there is no promo of any kind available Contact

For more inquiry or questions beyond the scope of this review, you can contact them via the following;


Q. What is their return policy?

They have put a pause on their refunds and exchange policy for the time being to help them adjust and make a new strategy to serve better. However, if you have any complaints and still want to refund due to damages, you can do so within a week of shipping. We advise you to contact the customer support team before one week.

Q. What is Nuts shipping policy?

Nuts are so delighted to inform all of their customers that they offer free shipping with the United States of America for orders $29 and above. However, if you are shipping for orders below this amount, you will be charged a flat rate of $7. for the US customers, your shipment will arrive between 3-5 days while they offer express shipping for international customers at a different rate. You should get a tracking number once it is processed.

Q. How can I make a payment?

They accept Master Card, VISA, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Q. What is working hours?

Nuts have friendly customer service to attend to you. They work Monday to Sunday. They have adequate staff to attend to you as soon as they can.

Conclusion is determined to serve humanity through healthy trail mixes consisting of nuts, dried fruits, etc. Knowing the health benefits eating nuts and dried fruits further boosted their effort for almost a century now. With this review, you will be able to make your decision perfectly.

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