Drinks at McDonalds: A Complete Listing!

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Do you want to explore all the drinks and favorite drinks that McDonald's offers on the menu? Well, we have an ideal cheat sheet for you. Please read our detailed article on drinks at Mcdonald's to the end and make a simple selection for your next purchase.

When it comes to fast food restaurants, McDonald's popularity makes it rank above every company. Lastly, McDonald's has expanded the list of their customers' drinks, from coffee favorites to soft drinks. Hence, if you are wondering or wish to learn more about all the drinks McDonald's offers, this article is right for you.

Keep reading our expert article and learn more about the research findings. We will review some of the mega drinks for McDonald's and select one that matches your style and preferences. Review some of the profound McDonald's drinks and save you time.

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Drinks at McDonald's 

Navigating through McDonald's website, there are multiple beverage drinks that you can select from. These range from Coke drinks to spirits, hot tea, and Dr. Pepper. In this section, we intend to list some of the favorite and popular beverages at the McDonald's restaurant. The company has recently featured McCafe products, including Coffee, etc.

Therefore, if you want to go through the extensive collection of these drinks, keep reading the article to the end. These McDonald's beverages are available around the world. Keep reading and find out more details.

1. Coca-Cola

This is the first beverage on the website and ranks as the classic as well as an all-time drink at any McDonald's store. The company has been established because of its fast-food Coke drinks since the inception of the Extra Fizz. These Coke drinks come in different sizes featuring different calorie content, sodium, and total sugar. Refer to the McDonalds website for more.

2. Sprite

The next McDonald's drink is Sprite. This is a popular lemon-lime drink on the website and is available in all the stores and restaurants around the world. It is fresh and has an impressive taste as you bubble it down your throat. ]Just like Coke, sprite drinks are available in different sizes. Each size has unique calories, carbs, sodium, and sugar. This is one of the drinks that is caffeine-free in the store.

3. Dr Pepper

The following best and customer-favorite drink on the platform is Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper has a perfect vanilla note with bubbly and other impressive flavors in the collection. From the rich flavor of your preferences, order one from McDonald's and relax as you enjoy the taste as well as freshness from your comfort. If you go for the smaller size Dr. Pepper drink, it features 2mg calcium, 11g carbs, 15 mg sodium,40 calories, and 10g sugar. You can select the size from the website based on your preference and budget.

4. Fanta Orange

If you want a caffeine-free drink from McDonald's restaurant, you can also try out  Fanta Orange. This drink is so unique that it blends the power of the bubble soda carbs with the robust orange taste in a single drink. From The website, McDonald's features different size versions, each with different content of calcium, total sugar, sodium, calories, and carbs. Scroll through the website for more details on the products.

5. Diet Coke

Diet Coke is one of the ideal drinks you can have if you are concerned about weight. Order the drink from any McDonald's restaurant or store. It tastes just like regular Coke due to the presence of the same tastes as well as its fizzy nature. However, Diet Coke does not contain sugar. This is a healthy Coke drink and is famous because of the like, and one of the ingredients featured is sodium.

6. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst

This is the next drink in the McDonald's store in 2023. It has been a favorite among other beverages. Because the company is dedicated to serving the urges of adult and young customers, it offers this drink at an affordable price. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst has an extreme orange flavor but can hit the nostalgia for the brain with a single cup. The drink has different contents of carbs, sodium, calories, potassium, calcium, and sugar, which depends on the size of the package you wish to purchase.

7. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

From the ranking, it seems that McDonald's enthusiasts treasure the taste of the Strawberry banana smoothie, especially during the summer. This impressive drink is carefully packaged with attractive and mouth-watering flavors sourced from fruits. Among the ingredients, you will find potassium, fiber, sugar, cholesterol, sodium calorie, and calcium in different quantities based on the size you select.

8. Mango Pineapple Smoothie

The list continues with the Mango Pineapple Smoothie. This is among McDonald's stores and restaurants' ideal and customer-favorite smoothie flavors. It doesn't only feature fruit juice but also has puree. You will take sodium, total fat, calories, protein, calcium, carbs, and potassium. The quantity in each cup varies depending on the size of the smoothie you are purchasing.

9. Sweet Tea

Another hit drink at McDonald's restaurants and stores online is Sweet Tea. It is one of the best drinks during the summer because these guys always keep it cold. It is made by blending the Pekoe cut black team with the orange Pekoe. Depending on the budget, customers can select online and request them in any restaurant. All sizes feature ingredients but different quantities, which include carbs, sodium, potassium, calcium, and sugar.

10. Unsweetened Ice Tea

If you want a perfect tea taste or flavor but no longer want sugar tastes, then Unsweetened Ice tea is the drink for you. This McDonald's drink is made by blending the orange pepoe black tea. Furthermore, it is added with a few protein, calcium, sodium, and potassium ingredients to make it a complete drink to quench your thirst for tea without sugar.

11. Hot tea

Mcdonald also gives you access to the Hot tea from the store and restaurant anytime you feel it's cold outside. Grab one from the collection and enjoy the beautiful taste of the floral note as well as the orange aroma in the air. Regardless of the quantity you need, we guarantee you will get sodium, calcium, protein, calories, and potassium ingredients.

12. Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice

Stop struggling to locate an ideal drink with vitamin C intake ingredients. Here comes Minute Maid premium orange juice from the McDonald's collection. It comes packed with the perfect and attractive fresh orange taste. In addition to the orange flavor, you will also have ingredients like potassium,  sugar,  proteins, carbs, and sodium. Lastly, it features calories in different quantities.

13. 1% Low Fat Milk Jug

Another classic drink from McDonald's is the 1% low-fat milk jug. In simple terms, it contains low-fat milk, but it is served in a jar. Hence, it is one of the kid's favorite drinks in the restaurant.

14. Hot Chocolate

Before summarizing the list, we would also like to mention the famous McDonald's Hot chocolate drink. This drink blends steamed whole milk and combines it with the chocolate syrup. The result features whipped cream with chocolate drizzle. You can order one from a small size to a bigger one. Otherwise, in either case, they all have sodium, carbs,  sugar, protein, potassium, and calories.

15. Reduced Sugar Low -Fat Chocolate Milk Jug

The last on the list comes the Reduced Sugar Low-fat chocolate milk jug. This version of the low-fat chocolate featuring sugar is also served in a jug. The drink has many calories, total carbs, sodium, sugar, fat, and calcium as ingredients.

Other McDonalds drinks

The list of the drinks that McDonald's restaurants and stores offer is long. We guarantee you that when you visit them and explore the store, you will come across other drinks such as Iced Coffee, Honest Kids Appley Ever After Organic Juice Drink, Iced Caramel Moc, Iced Mocha, French Vanilla Latte, Iced French Vanilla Latte, Caramel Latte, Latte, Iced Caramel Latte, Premium Roast Coffee, Iced Caramel coffee, Americano, Caramel Frappe, Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Frappe, Iced French Vanilla Coffee, mocha latte, cappuccino, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Iced Caramel Macchiato, Fanta Grape etc. The list continues with the shamrock shake, Fanta melon, Root Beer Float, Espresso Milkshake, Milk Tea, Neapolitan Ice Cream Shake, and Snicker Coffee. There are many more McDonald's drinks that you can find online and in their restaurant.


Q. What drink sizes does McDonald's offer?

In most cases, and as you can see from the online store, most of the drinks on McDonald's are available in large tote, medium, and small sizes,.. the access to the site is determined by two factors: the drink you are purchasing as well as your region.

Q. Does the McDonald's store charge when ordering more extensive drinks?

Based on the information, the higher or the larger the drink you order, the slightly the cost increases. You can refer to the size from the website for more details.

Q. Does McDonald's offer all drinks all year round?

The company claims that most of its drinks are accessible all year round. However, there is an exception when it comes to the special drinks. Some shamrock shakes and McCafe drinks are seasonal and ranked in the limited edition list. Always confirm the menu at the nearest McDonald's restaurant to be sure of the drinks they offer before placing an order.


Mcdonald is a famous fast food restaurant, and when it comes to the drinks, the company features an extensive collection from seasonal to the typical ones. In the above article, we have shared some of the customer's favorite beverages with different flavors to meet your needs. Each McDonald's drink guarantees a refreshing customer feeling and an impressive taste to hit any spot for any occasion or season.

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