Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Review: Is It Right for You?

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Thinking of incorporating a skincare product that combines traditional skills and clinical technology in formulation? Then here comes the Peter Thoams Roth, reputable for its transparency and wide collection. Find out more in the below review.

Though people call it artificial beauty, many misconceptions exist surrounding the beauty industry. Because of these facts, many industries have devised ways to establish their brand on the market with different approaches cutting across customers. Good skin relies on genes. It is this phenomenon that Peter Thomas Roth counted on to come up with his brand on the market.

He also specializes in the line of the skincare area. Though a new name might sound, the brand has been around for ages and is well known for considering the clinical aspects of the beauty industry. If you wish to learn more about the brand, then read our Peter Thomas Roth Skincare review to the end.

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Peter Thomas Roth SkincareReview

Peter Thomas Roth is a company that offers clinical skincare products for both drastic and innovative results. They help you cover all skin conditions and issues, and to date, they have over 100 skincare products in their inventory. Peter Thomas Roth brand obtained its name for the founder, that pulls the inspiration for skincare from the Hungarian background.

The founder combines advanced clinical technology with transitional skills to develop products for exceptional results, powerful cleansers, effective peels, masks, and many more on the market. To back up the collection, Peter Thomas Roth has the award where in 2020, numerous products got the Allure best in beauty award.

Still, the company has a huge following on the social media platform, which portrays its reputation online. If you have been thinking of adding clinical skin care products to your budget, understand Peter Thomas Roth in detail. Peter Thomas Roth launched the brand in 1993 after being inspired by the traditional practice in his home country Hungary.

Though a self-titled brand, it was not strange to the industry since the family has spas in the homeland that he had the idea to discover a formulation capable of healing the skincare conditions like acne, aging, etc. Therefore, the first product from the brand was due to traditional Hungarian practices. Then later, the founder created a method to incorporate the mud and minerals alongside other ingredients into the collection.

Then sometimes later, the brand got attention among skincare enthusiasts. The founder is still the brand formulator and guarantees customers the inclusive line that considers various skincare problems. Still, the products are accessible across other online retailers around the world.

Since the owner wishes to help people, they have the complimentary 30-minute zoom pro skin chat where shoppers can sign up and book appointments from 12 pm to pm est, Monday to Friday. Before anything else, let us brush up on the pros and cons of Peter Thomas Roth's company.

Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Pros:

Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Cons:

Why We Like Peter Thomas Roth Skincare

Peter Thomas Roth has been on the market for a long time and has established a very strong reputation among customers. This reputation is based on the large collection of skin care products, fair pricing, favorite shipping, and return policy, plenty of discounts and promotions to customers to save, and guaranteed results.

The products range from moisturizer cleansers, penetrating treatments, hydrating creams, as well as potent serums. People need help selecting which side to select from, but we are here to guide you. This section will take you through some of the market's best-selling Peter Thomas Roth skincare products.

This will ease your time and save on other products. Regardless of your condition, such as aging signs, breakouts, dry skin, dead skin cells, etc., this company has at least a few products for you at an affordable price.

The Best-Selling Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Products

Their website has many products, but we have selected some best-selling skincare products based on customer feedback online. The company also offers clients to sue the afterpay for four interest-free installment payments.

Therefore, the first on the line is Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Power Serum contains vitamin C and THD ascorbate that has the property to protect your skin from damage due to free radicals in the air when you are exposed to UV rays. Apply the serum at least twice daily to get the best results when the skin is dry and clean. Perfect for the neck, back of the hand, and face.

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Mask is a good skincare product to heal acne aily skin conditions. It contains 10% sulfur to heal active breakouts while preventing the development of new ones. It is used as the spot treatment on the infected areas and is recommended to apply at least 3 times a week.

Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel also features among the best-selling brand skin care products. And works not only on the skin but also goes beyond the pores and delivers its active ingredients to fight all the acne sources.

When you have a dry combination skin condition, you can apply this gel for the best result, and it is fragrance-free, where 2% salicylic acid ensures maximum strength. It targets excess oil production and then treats the breakouts on the skin to leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized due to the presence of aloe vera.

You can apply it three times a day to the infected place. Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum is another skincare product featured on the list. It gives your skin TLC by moisturizing overnight with a formula that tickles all the fine lines and wrinkles to promote firm and plumb skin. It guarantees a continuous burst of retinol and contains vitamins C and E for a healthy dose of antioxidants.

On the platform, you will also come across products like Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel, which is good for removing debris and buildups, peeling, lifting, and rolling all the deal materials to leave the skin smooth, clean, and fresh. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm is another anti-aging product with gold as its key ingredient to help you achieve anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Before we end the list, check out the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hydrating Moisturizer, Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, and Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask, which is a gentle face mask powered by botanical extracts. You can even use it while you sleep to achieve intense skin treatment.

Customer Review

So far, the Peter Thomas Roth skincare products sound promising. That is not convincing most potential customers unless they learn something from experienced customers. This takes us to the next section, where we gathered thousands of customer feedback from different external websites. There are also a lot of testimonies from the brand website.

Therefore, let's start with their official website at In the research, we identified one of the best-selling products, Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover, which is luxurious, perfect as a facial oil, and melts all the makeup on the skin. The product gets a 4 stars rating after 24 customer reviews. Most people who have bought it have had impactful results in their life.

They express their satisfaction on the site, and here is what one of the customers has to say about the product:

"Remarkable! I am a huge fan of pre-cleanses and am overjoyed that PTR has released this one. It fares better than anything else I've tried, smells great, and does not leave residue."

The first external site with a review of the brand is Trustpilot. However, here, the brand only has 4 customer reviews and generally gives it 3.9 stars which is a great rating. 75% recommend the product, and one for a positive review states:

"I've been using Peter Thomas Roth products for about a year and a half and I adore them!! My cosmetician strongly advised to me, and they have been a consistent part of my routine since then. They are unquestionably worth the cost."

I now move to Sitejabber, and after 8 reviews, the company gets 3.88 stars indicating that most customers are satisfied with the skincare products. Many people are amazed at the full refund and the product quality, which gets 5 stars. One customer expresses the feeling in a statement after using the skincare products:

"I adore all Peter Thomas Roth skincare products. They leave my skin feeling very soft to the touch and smooth, even though it is usually very dry. However, their products are typically quite costly."

Many external sites have obtained feedback. The most reputable are Lovely Skin, Make Up Alley, Beauty Brands, and The Derm Reviews, where the author highlights the benefits of the products, the affordability, and high quality and praises the availability.

Many customers give feedback based on different products on the Lovely Skin website. On BYRDIE, the editor gives the brand 4.7 stars rating where she bases the experience after using the Night Serum and gives the results within a night. The above testimonials, along with the Better Business Bureau and Amazon, company scores well and indicates a strong online reputation.

Where to Buy Peter Thomas Roth Skincare

When searching for a place to purchase the products, consider ordering from their official website However, the research also discovered that online retailers make their products available. Make an order from retailers such as:

Is Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Worth It?

Most people ask if the brand is worth the money. Peter Thomas Roth's skincare products are worth the cost, even though there are many competitors on the market. Therefore, the brand is worth a try considering the numerous positive customer feedback,  the huge collection of products, and clinical consideration. First of all, the company has a friendly website, and its customer support service is beyond your expectation.

Besides the free 30-minute zoom chat consultation, we love their passionate professional support team. The company ensures that customers access high-quality products at a considerable price. The extension glossary of ingredients is a definite perk, which defines the company's transparency among the customers on the content in the formulation.

Many customers have successful stories online, and this defines their reputation. The brand attests to the product's efficacy. Suppose you want skincare products that use advanced clinical technology and infuse traditional skin care practice knowledge and ingredients. In that case, Peter Thomas Roth is worth your time and money.

Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Discounts

While writing this Peter Thomas Roth Skincare review, we also came across numerous discounts. Therefore, when you purchase a product, there are ways you can save. There are reward programs where in Peter's Inner circle when you spend $1, you earn 1 point. You can then apply these points to accessing promotional services like free shipping and getting free skincare products.

Again, when a customer spends $50 and above, there is free contagious US standard shipping. When you complete a free 30-minute zoom consultation, you are entitled to receive 25% off but remember the code here expires after 3 days. Lastly, when you purchase the products in bundles, you save a lot as most of them are discounted in bulk bundles. Subscribe to the newsletter for all the deals and the latest updates on offers.

Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Contact

If this review has yet to answer one or two of your questions, you can contact the standby customer support team from Peter Thomas Roth. On their website, they have shared multiple ways to contact them. Therefore, you can call them on the phone using 1-800-787-7546 or email them at The support team is also available on social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Follow and contact them to share more about these skin care products. Hoqvwre, you need to note their operational hours. The office hour starts Monday from 9 am to Thursday at 5 pm and Friday from 9 am to 3 pm EST. Reach out to them and have your concerns solved, if not over the zoon consultation.


Q. Who is the founder and owner of the Peter Thomas Roth brand?

From the above review, we discovered that this is a self-titled company which means the brand's founder is Peter Thomas Roth, who is still the CEO and lead formulator.

Q. Where is Peter Thomas Roth brand based?

First, Peter is the first generation American son born to Hungarian parents. Therefore, most of the skincare products are based on Hungarian traditions. The company is based in the USA but sells some products through online retailers. Today, Peter resid, where the company's headquarters company is based.

Q. Is it true that Peter Thomas Roth is a dermatologist?

The research indicates that Peter Thomas Roth is only the lead formulator of the products behind the research as well as product development and innovation. He got inspired by his childhood life, and his passion for skincare products grew when his parents had spas in their homeland. Therefore, Peter Thomas Roth is not a dermatologist.

Q. Are Peter Thomas Roth's skincare products safe?

From the data, the company does not claim to offer clean products; instead, it claims to have effective products where Peter researches the powerful and natural ingredients that guarantee results. The company is exceptionally transparent and lists all the ingredients in the formulation.

Check out the glossary page for details instead of searching for the clean label. Though the company does not test on animals, they also do not claim to be cruelty-free since they cannot confirm the fact 100%. Also, most of the products are vegan.

Q. Are Peter Thomas Roth's skincare products high quality?

Based on the data online, the products are high quality and guarantee high performance and immediate outcomes. For this reason, the brand has won multiple awards and received thousands of positive customer feedback. Their beauty products are in line with clinical requirements and hence good.

Q. Are Peter Thomas Roth products perfect for healing acne?

The brand provides numerous products, each curated to a particular skin condition. Therefore, you can access acne-defined products like the Acne cleansing wash and the Acne-clear Invisible dots. You can also consult a dermatologist if you have a sensitive skin condition.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Peter Thomas Roth?

FedEx and UPS ship products from this brand from a warehouse located in the US. The process then ships all orders within 2 days. Regarding the shipment, there are 3 options; standard costs $10, and it is free when you order products costing $50 and above. Then the second day costs $18, while overnight shipment costs $28.

For effective shipping, you must place an order before 12 pm to enable processing for the same day. And immediately after processing your order, they ship and send you the tracking code through the confirmation email. You can also track the order using an email address, the billing zip code, and the order number.

Q. What is the return policy of Peter Thomas Roth?

Yes, the Peter Thomas Roth brand has a favorable return policy. Therefore, if you receive and realize the product does not meet your expectations, you have 90 days to return the product. You must contact the team for the return authorization number. All purchases are accepted as long as you return them within 90 days of purchase. However, this company does not give customers prepaid return labels.

Thus, users are responsible for the shipping charges. The return process is simple as long as you have the address, Peter Thomas Roth, ATTN: Returns and RMA #, 45 Mayhill St., Saddlebrook, NJ 07663. The package includes the invoice,  RA on the parcel outside, etc. They will refund the full amount through the listed payment method immediately after receiving the products.

But note that Peter Thoams Roth does not have the exchange option, but they will act when they deliver a damaged product, hold it, and request a replacement.


In the above review, we have shared  Peter Thomas Roth's company overviews, the best-selling skincare products, the promotions, and customer feedback, and helped you evaluate if the brand is worth the money. The company offers a wide selection of products combining advanced clinical technology with traditional Hungarian practices in investing formulas.

Since most people use trial and error in locating perfect skin care products, read the above reviews and learn from the customer feedback as your starting point. Peter Thoams Roth is worth a try.

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