Proven Skincare Review: Does the Customized Skincare from It Really Work?

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We know that Proven Skincare is a brand that specializes in the production of personalized or customized skincare formulas.But does it really work?

Skincare is a necessity that enhances the beauty and improves appearance. If you are looking forward to seeing your skin stay in good condition, then you need to start looking for a good skin product that will ensure that. If you are looking for good skin care to reduce the effect of aging such as skin dryness and your skin looking old, you might need a skincare product that is capable of making your skin look youthful.

However to get a brand that will assure you all these is very rare. Not all skincare products can give you the self-confidence you have been waiting for. You also need to pay attention to your skin as it differs from others, this is why a brand that can customize your skincare product is preferable.

Proven Skincare is a brand that specializes in the production of personalized or customized skincare formulas to enhance customers' skincare routine and lifestyle. If you are having difficulty with proven skin care because you have little or no knowledge about this brand, then you have to read this review to know more about Proven Skincare and the services they offer. This will enable you to know if the brand is worth your trial.

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Proven Skincare Review

Proven Skincare is a company that offers quality skincare products and formulas that can be customized and personalized to suit individual skincare needs and lifestyles. These formulas produced by Proven Skincare are clinically approved and very effective. The brand has been popular for a while now, featuring in different magazines, media, etc. Some of them are New York Times, Refinery 29, Shark Tank, Allure, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC news, and People magazines.

The brand was founded by Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan in San Francisco, California in 2018. You can take a skin quiz to know your skin type so that the team who will work on creating a customized or personalized formula will know the exact type of skincare treatment your skin deserves.

The review will take a close look at the brand and what it offers. The review will also dive into the different testimonials about the products by customers as this will give insight into the worthiness of the brand. I will be looking at the reasons why I like using the brand, the pros, and cons of this brand, how to contact them, and any other relevant information you need to know about this brand.

Proven Skincare Pros

Proven Skincare Cons

Why We Like Proven Skincare

The Proven Skincare Anti-Aging Formula

If you have been battling with the aging of your skin and wrinkles, then you need this special formula. You will have to answer some wrinkle and line questions for the team of experts to be able to provide a solution and a personalized formula for you. Cleanser can be gotten for $35, SPF Moisturizer for $55, and Night Cream for $95. These are the common formulas associated with anti-aging skincare products.

The Proven Skincare Acne Formula

Most people think that acne is an issue mostly with teens. You are wrong, it can affect anybody at any growth stage. If you have oily skin, low grade, and persistent acne, then you will need this formula to keep you away from acne for good. A cleanser for $35, SPF Moisturizer for $55, and Night Cream for $95 are also the main formulas but are created with personalized ingredients based on the questions you answered.

The Proven Skincare Hyperpigmentation Formula

If you have been battling with a lot of pimple issues and it seems it is too stubborn to go away, this product will be very perfect for you. Just, as usual, you will have to answer a few questions before you will get customized products such as the normal Cleanser for $35, SPF Moisturizer for $55, and Night Cream for $95.

Customer Review

Most of the time, brands claim great customer satisfaction and reviews on their website which might not be true. However, this review will look deeper into the customer from a wider view. Proven Skincare has been a top-notch brand with thousands of customers. They have been able to stay up the ladder due to the services they render such as customized formulas and products.

In my review, I made use of Trust pilot as my main website for this review. On this site, there is a 4.7-star rating with over 78% excellent remarks. Most of the reviews were centered on skin, products, routine skincare treatment, formulas, formula customization, and many more. Most customers talk about how effective these products are. They also talked about the good customer support team, especially In resolving issues.

I got my customized formula and skincare to treat my skin issue. I used it and I was surprised to see a positive effect within a short period. I am so happy because I have been using other products but they have no positive effects on my skin. My skin is smooth and hydrated.

Where to Buy Proven Skincare

To get the best deal, you should shop on the Proven Skincare website. However, you can get a good deal at other online retailers

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Is Proven Skincare Worth It?

If you want to use the review by customers only to justify if this brand is worth it, then you should know that the brand has my 100% recommendation. However, this review is far beyond only what customers think about the brand. It has to do with the brand and what they offer particularly. What the brand offers is quite different from what many skincare brands offer. Most of them do not offer personalized skincare products. It takes many researchers and professionals to be able to search for formulas. The quiz you take as customers help these experts know the exact skincare product to make for you.

The customer support team is also top-notch in resolving the issue within a short period. They have a good shipping period despite the fact that they don’t offer international shipping. Their prices are affordable compared to other skincare brands that offer lesser services. I will always give my 100% assurance for this brand because it is worth it.

Proven Skincare Discount

This review did not find any discount or promotion available

Proven Skincare Contact

For more information or inquiry that is beyond the scope of this review, you can contact Proven Skincare via the following


Q. How can I go about canceling a Proven Skincare subscription?

If you want to edit or modify your Proven Skincare subscription, you just need to log in to your skincare account or even send an email to the customer care support team and make the modification. You can even edit what products you want to be added to it and how often you receive them. If you want to cancel your subscription, you need to apply for three working days before you can be qualified.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Proven Skincare?

They only ship within the continental US. However, they are seriously working on shipping all over the world due to the high demand for their products. If you want to know when they are ready to ship to your area, you can easily contact them by sending an email to their customer care team. In the US, shipping time depends on your location. It usually takes 7 to 14 days to fix up your customized formulas but once it has been shipped it will take around 4 to 7 days to expect delivery.

Q. What is the return policy on Proven Skincare?

You can make a return within 28 days after initiate a return you can easily send an email to the customer support unit to enhance the process of the return. But for items that are personalized or customized for your skin, you cannot return these.


The more you want your skin to glow without blemish, the more attention you need to pay concerning the skincare products you use on your skin. Proven Skincare helps in creating personal formulas that will help your skin specifically even at an affordable price. This review will be of help to you when you make your decision.

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