HAIRtamin Review: Is It the Answer for Hair Loss and Restoration of Healthy Hair?

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Tired of your short hair and want to find a solution to add more lush and achieve longer and stronger hair in the shortest time possible? Try out these HAIRtamin legit supplements featuring natural ingredients. Read our honest review and gauge if it's worth your money.

You have been in such a situation when you go to a salon to seek a trim, and because of the language barrier, your definition of trim differs from the stylist's. The result is you get your haircut. If you are lucky not to come across such a scenario, then there is still the possibility that you have at one point realized that your hair lacks the luster as well as the strength it deserves.

Related it to different causes, and among them is wreaking havoc on the hormone strands. This might bring about stress and depression, which are radically diseases eating into your self-esteem today.

Regardless of the approach you have been into, you now want to gain more robust, luscious, and longer hair. If you do not want to waste time researching and trying out different companies, follow along with our cosmetic brand review and choose based on your preference.

Lately, we have come across the HAIRtamin brand. And in this review, we will go into details about the brand, what they have in store for you, promotions, where to purchase them, and evaluate based on the customer feedback and our experience shopping from this beast. We will start with the brand background information.

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HAIRtamin Review

HAIRtamin is among the few cosmetic brands that understand hair as reflecting your inner body rather than your outward appearance. The company has an extensive collection of vegan but also gluten-free and cruelty-free gummies on the market. It also includes multiple supplements, conditioners, and shampoos designed to help you grow hair longer and more robust.

Hair loss is one of the areas in which the company focuses on bringing you a solution besides aesthetic challenges. Because of its permanent nature, the company has been featured in popular magazines like the IPSY, Forbes, etc. They have proven effective through their hair care vitamins with a large customer base on social media platforms.

Historically, HAIRtamin was founded by two dudes, Leyla Milani-Khoshbin and Lilly Ghalichiin 2015. The two are reality stars and were experts in the hair loss sector, which they gained from their parenting experience. They spotted this gap in the market: the lack of hair care products to help women who suffer post-partum hair loss. Since they never wanted other people to experience such, they ventured into the area to co-found the brand-HAIRtamin.

The two decided to establish this company to offer vegan, science-based, clean, and effective hair care products using natural ingredients. To bring back the lackluster locks, such ingredients are incorporated into products, like vitamin C, D3 zinc, and turmeric. Biotin, a major ingredient, is a natural coenzyme that maintains the health of your nail and skin.

There are many other ingredients, like Zinc, to repair hair tissue and promote hair growth. More importantly, HAIRtamin is a famous company that promotes hair growth and restoring self-esteem with supplements. If you want to gain healthy hair, then try HAIRtamin. As a rounding-up subsection, we must highlight the pros and cons before gauging stan from the best-selling products.

HAIRtamin Pros:

HAIRtamin Cons:

Why We Like HAIRtamin

Many hair care brands are on the market today, and very few outsmart HAIRtamin firms. This brand brags about its extensive collection of products. Thus, to make things simpler for you to understand, we will highlight some of the best-selling HAIRtamin products. This will help you gauge if they are hype or living up to wasting your time. If you are concerned about your hair, here are some products you can start with.

The Best-Selling Hairtamin Products

As some people believe, caring for your hair begins from the inside, not the outside. It is time to kiss goodbye to those traumatizing Blackstar hair and gain shiny, stronger, luster locks. The extensive products range from shampoo to gummies and conditioners, topping up their famous advanced supplements.

Before choosing supplements, always seek advice from the doctor. Otherwise, we suggest starting with the HAIRtamin Advanced Formula. This features many potent ingredients alongside the natural capsule and infused into your body; you are guaranteed many health benefits. The result is not just thick hair but also more robust and glowing hair. They are ideal for men and women, making them effective for any texture and hair type.

Gummy Stars comes second. It has a blend of nutrients targeting to give you incredible hair growth and is suitable for people that hate capsules. You should take at least 2 gummies daily because they have effective key elements with extra flavors of different fruits. Good to serve all gender, texture, and hair type. The retail price differs and depends on the number of bottles.

HAIRtamin Mom is a good supplement and ideal when taken during and after pregnancy. It contains all the basic elements to ensure your locks remain in their luscious formation. It also comes with critical ingredients sourced from plants like black pepper, ginger root extract, etc. You can blend these vitamins with food to take daily as they target maintaining your thick mane. At the same time, you concentrate on the newborn with access to the needed nutrients.

The second last is the IMMUNEtamin, and we all agree that it is good to get ill. In this blend, you have nutrients like propolis, turmeric, mineral gans, and other heavy hitters to support & boost immunity and facilitate hair growth. Antioxidants in the propolis are responsible for increasing the proinflammatory cytokine level to respond to the sickness in your body, while the T-cell coordinates the body's immunity.

The last best-selling product here is HAIRtamin Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner. On top of the above solution to hair growth working from inside, the company also presents you an option of the tool to work from outside. This fighting machine is not just lean but also mean; you might feel like you have been using shampoo.

The product contains no free radicals as they are safe for your hair. Instead, they feature ingredients like vitamins E, CA, and B5. The mixture makes the luxurious oil sourced from plants, e.g., floral and lavender extract, tea tree, rosemary, etc. presence of peppermint facilitates faster hair growth and thickening.

The above are some of the best-selling HAIRtamin products, but the list is long. However, the gummy stars and advanced formulas are recommended rothe adult customers from 18+ who are worried about the health of their hair. In contrast, HAIRtamin Mom is designed for the expecting mom to use both during & after delivery. Then the last shampoo, as well as conditioners, are open to use by anyone in need to repair and restore hair radiance and health while boosting thinning.

Customer Review

There are many customer reviews online about HAIRtamin products and companies. This article intends to bring you the final finding, and we are starting with the official website Customers have left amazing feedback on the website praising the effectiveness of the products on thickening and making your hair stronger, the long industry experience of these guys, and instant results through their plant-based ingredients formulation.

Amazon also has an impressive 4.3 stars after accessing 2566 global ratings on supplements made with natural vegan 500 mcg biotin capsules for men and women. Illuminate Labs reviews its products, focusing on the effectiveness of vitamins and supplements in treating your hair loss today. The blog evaluates all the ingredients and benefits linked to hair growth and health.

Again, Fit Healthy Momma goes into detail to see if these hair growth vitamins are legit, and it starts with the importance of hair to a woman before listing best-selling products. The conclusion says everything:-

"After trying HAIRtamin for myself, I am blown away by the product's perfection and the company itself." I appreciate it when a company is so confident in its products that they provide a refund policy. This demonstrates that HAIRtamin believes in its products and cares about its consumers, making it a simple option for people to make."

Ulta is a store that sells the products, Biotin Botanical Blend Shampoo gets a 4.4-star rating featuring 107 reviews, and with Afterpay service, the product stands out from the rest. Though Trustpilot has a poor rating of 1.9 stars with 13 reviews, it is still worth looking at these challenges raised.

Summing up is the Drug Genius, which praises the Advanced Formula hair supplement. The author accesses the background, pros, and cons, then gives us other alternative forms online. The reviews speak volumes, and no one can dispute the praises and multiple recommendations, which we also do.

Where to Buy HAIRtamin

Even the company insists that whenever you want to purchase the HAIRtamin products, head to their official website and order an extensive collection of haircare products.

Otherwise, their website has a store locator feature that can direct you to the nearest store to order their products. Among the online retailers we were able to locate are:-

Is HAIRtamin Worth It?

HAIRtamin products feature about 22 bioactive and bioavailable ingredients, which in reality, aim to help promote hair growth that is longer and stronger with enough strength. The company's advanced formulation serves men and women with any hairstyle across all ethnicities. Therefore, if you are 18 and above and want to grow your hair in fullness, strength,  and length, then HAIRtamin is worth checking out.

However, before starting this routine, we recommend constantly checking with the doctor about your new supplement regimen. From our point of view, we have accessed multiple cheerful customer reviews online, and we are confident with the HAIRtamin products. If you are unhappy with them, the company offers you a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which is enough to try out the product. The return policy is favorable, and they accept the return regardless of the products you are returning.

Looking at the above facts, we highly state that the HAIRtamin brand is worth checking out. Restore your self-confidence, and restore your firmer and healthy hair with these HAIRtamin products.

HAIRtamin Discounts

Many discounts and promotions are running on the HAIRtamin website. But these lucrative deals are subject to change and only valid during our research. But we guarantee you that many offers are running all year round. First, they offer you 20% off on orders with the promo code GROWNOWN20. If you are a new customer, you can sign up for the account, get updates, and on top of that, you are entitled to enjoy 15% off on the first order.

Also, they have the Sezzle payment plan, which allows you to buy now and pay later but has no interest. If you are based in the US, and place an order that adds up to $75, then you qualify for free standard shipping, while those in Canada get free shipping on orders of $100 and above. There are discounted pricing plans on their best-selling products which you can confirm from the homepage. All products come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

You can as well try out their affiliate programs. Or rather, join the VIP club to get lucrative and exclusive rewards and points and redeem them to get the dollars or rather discounted products. There are referral plans on the site where you can refer and earn $10, while your friend earns $10 on successful orders of $75 and above. There are many more discounts and promotions. Consider signing up for the mailing list and updates on the newsletter for future alerts.

HAIRtamin Contact

Other than the HAIRtamin support team being active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, there are other means to contact them. That is if the above review is not sufficient to address your concerns. Therefore, the team invites you to collaborate with them through multiple approaches.

HAIRtamin has a live chat button on their website for you to reach out to them anytime. Still, you can compose an email and send it to them through an email address. The option of addressing depends on your concerns. Therefore, if it's an order or general question, send the mail through, or send a collaboration inquiry to Still, if the concern is about the press, it's addressed through, and wholesale questions can be addressed through

The options are directly proportional to the concern. But remember that with the above means, the team is only available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm PST.


Q: How effective are HAIRtamin products?

The effectiveness and duration these HAIRtamin products take to bring out the real results vary depending on individuals. Though average, the feedback indicates that customers expect results within 60 days of consistent use. Therefore, if you want to see the effectiveness of these products, we encourage you to take them regularly as vitamins make you hydrate, and hair stays strong, safe, and gentle as you attain the targeted hair health.

Q: How regularly should I use HAIRtamin products?

Although they claim that these products do not have any significant side effects, we inform you that HAIRtamin is safe. However, it would help if you did not take the Biotin regularly except when your health professional advises you about your body's needs. Biotin is available in multiple drinks and food, and in case you are in need, you can also get it administered to your body through dietary supplements.

Q: Can regular use of HAIRtamin result in hair loss?

Too many HAIRtamin products do not result in hair loss. However, we recommend that you always go with the dosage strictly. Most brands have opted for the biotin ingredients over the rest because it is non-toxic and does not have the challenges of overdose. If you see an unexpected hair loss, kindly visit your doctor.

Q: How long should one take the HAIRtamin supplements?

We have seen that HAIRtamin contains vegan or natural supplements, indicating no side effects are reported. Thus, you can safely take it regularly, just like multivitamins. This is also because the supplements are drug-free. However, one of the limiting things here is the expiry date form, which the brand justifies to be one year if it's a capsule, but for the gummies, it's 6 months.

Q: What is the shipping policy of the HAIRtamin brand?

Currently, HAIRtamin offers local and international shipping services to qualified countries, including Canada, the UK, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Singapore, Bahrain, Qatar, Australia, etc. Understand that once you place your order, these guys take about 5 to 7 working days to process, which might be longer during the peak sales period. For customers based in Canada and US regions, you can enjoy free standard shipping when you surpass the total threshold of 100 bucks and above, but it changes with time.

If not, shipping costs vary as US standard shipping will cost you a fixed charge of $6, and delivery takes up to 10 working days. Standard shipping to Canada costs you $20, and delivery is estimated to be between 10 to 15 working days, and this does not include extra duties or taxes changed in your country. Also, the standard international shipping tier costs $25 and expects your order to arrive between 15 to 25 business days.

If that is slower for the international order, you can opt for the standard international shipping tier 2, which is expensive at $35 but takes 15 to 25 working days to deliver. All these shipping charges do not include the tax and duties charges. In this review, we have seen that HAIRtamin does not ship to specific countries. Therefore, head to their website and justify if the brand ships to your country before placing an order.

Q: What is the shipping policy of HAIRtamin company?

All the HAIRtamin products and supplements come with a 90 days return window. This is a reasonable trial period; you can return them if they are not up to your expectations. They even accept empty bottles but limit you to 6 for a full refund. However, the only nonrefundable charges are the initial shipping charges. And they also clarify that if you have purchased their products through online retailers, check out their return policy and abide by it.

The return policy doesn't apply to some situations. Among them is when you purchase the HAIRtamin supplements on Cyber Week, Black Friday, and Semi-annual sales. Such products are taken as the final sales and hence are not entitled to the return policy.


If you are struggling with thin, weak, and brittle hair, HAIRtamin gives you a solution with a guaranteed more robust, healthy gain of the luster you have longed for. This reputable company offers high-quality, tested hair care products and supplements without adverse side effects.

As from the above review, most people have left impressive testimonials and are following along. It gives you a simple choice to make. The brand is worth everything, and each product comes with 100% guaranteed money back if it doesn't satisfy your needs. For hair growth supplements, HAIRtamin is a beast and legit haircare-oriented brand for you.

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