Amazon UPT Policy: A Complete Guide!

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UPT is one of the more lucrative benefits that Amazon employees enjoy. UPT helps employees have more time off and thus improve their work-life balance. In this blog post, we dive deeper into Amazon's UPT Policy.

An excellent work-life balance leads to reduced stress and helps an employee prevent burnout. Even though most employees depend on Paid Time Off (PTO), more and more employees are taking advantage of Unpaid Personal Time (UPT) to achieve a better work-life balance.

Working at Amazon comes with an all-inclusive package of benefits. For instance, Amazon employees have a starting salary of $18 per hour, more than the federal minimum wage. Additional benefits include health coverage, paid college tuition, paid parental leaves, employee discounts, 401(k) plans, child care assistance, PTO, and other resources to help improve employees' well-being.

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What Is Amazon’s UPT Policy Now?

As of 2022, Amazon allocates every employee 20 hours of UPT. This is done at the beginning of every quarter. The employees, therefore, have a total of 80 hours of UPT in the whole year. Amazon employees can choose to use their hours immediately or save them up for later. Amazon’s UPT policy allows employees to use their banked UPT hours anytime they see fit. Employees should, however, be careful because they might end up being fired if they exceed the allocated 80 hours of UPT.

How Does UPT Work At Amazon?

At the beginning of every quarter, every Amazon employee is assigned 20 hours of UPT. The assigned UPT accumulates to 80 hours for the entire year. The UPT policy at Amazon allows for flexibility as it allows the employees to use up their banked UTP hours as they see fit. Therefore, the employees can use their UPT during peak sale seasons, such as holidays, if they want to.

Some managers may be less accommodating to employees who choose to prolong their UPT beyond the allocated 80 hours. Such behavior might lead to the employee being dismissed from their job.

Additionally, every Amazon employee who uses up their UPT has to pay Variable Compensation Pay (VCP) to Amazon. Therefore, employees should not abuse their UPT as it could lead to time being deducted from their working hours. It is also important to note that some managers may have their own rules on UPT. Therefore, it is always good to check with your manager before planning to take any time off.

How Often Is UPT Given At Amazon?

UPT is dispersed every year, at the beginning of every quarter. The employees can immediately use up their UPT hours or save them for later. Even though tier-one employees get 80 hours of UPT every year, the total hours may increase as the employee rises in position in the company.

Once dispersed, employees can use up their UPT hours at any time or as they see fit. This means that the employees can improve their work-life balance and have more time to tend to other personal activities that they would otherwise not be able to due to time constraints.

Can You Use UPT Anytime At Amazon?

Amazon’s UPT policy allows flexibility in how the employees use up their UPT hours. Amazon employees can use their UPT hours at any time of the year. This includes peak seasons such as holidays and Prime Days. Some supervisors might not allow you to take time off if, for example, many employees decide to take time off simultaneously. Since some supervisors might not allow employees to take prolonged UPT, employees are urged to take their UPT and PTO together if they want more time off.

Can You Be Penalized For Using UPT At Amazon?

Since Amazon is renowned for being a demanding employer, you may wonder if you can get in trouble for using your UPT hours. As long as employees do not prolong their off-hours beyond the allocated time, they can not get into trouble. Employees who choose to overstay their off-hours may get terminated or go off with a warning from their supervisor. Therefore, employees mustn't abuse their UPT benefits to avoid being fired or written up.

Do Sick Days Fall Under UPT At Amazon?

At Amazon, sick days and UPT are considered two different entities. Using hours allocated in your sick days does not affect your UPT hours. Amazon assigns 80 hours per year for every employee to use for sick days. Employees can use their sick days together with their UPT hours if they are sick for a long time.

Sick days are, however, less convenient for personal emergencies as they require the employee to call in 24 hours in advance. A great benefit of the sick day hours is that you can carry them over to the next year if you did not use them up.

What’s The Difference Between UPT And PTO At Amazon?

Unpaid Personal Time (UPT) is the time off taken by an employee, and the employee does not get compensated by Amazon. On the contrary, Paid Time Off (PTO) is the time taken off by an employee, and Amazon still pays the employee. Taking a PTO is excellent as you can take a break from work, and your finances will not be affected.


Amazon UPT policy allows 80 hours of unpaid personal time for tear-one employees. At the beginning of every quarter, Amazon grants the employees 20 hours for UPT. The number of hours given to an employee can rise if the employee’s position in the company rises. Employees must pay Amazon Variable Compensation Pay (VCP) every time they take a UPT off.

Different managers and supervisors have different UPT rules and, at times, may not allow an employee to take a UPT off. Therefore, employees should check with their managers before making plans for their time off. The main difference between a UPT and PTO is that employees don't get paid while on UPT offs, but they get paid for PTO. Taking a UPT off can affect one's finances. It is therefore recommended that you plan ahead of time before taking one.  

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