Amazon VTO Policy in 2024 – what is it and how does it work?

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Amazon is one of the biggest conglomerate companies in the world. The company was estimated to be worth over $1.8 trillion in 2021. There is a dedicated team of workers keen on ensuring that Amazon has the best customer service in the market. Amazon has a VTO policy that outlines how workers are to be compensated when they take time off work voluntarily. In this post, we’ll discuss how Amazon VTO policy works in 2023. Keep reading to discover more……

A company can never be successful without a dedicated team of workers. All companies need a skilled labor force with a collaborative team spirit to succeed. It is only logical to want to join Amazon’s workforce. You can join Amazon’s labor force and get a taste of their VTO policy. VTO is a comprehensive policy guideline for Amazon workers to get paid time off from work. Every worker deserves some time off from work. Amazon’s VTO is part of the labor law policies safeguarding the rights of its employees. The policy ensures that every employee is not overworked, motivated, and always upbeat. Amazon VTO Policy in 2023 – what is it and how does it work?

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VTO meaning

The term VTO is an acronym that means Voluntary Time Off in full. The voluntary time off policy is a structured guideline that gives employees the benefit of leaving work early or late. You can use this benefit to take some time off work without having to cut into your leave balances or total work hours.

What is the Amazon Voluntary Time Off (VTO) policy?

Amazon has an extensive workforce spanning from different job groups and different working hours for every employee. Amazon offers its warehouse workers a voluntary time off policy that they can use in addition to their mandated company paid holidays. Employees can use this policy to take time off their work without interfering with their scheduled leave balances or total work hours. Warehouse workers are eligible for VTO once they meet their center quota early.

Why does Amazon offer Voluntary Time Off (VTO)?

Amazon is sensitive to the fact that its warehouse employees are human beings. It is human to have social and personal obligations outside work. These obligations may cause you to need a couple of hours off work to sort them out. Being human also means that you may be tired or worn out from work. The VTO policy is the best solution for warehouse employees to sort out any worrying obligations or rest. Amazon offers employees this benefit because employees come back to work feeling refreshed and more productive.

How does Amazon VTO work?

VTO Policy kicks in once you meet your achievement middle quota. The total amount of VTO hours depends on the type of contract you signed and the location of your workplace. Voluntary time off is available hourly and salaried warehouse workers. VTO availability may be scarce in busy warehouses. You can sign up for email and text alerts whenever a VTO opportunity is available. If you happen to take a VTO, your time off records will be kept separate from your PTA and vacation records.

What can Amazon employees do with Voluntary Time Off?

You can use the voluntary time off to take care of your private affairs. You could use it to attend charity events, rest, run errands, or even entertain a visiting friend. Apply for the policy as early as possible if you want your application to go through smoothly. Make sure you are on the notification chain so that you can take advantage of this policy whenever the occasion presents itself.

Is VTO paid?

VTO is unpaid whenever you use it to take time off your workstation. It is important to note that any time you spend off work will not reflect or deduct from accrued leave and vacation balances. You cannot be penalized for taking or not taking VTO because it is a voluntary and optional policy.

Volunteer Time Off best practices

The best practices for VTO involve having a transparent and credible application process. Employers are always transparent about the availability of VTO. Being transparent is a step in the right direction because employers score good points with their employees. The best practices require trust and transparency from both employers and employees.

How are Amazon employees notified about VTO?

Amazon employees can be notified about VTO using two methods. You can register to get a text or email notification every time VTO becomes available. Follow the following steps to register for notifications.

  1. Using your smartphone go to google play store. Search for Amazon’s A to Z application.
  2. Download and install the A to Z application.
  3. Register and log in to your account.
  4. Use the top-right menu option to register for VTO notifications.

You could also check with your human resource management team to get a clear guideline on how to sign up for email or text notifications.

How to claim VTO

Follow the steps below to claim VTO.

  1. Use your smartphone or PC to search and install Amazon’s A to Z application.
  2. Download and install Amazon's A to Z mobile application or PC version.
  3. Register and log in with your Amazon employee credentials to access your dashboard.
  4. Select the VTO icon on the A to Z app dashboard.
  5. Clicking the VTO icon to start your search.
  6. A message will be displayed if VTO is unavailable in your warehouse.
  7. If VTO is available, a list of available VTO options will be displayed.
  8. Claim an available slot with your preferred working hours.
  9. Turn on your notifications and wait for your application to be processed.

What is targeted VTO and how does it work?

Employers can sometimes use VTO to reduce the number of workers in a warehouse. Too many workers working in a given work shift can be disastrous. An employer can use VTO to entice employees to apply for time off work. VTO can then be used as a targeting tool to get rid of unwanted workers.

VTO exemptions

VTO is a legitimate tax exemption that you can exclude while filing for your tax returns. Using VTO to get to a charitable event exempts you from including it in your tax report.

Advantages of Amazon VTO

Disadvantages of claiming Amazon VTO

Do Amazon warehouse workers need to take VTO?

Amazon warehouse workers are at liberty to take or reject VTO benefits. Employees cannot be penalized for using or not using the VTO policy.

Does Voluntary Time Off (VTO) affect Full-Time workers?

VTO does not affect full-time workers because the accrued time off is calculated independently. VTO does not affect an employee's paid time off or paid vacation days.


Amazon VTO policy outlines how Amazon employees are to be compensated whenever they voluntarily take leave from work. If you are considering working or are already working on Amazon, knowledge on VTO is crucial in helping you know what to expect in term of your rights and compensation at the workplace. With that said, we wrap up this post on Amazon VTO Policy. Hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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