Amazon Bereavement Policy (Things You Need to Know)

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One of life's most trying experiences is the death of a loved one. Many businesses in the U.S. are acknowledging the importance of a bereavement policy that allows employees to take time off to attend funerals and their personal needs. Does Amazon have a bereavement policy? Read on to find out! 

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What is Amazon Bereavement Policy Now?

Employees at Amazon are entitled to three days of paid bereavement leave whether they work for Amazon part-time or full-time. However, Whole Foods Market employees cannot follow the bereavement leave policy.

To learn more about Amazon's bereavement policy, if Amazon can fire you for taking too much negative UTF, how you can deal with grief, and much more, keep reading!

Does Amazon Need Bereavement Proof?

In most cases, Amazon's policies and procedures about bereavement have never been made public on the internet. Yet, several employees might provide employers with evidence in the form of anecdotes. You can use either a death certificate or eulogy to prove the passing away of a loved one if your manager requires it.

Does Amazon Automatically Accept Employees' Bereavement Requests?

In most cases, you won't be eligible for paid time off unless your boss gives their approval first. Furthermore, your employer may not grant your wish if they don’t consider your family member to be blood-related. Therefore, an Amazon employee cannot take bereavement leave if the death of a person other than a family or close friend.

Who Is Eligible For The Amazon Bereavement Policy Leave?

Bereavement leave is available to all full and part-time employees at Amazon. It is essential to check in with your boss before scheduling any time off. Anyone working for Amazon is entitled to bereavement benefits, even if they don't qualify for paid time off. Nonetheless, this coverage is not available to the company's independent contractors.

Is There a Time Limit on Amazon Bereavement Leave Requests?

Since the e-commerce giant's bereavement policy does not specify a minimum or maximum length of time off, you may probably take as much time as you need. But remember that if you're asking for paid time off, your boss may be reluctant to give you a lot of leave. It is usually ideal to have these chats early to have an agreement.

When you have lost several loved ones, there is no hard and fast rule about how much time off you may take for mourning. However, it's not wrong to inquire more with your boss first. If six immediate family members have died, an Oregon employee may seek up to 12 weeks of paid leave every month; however, this varies by state law.

What is the Whole Foods Market Bereavement policy?

Bereavement benefits are not available to the vast majority of Whole Foods Market employees unless specifically mandated by law. Whole Foods Market, a Canadian grocery chain, abides by U.S. law by providing each employee three days of unpaid leave.

Similarly, the state of Oregon, home to Whole Foods and several Amazon facilities, offer paid bereavement leave to its employees. Employees in Oregon don't need to provide a 24-hour notice or be paid for more than two weeks of vacation if they need to leave the workplace early.

However, on average, most of Oregon's part-time workers aren't covered unless they put in at least 25 hours a week. A minimum of 180 days of employment is necessary, with the only mandatory time off occurring during the first 60 days following a coworker's death.

Can Amazon Fire You If You Take Too Much Negative UTF?

If your mourning period lasts more than three days, you may take UPT, but if you take more time than allowed (three days), Amazon has the right to cancel your employment contract.

Furthermore, once you're not actively engaged in productive activity, your time may surpass the permitted duration. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully and precisely plan how to use the time off to avoid unforeseen consequences.

Should You Take Time Off for a Death in the Family?

Although it is not mandated by law, some American employers provide bereavement leave for their staff. The best action is to talk to your manager and HR about what to do if a family member dies.

Suppressing your emotions will have a negative impact not only on your job productivity but also on your mental welfare. Thus it is always advisable to take some time to mourn, mainly if it is provided to you.

How Can One Deal with Grief?

While there is no way to lessen the pain of loss, these measures may help you to keep some level of normalcy throughout your time of grief.


Losing a loved one is never easy, and dealing with it while also trying to maintain your work life can be even more difficult. Amazon has a bereavement policy to help its employees through this tough time. Employees should always have documentation to prove the loss of their loved ones. You should accept help and take some time off from work to mourn.

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