Amazon Smartphone Return Policy (All You Need to Know!)

Milton E. Kincaid has a large selection of high-end Smartphones from top manufacturers, including Apple, Google, and Samsung. If you consider buying any of these brands from Amazon, you should know their return policy. Well, read on to learn more about Amazon's Smartphone return policy.

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What Is Amazon Smartphone Return Policy?

You may send back any Smartphone you buy from Amazon if you are unhappy with it for a full refund within 30 days from the delivery date. Amazon shall accept the return of the Smartphone even if you have removed it from its packaging; however, if you damage the Smartphone in any way, they may refuse the return.

Here is everything you need to know about the Amazon Smartphone return policy, how to return your Smartphone to Amazon, whether Amazon can accept your Smartphone after 30 days from the delivery date, and more.

How Can You Return Your Smartphone to Amazon?

To begin the shipping process, you must first ensure that your Amazon product is in its original packing and include all the necessary accessories. Amazon allows you to return your Smartphone even if you may have opened it, and you don't necessarily have to include the manual.

Even though Amazon will execute a factory reset on your Smartphone once they get it, you may further ensure that no personal information, including device settings, remains on your device by performing a reset yourself. To return your Smartphone, visit here; after signing in, click the Devices sub-menu.

By going into the settings of the item you're returning and using the "Deregister" option, you may avoid having to fill out a return form. Please visit the website's Online Returns Center or contact Customer Support to create a mailing label. For your protection, please ship your device back to via a method that allows you to track its whereabouts.

Wrap the item carefully, add any return label previously printed, and deliver it to the shipper at the designated drop-off site. If you return your Amazon gadget to more than 30 days after the date of the appropriate return window, Amazon has the right to impose a restocking fee equivalent to 20% of the item's MSRP.

Can You Return a Cell Phone Bought from an Amazon Marketplace Seller?

When returning electronic items to Amazon, such as a Smartphone, you have 30 days from the delivery date to make your return. Note that only products you purchased through Amazon and sent by Amazon have a 30-day window to request a refund. If you buy your Smartphone from a third party, they will have a different return policy than those made directly through the manufacturer.

Does Amazon Accept Returns for Opened Cell Phones?

If you've opened the box on your new Smartphone purchase from Amazon, don't worry; you may still return it. Even if you take the latest mobile phone out of its box and end up misplacing the instruction booklet, you may still return it to Amazon.

What Is Amazon's Return Policy for Smart Phones?

The standard return policy for an Amazon-purchased Smartphone sold and delivered by Amazon is 30 days. The time frame for returning a phone might change if a third-party vendor were responsible for its delivery. Amazon's shipping policies are laid out in detail on the right side of the product page before you've even decided to buy a mobile phone from the site.

Shipping details for a mobile phone you're considering purchasing on Amazon are on the top right of the product detail page. Amazon requires that your mobile phone be in "like new" condition, meaning you have not used or broken it in any way.

Can You Return Your Amazon Cell Phone After 30 Days?

Amazon requires that you return your Smartphone within the first thirty days of receiving it. However, if you return the phone after 30 days, Amazon may assess a restocking fee of up to 20% of the original purchase price. However, if you return the Smartphone after more than 30 days, Amazon will not refund you.

Can Amazon Ban You from Selling On Their Website?

More returns than usual might potentially get your account suspended. A high rate of returns suggests that your product needs better quality or needs to perform as promised. Amazon terminates the accounts of sellers who consistently have a high rate of returns to preserve the site's reputation and the confidence of its customers.

Do You Get a Refund for Amazon Delivery Fees?

You will only get your money back if you return an item because of a mistake on Amazon's part. Please include the amount you spent on shipping if you can't use a pre-paid label because it's unavailable where you live. Amazon will consider covering your delivery expenses if you qualify for a refund.

How Does Amazon Reimburse Your Money When You Return A Smartphone for A Refund?

If you return a mobile phone to Amazon, the company will credit your original form of payment within a few days after receiving and processing your returned phone. If you buy a mobile phone from Amazon as part of a bundle, you will only get a refund on the cost of the phone alone, not the entire cost.

You should check the "Order Summary" section of "Your Account" on Amazon to see where your refund stands. The time it takes to get your money back after returning a phone to Amazon can vary from two weeks to four days.

Does Amazon Have a Fee for Accepting Returned Smartphones?

If you purchase a Smartphone from a third-party vendor on Amazon and then decide to return it, you could be subject to a restocking fee if the phone has any damages in any way. However, Amazon does not charge a return shipping cost if you return a mobile phone due to a defect or erroneous product information.


Amazon gives you 30 days from the delivery date to return a mobile phone for a full refund to the payment method you used to purchase it. If you return the Smartphone due to Amazon's error, they may refund you the shipping costs.

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